Cleaners Take On Grossest House I've Ever Seen

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We're watching Call The Cleaners on Really where they're called to clean the grossest house I've ever seen. The toilet has never been cleaned and there are piles of spit everywhere.
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Cleaners Have Their Work Cut Out Making This Flat Habitable | Call The Cleaners
This one bedroom flat in Luton has become a breeding ground for bacteria, and these professional cleaners have only 3 days to get it looking as good as new.
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apple pie
apple pie 6 soat oldin
Pfft 13 soat oldin
Even though his apartment was absolutely gross I felt bad for him.
Evisceration Plague
Evisceration Plague 15 soat oldin
You have no idea how easy it is to live like this when you just want to die but dont have the balls to do it and also nobody sees your place to judge you so. But to answer is depression that keeps you from living your life, never escaping the numbness and lack of energy. And obviously it become cyclical at a certain point.. It just makes you more depressed. I know first hand.
Pink Poptart
Pink Poptart 18 soat oldin
Me watching vid: huh that's weird, why is kens face shorter? Does he have the baby filter on or somethin? OH HE TRIMMED HIS BEARD duh
Lilly Kirk
Lilly Kirk 20 soat oldin
Look like y'all have lost weight! What's your secret?
Whatever I Want Channel
Whatever I Want Channel Kun oldin
Watching this so I won't be able to sleep at night I have homework to finish
Kimmi McTimmy
Kimmi McTimmy Kun oldin
I dont have a weak stomach but damn. When she was pulling the spit pile apart i pulled my shirt over my nose anticipating a smell. Gagged too. D:
rani 🐢
rani 🐢 2 kun oldin
I'll come back when I finished eatting
Dizzy Oddities
Dizzy Oddities 2 kun oldin
That woman is such a sweet heart ! I can definitely see how depression can lead you this far and his reaction when they opened the door was just priceless! I've been diagnosed with depression a year ago. One way I can describe it is you feel so exhausted, you're hurting, but the worst is when you feel completely empty. I was lucky to have my family around me and they were helping me with cleaning when I was at my worst. If it was not for them, I probably could have let the place around me get awful too. But when it's one less exhausting task to look at, think about, it can make the world of a difference. Not everyone has that chance unfortunately :( And I'm really glad for him that someone offered him a little push
Loren Schurter
Loren Schurter 2 kun oldin
I had to pause halfway through the video to vacuum my room because this shit made me feel disgusting. lol
LaNesha 3 kun oldin
Ive got one word for that place, "FIRE" lolol
Jaime Herrera
Jaime Herrera 3 kun oldin
I'm so happy ken buttoned his shirt one button higher! No more pasty chest with beast hair!
Hollie Jackson
Hollie Jackson 4 kun oldin
I remember watching the full episode and honestly the woman is an absolute angel, a real real lovely lady. Mental health affects people differently, he was under no illusion he was living a tragic life but its a vicious circle, hope this gave him a well needed boost.
DK GAMES 4 kun oldin
more cleaners please it gives my parents a better appreciation for me (after the saw this, no one called me a pig)
Lucas the Lemur
Lucas the Lemur 4 kun oldin
i feel for the guy. depression makes it hard for me to find the motivation to do anything. my place is nowhere near as bad as this so i can't even imagine how bad it effects him. i hope he gets better. anyone with these problems who's reading this, stay strong, you're not alone.
Melanie’s Tooth Gap
Melanie’s Tooth Gap 4 kun oldin
I literally threw up after they showed the house, and I NEVER throw up. Ever. 🤢🤢🤮🤮
Poopy Butt
Poopy Butt 4 kun oldin
@ 7:37 is my favorite part 👌😂
Frances Castillo
Frances Castillo 5 kun oldin
Noooope. Couldn't watch past 8 min. That is disgusting. Lmao. Mad prop to the ladies. That pile of spit got me.
Timi db
Timi db 5 kun oldin
I'm trying to eat while watching this video
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson 5 kun oldin
This makes me wanna go clean my house. I cleaned it yesterday but I'm doing it again.
Roni Ohayon
Roni Ohayon 5 kun oldin
1:29 is when you go to taco bell
KittenGamer 5 kun oldin
The whole depression thing makes total sense to me, with severe depression sometimes you lose motivation to even eat. I’ve gone days without eating because I was just too depressed to cook and my room has gotten so dirty because genuinely the only way my family could get me to eat was to bring me food to my room and it just never got cleaned up
Jen Lowe
Jen Lowe 5 kun oldin
Love that episode
Agent. FrostBite
Agent. FrostBite 5 kun oldin
Bonut Idk
Bonut Idk 5 kun oldin
The toilet had too much taco bell
Tin man
Tin man 5 kun oldin
I cannot stop watching the greatest reaction on 7:33... 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Ballsy Sacken
Ballsy Sacken 6 kun oldin
Not even exaggerating, I literally just gagged and nearly puked.
Naruto -kun
Naruto -kun 6 kun oldin
Idk how people can let their filth get to that point.
Mom Morales
Mom Morales 6 kun oldin
Omg I can’t. I don’t get gross out easily but this one ☝️ takes the cake. I almost couldn’t watch 🤢
Entropy 6 kun oldin
I think we all know that isn’t split.
Anita Lassiter
Anita Lassiter 6 kun oldin
Loved this episode ❤ 😍
Jerry Kubiak
Jerry Kubiak 6 kun oldin
this is why some people need to die
ThatOneLamp 6 kun oldin
I literally gagged when the cleaner was playing with the spit
أح مد
أح مد 6 kun oldin
Thx to UZpost for recommending this video just before the dinner.
Chase Goolsby
Chase Goolsby 6 kun oldin
People never assume makes an ass outta u and me
Josh Alyssa Jenna and Val and Connor VR
Josh Alyssa Jenna and Val and Connor VR 6 kun oldin
They are probably breathing camphor oil to dampen the smell, it's kind of like menthol. Looks like it's not working.
fixxxer3456 6 kun oldin
Man I thought the houses on Hoarders was bad
Millis2 6 kun oldin
by all hoarders dirty house i seen i never gag uptill this one. the spit pile made me
Trixie Pixie
Trixie Pixie 6 kun oldin
Just throw the whole house and the dude away.
Ruben Helia
Ruben Helia 6 kun oldin
I dont think thats spit bro
Random Fandom
Random Fandom 6 kun oldin
Dude and my mom throws a fit when I have a few dishes in my room.
Random Fandom
Random Fandom 6 kun oldin
Ew this kinda makes me kinda puke I feel so bad for that guy.
drag0nvalley 6 kun oldin
RIP for the people that are eating ;0
Abby b
Abby b 7 kun oldin
I've been room mates with someone who was this gross no joke. They didn't seem to care or notice how nasty the place was I had to clean sooo damn much. And when I moved in the toilet looked damn close to that one. I felt bad cause they were depressed though and cleaned that crap up literally. They seemed to actually feel more put together and happy after I did it and we got a bunch of stuff in his life fixed that he was too lazy to fix lol. (Don't wanna live there again thoo)
Lauren Christie
Lauren Christie 7 kun oldin
My tenant left the apt unit in such horrific condition after he was evicted. The amount of junk, dirt, damage, etc was so overwhelming. With the help of one of my friends, we managed to clean everything out in about a week. The amount in repairs was insane. He was so disgusting. The bathtub was filled to rim with this shit colored water. The smell was so horrific. I was so embarrassed over the shape he left it In that I couldn’t get myself to hire someone to clean it. It was a massive job. I didn’t even know exactly who to contact. The entire time I was cleaning up, I couldn’t shut up over how bad it was. She was so incredibly polite to the horrors she saw. She’s a pro! I hope she gets paid well for the work she does. No one should have their home in that shape. Hell, he didn’t even seem embarrassed in the least bit
Christina F
Christina F 7 kun oldin
They probably dabbed peppermint oil on their masks to try to mask the smell. You could not pay me enough to clean that house. Absolutely disgusting!!!!
Natalie Abramov
Natalie Abramov 7 kun oldin
i hope the bill was like $50K. IM PRAYING ITS $50K +!!
Pinkfan112173 7 kun oldin
You should watch Hoarders. The name of the episode is Poop Dynasty...
Dellros 7 kun oldin
He definitely lost the security deposit
Chrison 7 kun oldin
Ive watched gory horror movies that were easier to watch than THIS!
Beth Rose
Beth Rose 7 kun oldin
I suffer with chronic depression, and a few other mental illnesses. There is not caring about your home, and there is complete lack of respect. I don't think it's just depression I honestly think he needs more mental health support.
Noe Basquez
Noe Basquez 7 kun oldin
On 8:08 i thought it was a mountain of jizz
Smartis 99
Smartis 99 7 kun oldin
Are... Are you sure it's just his spit? 😂😂😂😂
xdatbitch 7 kun oldin
This is the first thing I have ever watched to make me gag so severely. I don't know if it is because I just ate cereal or because it is 5am...or both?
ZA_WARDO 7 kun oldin
7:36 cum mountain
Brandon Reid
Brandon Reid 7 kun oldin
Can someone PLEASE explain to me how people like this man who purposely DESTROY someone else's property that they rent in an apartment building can be able to do this while you have neighbor's and are causing serious health risks with their unbelievable filth or even cause insect or rat/mouse infestations in the entire building! And get away with it? I would have freaked if I lived anywhere in the same buildimg knowing about that. I'ma saying he was finally caught and was going to be evicted and have to pay for them to empty and clean it so he had it cleaned up hahah That's my guess?
Brandon Reid
Brandon Reid 7 kun oldin
Man is it just me...when the video started I happened to be looking at Buff and DAMN he looked straight up lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥 hahaha
Ben Stanley
Ben Stanley 7 kun oldin
warning: do NOT eat chocolate ice cream while watching this video...
Shia 7 kun oldin
7:35 Their reactions changed real quick when they saw that saliva pile right there-
Samantha G The Natsarim
Samantha G The Natsarim 7 kun oldin
Danes faces had me in tears yo 😭😭😭😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂 My baby is so animated 😂😂😂😂😂 Love you Dane !!!❤💞❤💞❤😘😘😘
MeAgainsttheWorld 6/16/71
MeAgainsttheWorld 6/16/71 7 kun oldin
I clean houses myself... and that is pretty horrid And if I ever encounter anything like that I will quit.
Jeff Kenny
Jeff Kenny 7 kun oldin
Someone should set up a gofundme page for the PTSD she is likely suffering from. That slob should show some initiative and paint the bathroom wall. Also his unit should be checked monthly.
vincika palmer
vincika palmer 7 kun oldin
There is alot people out there that would judge him even if it's is their job to help him! So yes it is great she didn't do that!
Dakota Smith
Dakota Smith 7 kun oldin
America’s Finest
America’s Finest 8 kun oldin
7:36 when you make a joke on someone and then they flip that joke on you😂
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris! 8 kun oldin
20 years!? Dude, I procrastinate like a mutherfukker and *I* clean more often than that.
Rachel Rose
Rachel Rose 8 kun oldin
They should review a episode of hoarders ‼️‼️‼️
CJ Martin
CJ Martin 8 kun oldin
Buff's face when they showed the dirty toilet - PRICELESS.
Meganism 8 kun oldin
I made the horrible mistake of watching this while eating...
oma lybeck
oma lybeck 8 kun oldin
That microwave looks like someone tried to heat up poopoo
tarra green
tarra green 8 kun oldin
I regret clicking on this video when watching dinner 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Starry Bear 001
Starry Bear 001 8 kun oldin
How can someone live like that??? That guy is going to die any day now. He's got to have cancer by now from the cigarettes and the microwave.
RicaXIII Vega
RicaXIII Vega 8 kun oldin
Depression. Extreme depression.
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon 8 kun oldin
They should be in bio suits and he needs to love in a cave in the wilderness. Fire is a great disinfectant
Wolf Moon
Wolf Moon 8 kun oldin
I just ate. This could be bad.
Verisper Rulaias
Verisper Rulaias 8 kun oldin
psh...that toilet is tame compared to living in a squat with 7-10 crusty punks
K1B0 idabashi
K1B0 idabashi 8 kun oldin
The guy: *has to take a breath from the window* the pile of cigarettes: *HMMMM I WONDER WHY*
Lia 8 kun oldin
*when your taking a dump watching this* I looked between my legs not at my dump but at the toilet and I thought to myself "who uses that toilet? Swamp thing"
Katja Leya
Katja Leya 8 kun oldin
The splater next to the toilet is a flower pattern!
RedCrane Warrior
RedCrane Warrior 8 kun oldin
I don’t think that’s spit chief
To Dang Tall
To Dang Tall 8 kun oldin
It took me a week after seeing the thumbnail before watching it. Edit: Me and Ken said "are those cigarette butts?" The exact same way. Also I probably shouldn't have watched this before eating.
Eri Strüm
Eri Strüm 8 kun oldin
You know it’s bad when you have to breath out a window after going in your kitchen
Audrey shearer
Audrey shearer 9 kun oldin
She wouldn’t charge him the council will have taken care of the bill , this is part of our social welfare system
Vampiress Hannah
Vampiress Hannah 9 kun oldin
I made the mistake of eating while watching this...
emmaalicesim 9 kun oldin
You should watch how clean is your house with Kim and Aggie
Sally Henderson
Sally Henderson 9 kun oldin
I absolutely love that cleaner ❤️ she's amazing
Queen B
Queen B 9 kun oldin
That cleaning lady is an absolute ANGEL! 😇 She did an AMAZING job and I wish the best for that man!
Granny 9 kun oldin
The one lady with the laugh makes me think of her as the female version of Emanuel can’t remember last name Lewis?
MyaxMillion 9 kun oldin
6:54 Ofc he got tired and winded Just looking at this picture gives me asthma
Stellaris Ignis
Stellaris Ignis 9 kun oldin
May I have some more please?
zombiewarrior88 9 kun oldin
The toilet looks like 6 days worth of explosive diarrhea
S M 9 kun oldin
How clean is your house show the lady smells the grossness
S M 9 kun oldin
You mean 30yrs
HolyFrenchFrog 9 kun oldin
I was hungry before this video
Hannah Mann
Hannah Mann 9 kun oldin
man... my house is pretty clean but if she can do that..!!! i wanna hire her to see what she can do to a clean home!
Kim Cottrell
Kim Cottrell 9 kun oldin
I work with people who often are unable to access proper hygiene products or clean water to clean themselves with. We use vics under our nose for the smell in order to not be cruel to people we are helping by gagging or commenting on their smell.
Kat Marr
Kat Marr 9 kun oldin
they shouldve worn plague doctor masks so they could stuff cloves in there
LouLou Beanss
LouLou Beanss 10 kun oldin
Well I got a bowl of cereal before I sat down to watch this...but I'm having a lil trouble eating it now :/
Frances Overton
Frances Overton 10 kun oldin
Both my dad and I have depression, my dad gets physically sick and can't move with it, if I don't clean when I'm depressed I'll off myself though. Cleaning is my only coping mechanism but I understand how different and bad it can be for everyone.
Brandy M
Brandy M 10 kun oldin
Well, I have a new thing to watch when I want to put off cleaning... Absolute props to these ladies tho, I really hope that guy is doing better now and maintaining himself and his home.
cassandra sotos
cassandra sotos 10 kun oldin
But who is gonna write the script for his Prozac and or lithium
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