Crying Mom with Doll and DEMANDS Bride in PINK | Say Yes to the Dress TLC - React Couch

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React Couch is watching Say Yes to the Dress on TLC where an emotional mother demands bride and bridesmaids be wearing pink. She even cries about it to get her way. Thanks mom! What a great wedding experience.
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Debbie is feeling emotional about her daughter's wedding and wants the bridesmaids to wear the same colour as the ballet dress her daughter used to wear.
Catch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC

CinnamonToastKen 4 oy oldin
The first 1000 people who click the link will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium:
Angelina Ramponi
Angelina Ramponi Oy oldin
@channing1989 They don't have cheese steak over there? Wow. They have every fracking thing else there. Wtf?
ggabitooo 4 oy oldin
Just did! Thanks Ken, this is just what I needed :) Just finished college so ya girl will be learning about the stock market & investing to pay off those debts faster.
Virginia 4 oy oldin
Thanks alot! Wanted to try skillshare a while now!
lyn baker
lyn baker 4 oy oldin
SenpaiSweety As far as I know, she appears but she has changed her look so drastically that I did a double take.
MakkaPakka :P
MakkaPakka :P 4 oy oldin
black ink crew
Minecraft_Pumpkin_Head 2 kun oldin
Mom wants pink, daughter wants peach, why not compromise and say why not have somethings colored pink and some things colored peach so everyone's happy. But it is the daughter's (and boyfriends) wedding day so they should have authority. If the mom only cares about someone wearing pink then its either a sign of obsession or she thinks the wedding isn't benefitting her daughter. Its just a color, grow the F*** up woman.
Heavy Metal Kitten Amanda
Heavy Metal Kitten Amanda 3 kun oldin
The mom isn’t even wearing one of those smh
Andy Rauscher
Andy Rauscher 7 kun oldin
Shut up woman.
Alexandra Cohen06
Alexandra Cohen06 12 kun oldin
As a fellow Sarah I feel bad for her 🤣
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 16 kun oldin
It’s like she can’t say pink just once.
crazyanimecatlady 19 kun oldin
Say yes to the Dress Atlanta is the only one worth watching, for Monty and Lori lol
Fen Carroll
Fen Carroll 20 kun oldin
Drinking game... Take a shot everytime someone says pink! PSA: do not use high volume alcohol! 🤪
Betty_Boop_ JD
Betty_Boop_ JD 23 kun oldin
I wore T-shirt and jeans to my wedding to piss my mom off - she wanted big white I didn’t - she wanted big church I didn’t - she wanted fully catered huge cake - we had kfc and champagne 😂🤣
Global Gabby
Global Gabby 23 kun oldin
The gay guy is from where I am :))) that makes me happy
Najaya Reed
Najaya Reed 24 kun oldin
pink pink PINK!!!😈💗💗💗💗💗
Jeff Shittles
Jeff Shittles 25 kun oldin
minecraft steve in smash
Some Other Name
Some Other Name 26 kun oldin
Love seeing men being open about fashion ❤️😂
DJLuisGarciaMixShow 27 kun oldin
Francesca Bennet
Francesca Bennet 27 kun oldin
"My mom used to call me rosebud" Me: that's uh... interesting name... *sweats* is someone going to tell her
Brandi Windle
Brandi Windle 27 kun oldin
Girl it’s your wedding not your mama’s. You wear white and let your bridesmaids wear pink and tell your mama to shove it
CatLee 28 kun oldin
I love my mother with all my heart but if this thing was my mom I’d choke slam her.
Hosty 28 kun oldin
Video evidence that proves Mr Garrison isn’t as strange as we think...
Jessica Pash
Jessica Pash 28 kun oldin
I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought "She isnt even gonna be wearing the dress anyway!!!"
Jasp3rJeep 28 kun oldin
Mom is the south georgia version of Dolores Umbrige with all that pink
Jasp3rJeep 28 kun oldin
What do the figurines have to do with anything
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Oy oldin
Where exactly is the couch lol?
Wren Rambles
Wren Rambles Oy oldin
more say yes to the dress?
Capt. Oy oldin
DRINKING GAME Drink every time the word "pink" is said
Indie Gypsy
Indie Gypsy 26 kun oldin
Dude, I'll die 🤣🤣🤣
Halley Angel
Halley Angel Oy oldin
If she ain't paying she has no say
Halley Angel
Halley Angel Oy oldin
If she ain't paying she has no say
Ay F
Ay F Oy oldin
Surprised the mom didn't react to her daughter not wearing pink on that day..
Kate PinkandFluffy
Kate PinkandFluffy Oy oldin
My mom cries a lot (for little) so I understand how frustrating it must be for the bride, she cares about her mama and doesn't want to make her cry, but it's still her wedding day and she should be able to pick what she wants, yet her mum's crying is making the bride out to be the mean one :)
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed Oy oldin
"the fashion assassin" accurate description of Marty, he a *savage*
Basement Dweller Cosplay
Basement Dweller Cosplay Oy oldin
I hope that bride wore a black dress just to stick it to her mother
MysticSybil Oy oldin
"Her moms a real ... hoot."
Emily Lenox
Emily Lenox Oy oldin
If my mom's like this, she ain't coming to my wedding
сем маленькіх цытрын
сем маленькіх цытрын Oy oldin
my dad deadass left the country and doesnt even call me, she can do two and a half hours
Angelina Ramponi
Angelina Ramponi Oy oldin
How did that dude get a pic of the mom so fast?! How did he turn it into a doll so quick?! WHY DID HE MAKE THE DOLL IF HE DIDN'T EVEN USE THE FLIPPING THING?! WTF IS GOING ON IN THIS SHOW?!
Morgan Rodgers
Morgan Rodgers Oy oldin
I felt personally attacked when yall were trippin on their accents
Thicky McToenails
Thicky McToenails Oy oldin
At the first mention of the word rose the mom starts crying
Stephanie Hall
Stephanie Hall Oy oldin
are we gonna pretend that this mom of the bride isnt a little too attached to her daughter... lol
Sing Talk Laugh Li
Sing Talk Laugh Li Oy oldin
Glad my mom wasn't like this woman at all. She let my sister choose whatever made her happy, and just supported her choice. It was her wedding, not my mom's. Idk what's wrong with people like the mom in the video, y'all wack, selfish, and don't care about your kids at all. If you cared, you'd let your kids grow up, and leave them to make their own choices, ESPECIALLY when it comes to their wedding day
Samantha Shuey
Samantha Shuey Oy oldin
This mom.... I hate moms that can't handle their kid not being into the color they were essentially forced to wear as a child, its stupid. Especially pink, tons of people I knew had the toxic parents that were so used to them in pink or something similar, completely turn into some form of goth or emo. When they would get dropped off/picked up from school, their mom would full on yell at them that they really put on mostly black that day, that they were a hoe or a disappointment. People change, these parents don't which is why probably Karens are a thing, due to the butthurt parents not getting their way through their kids. Either way I hope that that girl didn't make any more compromises, she didn't need to do anything, its her wedding not her moms, her mom could of stayed home.
sophia foshee
sophia foshee Oy oldin
That’s what you call a HELICOPTER MOM FR!! 🤣🤣🤣 always hovering lmao
JandomAndBagels Oy oldin
Imagine getting mad about how the light wiggles off your dress
Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth Oy oldin
Rule of thumb, if you’re old enough to get married, you’re old enough to pick out your wedding dress. Rule of thumb.
Nichole Acton
Nichole Acton Oy oldin
I cant imagine being that picky over a dress that im making someone else pay for. The bridesmaids should get to pick.
Lep P
Lep P Oy oldin
Crap like this is why my husband and I planned our wedding before even telling anyone we were getting married. No drama and no one else sticking their noses into our choices.
Natalie Bedford
Natalie Bedford Oy oldin
I think mum needs to get remarried so she can have all the pink she likes 🤢🤮
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
I can't stop watching
Dronezke Oy oldin
couch gaang
Laurel Radcliffe
Laurel Radcliffe Oy oldin
please do more say yes to the dresses.
Abigail Rose Cottman
Abigail Rose Cottman Oy oldin
so my mother used to dress my older sisters in pink all the time so growing up they HATED pink, now it's their favorite color
April Michel
April Michel Oy oldin
If I were the bride, I would straight up be so petty I would pick anything but pink. Just to really stick it in.
Hilary Blackwell
Hilary Blackwell Oy oldin
I’m from the South. The way she said, “Hoot” really means “Batshit Crazy.”
Jessica Keim
Jessica Keim Oy oldin
I hate this show. Only watching cuz of buff and they make it funny but ugh wedding bs is just cringe to me. I'll never get married lol
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller Oy oldin
i moved to another state, met my man, got married, MADE MY OWN WEDDING DRESS, (cream colored satin & lace, with strips of ribbon here & there, that were light pink) along with the veil & the bouquet... & here we are, 20 yrs later.. STILL married.. (must b doin somethin right)
Lelynn Miller
Lelynn Miller Oy oldin
pink pink pink pink pink pink PINK
Faircloth Retrievers
Faircloth Retrievers Oy oldin
Ppl need to Stop allowing their Helicopter parents control their adult life! Omg she will get over it if you don't wear pink. It's your moment not hers. Geeze. It's jus a dam color. This mom is nuts
llBlank Pagell
llBlank Pagell Oy oldin
Anyone getting Umbridge tones from tbe mom?
Barbara L
Barbara L Oy oldin
Once married, the bride will never wear pink again.
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Oy oldin
Bruh, the mom sounds like Opal from Pokémon SwSh
Alyssa Klimes
Alyssa Klimes Oy oldin
Why did you guys have to leave the couch?
Sami Paper Doll
Sami Paper Doll Oy oldin
Omg I actually hate this woman.
Paputsza Oy oldin
mom: Pink pink pink daughter: I demand peach me: ...but isn't peach pink. I guess not pink enough. mom: picks out off white dress me?????
Zachary Elliott
Zachary Elliott Oy oldin
Pink and peach are such karen colors
W.K. Bell
W.K. Bell Oy oldin
Hoot = psycho bitch PINK! PINK! PINK!
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Oy oldin
I would love to see the Dress Turn White [ hidden from mom ] and walking down the aisle to her future man.. [ camera ready and pointed at mom's face... waiting for that FACE to Change and CLICK! ]
msamyrose100 Oy oldin
The little Lori thing was a shade to his friend Lori who used to be in Say Yes to the Dress.
SoulGazer Shayn
SoulGazer Shayn Oy oldin
THIS mother is the exact reason why my parents married in secret on the side of a river with little baby me as the only guest, excluding both witnesses. Also the reason why my mom gave birth to me without telling anyone she was at the hospital. My paternal grandma just can't mind her own business.
Barbara Lonero
Barbara Lonero 2 oy oldin
Address looks a lot better in purple all pink does is flush you out it is a terrible color for a bunch of girls to be wearing at the same time for one thing and if I was that girl I would tell my mother go home my wedding dress my bridesmaids she could just take a long walk off a short pier
Crab_Mp4 2 oy oldin
Mass Mickleson?
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf 2 oy oldin
My wedding dress will be black. No matter what anyone says 🤣.
uhh 2 oy oldin
Monte is an ICON and THE Fashion Assassin for the win
Jessica Cathey
Jessica Cathey 2 oy oldin
parents will be like this because they didn’t get to have their way growing up so they force their kids into it. your mom didn’t get to wear pink to her wedding she’s gonna make you wear pink on your wedding day. mom wanted a daughter but got a son now she’s gonna cross dress her child
Bronwyn B
Bronwyn B 2 oy oldin
Sarahs mum is a complete ball buster...That mother is INSANE..I would say no to pink even if I loved the colour PINK PINK PINK just to p$ss my mother off....
Kay 2 oy oldin
One reason why my mother will never have any say in my life. Moms, if you're this controlling to your children don't be surprised if they want nothing to do with you when you grow up.
Peter Cho
Peter Cho 2 oy oldin
Dresses gotta be PINK! Groom’s gotta be _____! (You figure it out.)
Ashleigh Day
Ashleigh Day 2 oy oldin
Take a shot Everytime the mom says pink 😂😂
Butterflysnme2 2 oy oldin
When my daughter gets married I won't have a say in anything lol!
Ammala Doeung
Ammala Doeung 2 oy oldin
ugh imagine knee length for a bridesmaids dress
zebraskin 2 oy oldin
My mom has one of those dance figurines of me too..... think my mom beats this lady though, I had 3 wedding dresses and boxes of wedding stuff before I turned 18. Jokes on her I'm now in my early 30s and still never been married without any plan to be anytime soon.
Rebecca Pechon
Rebecca Pechon 2 oy oldin
Umbridge is that you? Lol
Roe Pau
Roe Pau 2 oy oldin
Unpopular opinion, the mother seems really close to her daughter, maybe she even is an only child. This must be really hard to let go, & all honesty, it's just a colour.. if it make the woman who took care you all your life, happy,, then who cares. The wedding doesn't matter, in all honesty, the marriage is what important.
Zuccermeizer 2 oy oldin
The mother would love the girl with the $ 80,000 barbie house
Mackenzie Gibbs
Mackenzie Gibbs 2 oy oldin
Izzy Jursch
Izzy Jursch 2 oy oldin
I think the first pink bridesmaids dress would look a lot better without those fugly roses
Kitty Bucher
Kitty Bucher 2 oy oldin
I'm sorry but...I hate parents like this. I would honestly threaten this woman with "if you don't shut up with your pink crap Mom imma break that damn doll"
Miss Mausoleum
Miss Mausoleum 2 oy oldin
Monty is SAVAGE!!! 😂 Randi and Monty are my faves though... And Gok... That man is such a beautiful soul ❤️ The way he built up the confidence of the bride that lost her vision at a young age 🥺
Hell Fire
Hell Fire 2 oy oldin
I imagine the fashion assassin grabbing a match and being like “it needs to go” then lights the dresses on fire
roosta boy G
roosta boy G 2 oy oldin
Hey dad what color should I color the house. Mom sitting next to him. Pink pink pink pink pink
Madam Butterfly
Madam Butterfly 2 oy oldin
"Fashion assassin" 😂😂😂
Lessime Haruhi
Lessime Haruhi 2 oy oldin
The fashion assassin is one of the main cobsultants. If a mom is causing trouble, he will show her the door.
Gree Machine
Gree Machine 2 oy oldin
Pink Panther got another one
Mia Mizuno
Mia Mizuno 2 oy oldin
"Mom, can we have Ryan Gosling?" "We have Ryan Gosling at home" Ryan Gosling at home: 5:33
Kylie Vazquez
Kylie Vazquez 2 oy oldin
Literally the color DOESNT matter if your daughter is happy with the color she picks it shouldn’t matter💀👏🏼exactly why I’m preparing my mom for the day to pick of my dress because no one is coming with me
Jacob Vargas
Jacob Vargas 2 oy oldin
Her mom seems like an Alzheimer's patient
2 year old Easter candy
2 year old Easter candy 2 oy oldin
I’d go insane if my mother assigned me only one color for me to wear for 1/3 of my life
Rom Vacuous Spooder
Rom Vacuous Spooder 2 oy oldin
The mom is exactly like my dads mother. My mom herself is... AMAZING. She's the most supportive woman in my life, and better yet, her and dad flew to Asia to adopt me, loving me unconditionally even before they met me.
kristia the halfling
kristia the halfling 2 oy oldin
??isnt peach a form of pink???
lori zui
lori zui 2 oy oldin
I loved when he pulled out his little Lori doll. Monty makes me laugh.
Claire Spencer
Claire Spencer 2 oy oldin
So can the two of you come wedding dress shopping and bridesmaid dress shopping with me?
drat s
drat s 2 oy oldin
There's no couch
Criptin 2 oy oldin
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