Cheese Addicted Man SHOCKED Into Losing Weight After Visiting America

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We're reacting to SuperSize vs SuperSkinny. They send a Cheese Addict to America to Shock him into losing weight. No better place to do that IMO. In this show they match up an obese person with an underweight person to help them meet the middle ground of a health lifestyle.
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Caribbean chef and cheese addict Gary Tomlin tips the scales at 21 stone eight, and Amy Simons' meal skipping bad habits see her weigh in at eight stone three. The pair swap diets.
Each of the participants eat the diet of the other. At the end of the experiment, they have a better idea of how extreme their consumption looks to another person. Every episode I saw had the participants sharing an experience that gave them empathy for other that usually didn't exist before. At the follow-up after the end of the experiment, they were true friends who relied on each other for encouragement. I can think of only one show where a participant had gained weight. All of the others were successful in following their program.
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
Does America shock you sometimes too?
NANI?! -chan
NANI?! -chan Kun oldin
America is scarry
DigitalRedux 6 kun oldin
I duxking hrew up here and still do
RexxEsGedden 9 kun oldin
I mean, I don't live there. I live in the weird country
RaccoonMoustache 10 kun oldin
The US is a big reality TV show for us Europeans to watch
emo.girl2006 11 kun oldin
The shows brittish
airsofter2247 9 soat oldin
That damn cast on her arm probably weighs 4lb haha
CD Smith
CD Smith 2 kun oldin
Damn I suck down coffee every day. Every. Day.
jean chavez
jean chavez 4 kun oldin
Don’t leet him pick her up he’s gong to take her home and make her jump in his belly !!! Just kidding ! They both look much better in their face . Like alive !!
jean chavez
jean chavez 4 kun oldin
Wow that Dr. was so scary I would had a heart attack looking at him . Why was he so hunched over and him in the eye I couldn’t help but notice his nose looked like it had been broken I wonder if he had to fight his way through medical school I mean like in boxing? I don’t think I’m going to that doctor ever !
yoni 4 kun oldin
as a European I'm just watching this like???? stone????? pounds??????? whut??????
Kermit The CrOg
Kermit The CrOg 6 kun oldin
What's a stone?
DigitalRedux 6 kun oldin
My first video of many.
scarfhat 7 kun oldin
I would love to see ken and buff look at more english stuff. I always love watching people react to stuff from my country.
ChaoticKaylee 8 kun oldin
Me watching this while eating grilled cheese with a side of 3 cheese sticks 👁👄👁
SyreinaClaw 8 kun oldin
I'm watching this video and an ad suddenly comes on and just starts with "STOP! Don't exercise!"😂
Tyler Jordan
Tyler Jordan 9 kun oldin
Is it sad that as an American when she started talking about obesity rates being high in the UK I thought she was about to say the US?
RexxEsGedden 9 kun oldin
wait, you guys don't have squash???
RexxEsGedden 9 kun oldin
Hey, at least we know how to spell colour, aluminium and mum. lmao jks jks
_not_your_average_weirdo 9 kun oldin
All I can say is 23:37 at least SHES gaining weight tho. I kinda feel for her tho but SHES worse then me tho.. my BMI was 15.8 and that was about 4 years ago. I’m around 100 pounds so I completely understand.. but I actually EAT tho. May not be big portions but I actually eat food.
Darkb4light 06
Darkb4light 06 9 kun oldin
Why is the doctor's office so white? Lol
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson 9 kun oldin
4 pounds came from the weights hidden in her cast
Jada Wilson
Jada Wilson 9 kun oldin
So what I’ve learned is that it’s ok for me to have a low BMI. 🤨 thx
Ben Haynie
Ben Haynie 10 kun oldin
It's funny, I met Wilford Brimley where I used to live in Lubbock Texas. I met him at a whataburger of all places🤣🤣🤣
galaxy drifter
galaxy drifter 10 kun oldin
You guys are beyond hilarious..
Aksel Friisnæs
Aksel Friisnæs 11 kun oldin
How the frik is she still alive?
KittyB Gaming
KittyB Gaming 11 kun oldin
That mug is so big, I swear if you drew a face on the mug, it would look like another head
Palitato 11 kun oldin
The skinny ones look nervous because they know what's coming. They have to swap diets, and most of them have eating disorders. Most of them are utterly terrified of gaining weight and eating without restricting their calories. Also they use a combo of Stones/pounds. If they only gained 4lbs, they'll say 4lbs. But if they gained 18lbs, they'll say 1 stone, 4lbs. For 7lbs they'll say "Half a stone". Also 4lbs doesn't seem like a lot for her to gain, but as someone in the same weight range (though I think I have about 10lbs more than she does), 4lbs is a LOT of progress. Also IDK if you guys noticed, but her hair looked SO much shinier and healthier in that clip! I'm guessing she has a lot more energy to do things, too. I actually just managed to get back to 120lbs after nearly 6 years trying to get the weight back on after I lost it due to some medication I was on. Eating is hard when you have no appetite.
emo.girl2006 11 kun oldin
When they call squash kool aid nooo its a juice you mix with water
Norimar Santiago
Norimar Santiago 12 kun oldin
"Aren't you lactose intolerant too?" LMAO BRUH I'm not the only one lmao.
Avery Lei
Avery Lei 12 kun oldin
Coffee is a no no with high bp they tryin kill him
Kimmy yeong
Kimmy yeong 12 kun oldin
i'm glad i stopped eating cheese too ofteni will keep it at once a month or less seeing this O__O;;
Kimmy yeong
Kimmy yeong 12 kun oldin
they bring the guy to america and he ends up with a heart attack xd
Shane Tsosie
Shane Tsosie 13 kun oldin
You guys described a KFC Famous Bowl
GaiaArcade 13 kun oldin
I'm naturally skinny and hate it. My husband struggles with his weight but is doing his best to feel happy in his body. I hope everyone in this is able to achieve a body they are happy and healthy with.
Jack Kenseng
Jack Kenseng 15 kun oldin
4:47 That's basically a dish at KFC.
Clo Myst
Clo Myst 15 kun oldin
I am only 4 stones...that's a lonely number of stones :'(
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 15 kun oldin
Cheese is not poison but u shouldn’t eat 50 pounds of it a week lol
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 15 kun oldin
50 stone body jeesh
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 15 kun oldin
U guys are like the best homies lol
Tara Shelton
Tara Shelton 16 kun oldin
I’m a 40 year old married mother of two girls and it cracks them up when I watch you guys!!! All you guys have to do is laugh and it cracks me up!!!! Love you guys!!!
Ellie Walker
Ellie Walker 16 kun oldin
This was weird to watch b/c I weigh almost the exact same as the girl but I actually eat meals everyday
MerelMelchers ASMR
MerelMelchers ASMR 17 kun oldin
Please review more supersize vs superskinny. I loved this video!
squarepotatoes 17 kun oldin
They both might die of heart related issues- her due to coffee and his to fats and salt
Ashton 17 kun oldin
That 8 stone chick is heavier than me. I’m 7.07 stone. But I’m supposed to be around this weight. I don’t look like skin and bone. And I eat heaps too
Been Dead
Been Dead 17 kun oldin
"What would you think if someone took you to a feeding clinic?" That I have an eating disorder, which is exactly what I thought when I was actually taken to the feeding clinic.
CatzuZ 17 kun oldin
All I see is Happy in the background.
Juswa Duneass
Juswa Duneass 17 kun oldin
Oh man, I don't know why I stopped watching Ke- DAANNGGG
Alina Marie
Alina Marie 17 kun oldin
today i learned american ambulances look like pepsi cans , here in germany they are bright neon yellow and orange
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 19 kun oldin
I work with a dude that’s on his way to being in a rascal. He’s 27 and almost the same size as the rascal guy
ZARIFUL ISLAM JOY 19 kun oldin
In the show we can see that she didn't like drinking coffee by her expression , which makes me wonder if she said coffee 4 times a day was cuz she didn't like getting paired up with him and wanted to watch him suffer
Midnight Mist
Midnight Mist 19 kun oldin
I forgot there was a drink called Squash in Britain. From what I understand its kinda like koolaid is here (more as in a brand-name drink everyone knows of less so in regards to taste and such) but for adults and usually isn't as sugary (I could be wrong as I've never had it myself) Also I get an odd sense of solidarity and happiness when someone talks about being Lactose intolerant. Especially I'm like the only one intolerant in my family and among my friends which sucks.
Kay Collarfeild
Kay Collarfeild 20 kun oldin
Squash isnt cool aid. Its juice concentrate
Landen Beringer
Landen Beringer 20 kun oldin
Only in America
tweebster300 20 kun oldin
Buff!! You have a Canadian patch on your hat! What’s the story? I’m Canadian and I love it 👍🏼✨
Liv 20 kun oldin
Me: watching while stringing four cheese sticks before eating them
Mylenah Bug
Mylenah Bug 21 kun oldin
insert cat saying diabetus
LALT 21 kun oldin
Cheese man literally saw an avg Walmart consumer before having a heart attack. That's how you know you are in 'MURICA!!
H*ck 21 kun oldin
I give the people in the show props because they both seem pretty realistic and relatively practical despite their bad eating habits like they aren’t being stubborn and refusing to see the truth they’re realizing what’s wrong and acknowledging it and internalized it it seems
Kreldop2 21 kun oldin
6:09 - 6:10 best second of my life..... please WATCH!!!!
Chloe Acosta
Chloe Acosta 22 kun oldin
Love you too Ken!
Aneuroo 22 kun oldin
Thanks for putting in your weight in stone, I now know you pair are some big bois.
imirrawashere 22 kun oldin
Just the title has me laughing to breathlessness. I haven't even watched the video yet! lmaoooo
Portal Studios
Portal Studios 23 kun oldin
MERica fUg yEaH
Mag gg
Mag gg 23 kun oldin
Nathaniel Ortiz
Nathaniel Ortiz 23 kun oldin
I’m 310 and don’t look like that
April H
April H 23 kun oldin
Pretty sure it's called squash because of the fruits squashed to make it.
evil joe
evil joe 23 kun oldin
This is why i dont understand people talking shit on standard and metric. They use "stone" to measure 14 pounds and flip shit when someone uses inches intead of centimeters different increments have different uses.
Danny Jacques
Danny Jacques 23 kun oldin
6:09 lol that's one happy dog
Hamster 23 kun oldin
SO WE EATS HIM! or whatever he says...
y yy
y yy 24 kun oldin
I say diabetes like that as a joke
Erich Smith
Erich Smith 24 kun oldin
$23 for a hat!!!!!!!
Professional Procrastinator
Professional Procrastinator 24 kun oldin
As if people from the UK knew what real cheese is. Go to France! Let's see if you can eat real, smelly cheese :p I'm sure the addiction will magically go away
Top Teen
Top Teen 24 kun oldin
I am also 8 stones/ 50 kg but I also eat alot more than her 😂😂😂
😷The original moof🦄
😷The original moof🦄 25 kun oldin
Cheese n pickle is gonna be my senior quote 👌🏼
Fatin nabyla
Fatin nabyla 25 kun oldin
me didnt use any of this metric system.. "need to look up what in kg then"
KayleeKat 25 kun oldin
Am I the only one that thinks Ken looks like the wolf guy in Scary Godmother with that shirt?
beingatliberty 26 kun oldin
"when he gets the bill hes gonna get upset" yup hes use to using the NHS for free
bobbi.brewtality 26 kun oldin
Cheese and branston pickle. Its a UK thing
IcePG 26 kun oldin
Ken and Dane really do look the kinda guys who don't care how they food look lol
Tricia Applewhite
Tricia Applewhite 26 kun oldin
Dying I am from the Caribbean and I hate cheese..... just wanted to put that out there.... Iol
The Ztg180
The Ztg180 26 kun oldin
Y’all find this funny?
Chase 27 kun oldin
Now it's supposed to be they eat each other's diets and then they exchange it to a healthy diet on the last eating part the last day they eat three healthy meals breakfast lunch and dinner and the rest of the time they eat each other's diets this is a favorite show for the anorexic community I probably whole eating disorder community as well
Chase 27 kun oldin
112 lb is not that skinny but I have anorexia so I'm not the best to judge that
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer 27 kun oldin
Black currant squash = hi juice I feel like a British to American translator
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer 27 kun oldin
U Dun know he pissed on the floor cos he couldn’t see or reach his dick an slipped in it
Wyatt Imbush
Wyatt Imbush 27 kun oldin
I want to hang out with these guys
mrseestar 28 kun oldin
They laugh and Make Fun of the stuff but the bigger guy i'd argue is already unhealthily big
Ben Stockwell
Ben Stockwell 28 kun oldin
“That’s poison”
Patriot Duel
Patriot Duel 28 kun oldin
Take a bottle of squeeze cheese take out a little cheese to make room in bottle. Add 3-4 tsp of pickle juice and shake it to mix. Pickled cheese is amazing on potato, chips, anything really.
Lindaaaaan 28 kun oldin
The feeling when you guys are converting stone to lbs and i still dont understand how much it is so i have to convert it again to kg 😂
Jess Ess
Jess Ess 28 kun oldin
Black current juice - it’s like Apple juice, the same juice family
Bored broom
Bored broom 29 kun oldin
amy done pulled a deku
kawaii _plays
kawaii _plays 18 kun oldin
Deku 👁️👄👁️🦴
Cookie Donut
Cookie Donut 29 kun oldin
Bro I live in a country we're we have Ramadan 1 month a year from 3 in the morning to 7 and a half at night no water no food only one meal a day at night for and entire month
Cody Vaughn
Cody Vaughn 29 kun oldin
How dose buff weigh less than me I'm 290 and just got a lil chunk
airybike2 Zero
airybike2 Zero Oy oldin
I need to be on this show I’m 6’3 130 pounds
Martial lee
Martial lee Oy oldin
Weirdest intro ever
Ilay Oy oldin
4lb gain in 3 mothns... that's 0 progress
Kerry Rink
Kerry Rink Oy oldin
Ken is so nice looking 🤗
Blysterz Oy oldin
Did Dane just do a pog
Angela Engle
Angela Engle Oy oldin
A simple fall is one of the most life threatening things that can happen to a morbidly obese person.
Vacuous Nugatory
Vacuous Nugatory Oy oldin
I love them seeing English things like blackcurrant squash 😂 “what he drinkin’? Blackcorn?” 😂
Mr๏BeeBomYT Oy oldin
You two look's same now
Maddie B
Maddie B Oy oldin
"Daaaamn i'm like a big rock" got me. Love ya, buff
Candice Crawford
Candice Crawford Oy oldin
This show is so sick. It feels like they are just embarrassing overweight people. Diets are ineffective for weight loss. Surgery works!
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