CocoMelon Intro Meme Gives Karens Life | Meme Couch #148

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Meme Couch! That pewdiepie cocomelon intro! Bringing them community memes from the Reddit! r/cinnamontoastken Love you guys and thanks for being involved! Best meme compilation show ever!
Intro on reddit made by memebyblade
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CinnamonToastKen 3 oy oldin
I did a whoopsie and forgot I was going to use the CocoMelon thumbnail. The original fusion dance thumb by ThreeLeaves can be found here
missgameplayer Oy oldin
It's called the funny bone because it's actual name is the humerous
MEME BY BLADE 3 oy oldin
VITAL Entertainment
VITAL Entertainment 3 oy oldin
Bro get out of pewdiepies shadow
Kalief Foster
Kalief Foster 3 oy oldin
3:00 I hear what you’re saying, but the last couple of weeks have shown me that those people do exist.
Josh Cruise
Josh Cruise 3 oy oldin
Forget about CocoMelon, who is this Pew...dee...pie?
Mewstrum 24 kun oldin
The funny bone is the ultimate pun It’s connected to the humerus 🦴
Heyo Its Téo
Heyo Its Téo 25 kun oldin
Ken and buff. You guys are my fav thing to watch and relieve stress. I love the react couches but meme couch is better. It’s where u both shine and not risk getting demonetization. Js. Meme couch out trumps react couch. I will watch is Dr. Phil and Extream cheapskates those are the best out of react couch. I come here to get away from drama, 90 day fiancé is drama. The Gypsy series was stupid and made me uncomfortable. I watch meme couch a lot and quote the best lines a lot. Please bring back meme couch.
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
It looks so cute.
Fat Ene
Fat Ene Oy oldin
do you have anything original anymore?
Sasha Smith
Sasha Smith 2 oy oldin
It's a funny bone cause it's funny when someone else does it
Carol Fitzhugh
Carol Fitzhugh 2 oy oldin
It's called the "Funny Bone"because the bone in your upper arm is called the Humerus. You're Welcome!
Josh Se
Josh Se 2 oy oldin
12:22 Or as Curtis 50cent Jackson said I love you more than buff loves cake
Pumpkin Patch Exotics
Pumpkin Patch Exotics 2 oy oldin
Can't wait for the ESA gator reaction
Gaudenz Raiber
Gaudenz Raiber 2 oy oldin
Hello, I am Sciman Toesken...huhu...dhu
c d
c d 2 oy oldin
That is why buff is more attractive bc he doesn't have kids.....or does he?
Bryce Sasser
Bryce Sasser 2 oy oldin
I made it on meme couch!!! I posted the row tyde thing😂😂
Jimmie the Joker
Jimmie the Joker 2 oy oldin
I’m sad I read the burger feud before they did. I paused to read it myself. 😔
tabbi kiss
tabbi kiss 3 oy oldin
Fuzzy Grizzly
Fuzzy Grizzly 3 oy oldin
As a Ohio Bloke, I can confirm
The Soryu83
The Soryu83 3 oy oldin
When Ken says "if its your birthday, happy birthday" but the video was posted the day AFTER your birthday -_-
Sean Duncan
Sean Duncan 3 oy oldin
Hey bro, I used to love your videos, but you need to stop ripping off Pewds bro; I don't care what plug in you did for your merch about it.
Hey Jamie
Hey Jamie 3 oy oldin
It’s the funny bone because the name of the actual bone is the _humerus_ bone. Someone at some time was trying to be cute with the homonyms.
Mallory KnoxXX
Mallory KnoxXX 3 oy oldin
So idk why but I now kinda wanna make a meme couch ascot for Ken
Sean Bateman
Sean Bateman 3 oy oldin
Laughing Buff at Buff pics and gifs are a gift
mozart fan
mozart fan 3 oy oldin
Ken looks like sir Thomas Moore in that image and Dane looks like Henry the eight
Ben Berry Biscuit
Ben Berry Biscuit 3 oy oldin
I thought buff said "Eric Clapton" @11:05
Jeanicia Sparkles
Jeanicia Sparkles 3 oy oldin
I need Ken's shirt for me and my future husband lol
V. O
V. O 3 oy oldin
R I P Dr.phil card box
Chad Sexington
Chad Sexington 3 oy oldin
Just remember that Ken means “Captain”, so you can never be a male Karen. Oh Captain, my Captain. 🤪🤪🤪👍
Chad Sexington
Chad Sexington 3 oy oldin
Ken should make Karen shirts.
Preston Kirkpatrick
Preston Kirkpatrick 3 oy oldin
Ken becomes the male version of Karen Me: Become simon toe skin!!!!
Grant GTi
Grant GTi 3 oy oldin
Hello, dis is da tinnamoncoastben and puffbro
DARKx Baptism
DARKx Baptism 3 oy oldin
Idk why everyone hating on Female Ken. Female Buff Pro is hot and all. But Female Ken can still get it lol.
Rebecca Webster
Rebecca Webster 3 oy oldin
hey guys, love your show! but please please please adjust you camera so your faces are in focus instead of kens tattoos... thanks!
Vanity Error
Vanity Error 3 oy oldin
It’s called a funny bone because other people laugh at you
Monique G
Monique G 3 oy oldin
I work at a&w...!! Those burgers are shit.. lol.jk..there alright
Caity Cupcake
Caity Cupcake 3 oy oldin
My birthday actually is tomorrow :') And the fact that Ken said happy birthday when I think my own parents may have actually forgotten... just, thank you Ken, you made my day ❤
Blaine 3 oy oldin 10:35 is that Post Malone? I've seen the meme before but didn't think about it till they zoomed in
DraKai The Lost Dragon
DraKai The Lost Dragon 3 oy oldin
Can't lie, kinda jealous of Ken's shirt right now.
Gypsyx RosexLee
Gypsyx RosexLee 3 oy oldin
"If it's your birthday, happy birthday." I was excited for my birthday on the 10th and no video was posted. Now I'm no Karen, but I need to speak with Mary (who I assume is the closest to your manager) and we can sort this out for next year. PS: it was an important birthday. My 30th. I'm a boomer now, too
Soirtemeht 3 oy oldin
I haven't watched in a while but Buff looks like he lost some weight that Ken later found. Also red cream soda FTW
S t a i n F a c e
S t a i n F a c e 3 oy oldin
Ive been watching every video since before the minecraft series... Only just noticed I'm not subscribed
Am Boi
Am Boi 3 oy oldin
Hey, pineapple is the best pizza topping
RedAPPLEtessa 3 oy oldin
Let us hope it is the mini couch and thanks to your mom for using her P.O box.
Zaheer Sarang
Zaheer Sarang 3 oy oldin
That's a T H I C C H A M S T E R
Jordan Harrison
Jordan Harrison 3 oy oldin
My girlfriend keeps asking if there’s somewhere we could buy a little toast pillow
xerxes 6696
xerxes 6696 3 oy oldin
Where do I submit for an intro? i am a 3d artist btw.
Javian Millette
Javian Millette 3 oy oldin
Anybody else notice @10:30 the dude in the pic is Post Malone
wholeplatter 3 oy oldin
there should a cartoon series about ken and buff...similar like beavis and butt head...well, a more mannered version of them at least, lol
Autumn Reichelt
Autumn Reichelt 3 oy oldin
When they thought the hamster was thick because of its “cheeks” i went 👁👄👁
M. Dodson
M. Dodson 3 oy oldin
It's Karen and Kevin (when have you met a nice kevin ) !All Kens' Are Sweet!!!
Marcie Ganja
Marcie Ganja 3 oy oldin
that dad shirt ken ;) dont get in trouble out here. your wife is a great women. ( i mean no harm, jus smol flirt)
Lady stein
Lady stein 3 oy oldin
Time mark 5:06: The school system has failed us once again.
Cupid's Arrow
Cupid's Arrow 3 oy oldin
Dane and I had the same reaction to Kanye West 😂 I didn’t think the dude was actually running
Jeff 3 oy oldin
We have like, 69 person trying to explain the funny bone. 3 is enough
Amanda Berg
Amanda Berg 3 oy oldin
PLEAAASE react to All Gas No Brakes' videos!!
Triston Stover
Triston Stover 3 oy oldin
you need the cocomelon intro sound effects
Triston Stover
Triston Stover 3 oy oldin
wow Mark looks like you and buff if you were one
XzTS 3 oy oldin
I thought we agreed with Karen/Kyle
Renko Mon.
Renko Mon. 3 oy oldin
Yeah! 😹you so got that from Pewdiepie!😹🍶🍻 Cheers!😹
XzTS 3 oy oldin
FunFact: Jackie Chan was the stunt-double for Bruce Lee
Kittekassitar 3 oy oldin
I like pineapple on pizza, I like the pineapple inside the pasta, I like pineapple in smoothies and cakes - I like pineapple everywhere :D Therefore, there is no discrimination HaHahaaa :D
samxdark 3 oy oldin
Ken just radiating dad energy with that shirt
Lyri Moon
Lyri Moon 3 oy oldin
Me genuinely missing the Dr. Phil videos
Sam Portillo
Sam Portillo 3 oy oldin
Don't get me wrong I like me some Markiplier, but I'm with you Ken! I still to this day can't get into FNAF, I just don't feel the hype like everyone else did I guess. Love me some meme COUCH tho! Love you guys, keep doing you!
Gabriel Burkett
Gabriel Burkett 3 oy oldin
Ken got me to do a double-take with that ending since I watched this on my birthday.
Tiffany Jewell
Tiffany Jewell 3 oy oldin
I need that t-shirt Ken got to gift my husband
FanfareT.Loudest 3 oy oldin
That was Sony that was claiming the sound from the Dr. Phil videos. I swear Sony is so ridiculously money hungry you fart on UZpost and if it sounds like one of their songs, your vid is going down!
J M 3 oy oldin
I love the intro 😂😂
jessica husong
jessica husong 3 oy oldin
Omg I love Ken's T-shirt
Mordecai R
Mordecai R 3 oy oldin
"There are all these Game Theories about FNAF* ...You watch MatPat too, Ken?? 👀
Lysandra Renshaw
Lysandra Renshaw 3 oy oldin
Bohrmian Waxwing
Bohrmian Waxwing 3 oy oldin
PLEASE react to All Gas No Brakes July 4th
ThatKid_Kenya 3 oy oldin
Buff is losing buff. He is ThinnerPro
eri C
eri C 3 oy oldin
I'm very tempted to not clock in from break so I can watch the rest of this video 😂
Crystal Richmond
Crystal Richmond 3 oy oldin
OMG the Ohio to California price of realistate is so true. I've lived in both places. This is so true!!!!
Alexis Haney
Alexis Haney 3 oy oldin
Has ken made any comments on what he thinks about the cryoatic thing
ThatGuySterling 3 oy oldin
Why does the opening look like keam star
Madison Telfer
Madison Telfer 3 oy oldin
I have a washer and a very long time and buff pro has lost a lot of weight get on him
Jo Jo
Jo Jo 3 oy oldin
To bad the "great Jackie chan" doesn't support Hong Kong. The place that made him who he is today.
Lucien Death
Lucien Death 3 oy oldin
Stay toasty Stay Classy
CJ Smith
CJ Smith 3 oy oldin
Its called the funny bone cuz everyone laughs when you hit it except you
Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson 3 oy oldin
Where the F×$K is the new couch?
Axe 001
Axe 001 3 oy oldin
7:15, I LOVE HIS ACCENT! You dunno if I wanna CRAH or just like DAH
Sean O'Malley
Sean O'Malley 3 oy oldin
Fact: Ken was actually born a dad
Jo Vigil
Jo Vigil 3 oy oldin
Those are hamster balls Ken
Maxwell Minnis
Maxwell Minnis 3 oy oldin
It's the "funny bone" because it's actual name is the humerus bone
Խաչիկ Պապոյան
Խաչիկ Պապոյան 3 oy oldin
Watch Caught red handed
Wolfarix 3 oy oldin
It’s called the funny bone because it’s funny for everyone around you to watch you suffer
Amanda Parks
Amanda Parks 3 oy oldin
You missed my birthday by 2 days 😢 (18th)
paul harry
paul harry 3 oy oldin
Dang a day early! My birthday is tmrw! Can I get a happy birthday! Gonna be that big 33! Ugh fml 🥺 getting old sucks
kobolddark 3 oy oldin
You (and Mary) do make cute kids! I guess we will have to wait a few years to see big beards and purple hair.
fnaf is awesome bug off dude
Theo Meester
Theo Meester 3 oy oldin
becuz of the thumbnail i thought this was gonna be a pewdiepie video
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell 3 oy oldin
I'm gonna have to dislike for hurting my man, Dr. Phil.
plumwinebunny 3 oy oldin
Different species of “Kens”... you have the Cinnamon toast Kens and the wild Kens from the Karengeti plains
Omni Law
Omni Law 3 oy oldin
Moved to georgia from california the house I have cost 950k in Ca....its only 210k in Ga
Adrianna Shaw
Adrianna Shaw 3 oy oldin
I think they call it the funny bone is because that the bone at the top of your arm is called the humerus. Y’know like humour...
Not An Alien
Not An Alien 3 oy oldin
The Intro XD
Paula Aalto
Paula Aalto 3 oy oldin
Had my birthday two weeks ago but Imma count this one in! Thanks, Simon Toe Skin 🥰 and I love you too! Both of you 😘💖
Justin Shepard
Justin Shepard 3 oy oldin
That dick
ejano Crowsnatcher
ejano Crowsnatcher 3 oy oldin
4:53 as a pilot, I know, this is so accurate.
Shady Katelynn
Shady Katelynn 3 oy oldin
No way! Jackie chan's stunt double is my dad?! That's awesome
Aurora Chantel
Aurora Chantel 3 oy oldin
AHHH I was gonna say, he pulled out already lolol because trump got mad at him lolol
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