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Woah Big Facts here on Meme Couch! Big facts that will make you question everything about life. Or not its just a title.
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Juan Pizano
Juan Pizano 10 kun oldin
10:06 well now I know he never seen fairy tail
Dawn break
Dawn break 10 kun oldin
The leading cause of death is birth
Taylor N
Taylor N 11 kun oldin
Me living in Georgia hearings about the nuke: 👁👄👁
Jakdak The 5th
Jakdak The 5th 11 kun oldin
If the breast implants thing is true what will happen to kim kardashian if she gets cremated
E Vogt
E Vogt 12 kun oldin
What they ain't got in teeth, they have in kids 😂
Maddysin Leigh
Maddysin Leigh 14 kun oldin
If the foreskin is too tight it could make peeing difficult.
OFF tha’ GRID!
OFF tha’ GRID! 17 kun oldin
Guys...Paradise PD! Check that shizzy out!
TTZ Fire
TTZ Fire 19 kun oldin
Omfg I live in Georgia Savannah is kinda close to me
Tyler Murphy
Tyler Murphy 21 kun oldin
Thay are funny . From Canada Ontario north bay. You guy are for real funny .
Alanna Zinger
Alanna Zinger 22 kun oldin
Breast implants, as well as any other non-organic implants that have been placed into the body are removed before cremation.
Jessica Ancona
Jessica Ancona 23 kun oldin
It is definitely not just a Mississippi thing..
Maaalllzzzyyy 24 kun oldin
So as some one who works in the medical field, if some one has implants and they pass and the family wishes for them to be cremated they remove the implants first lol
Jet Sable
Jet Sable 24 kun oldin
It's crazy that in America most people are circumcised yet the country I live in no one is and it would be super surprising if someone was.
Pyromaniacal Magpie
Pyromaniacal Magpie 25 kun oldin
They didn't mention it was largely native Americans and African americans that were sterilized by the government. Canada did it too not just the USA. I think mentioning the racial aspect of it is really important. We can't and shouldn't erase those struggles.
Pyromaniacal Magpie
Pyromaniacal Magpie 25 kun oldin
The squeaky toy thing is pretty legit, some lady dogs dont like them because they remind them of puppies and it stresses em out.
rosie cheeks
rosie cheeks 25 kun oldin
Shop n the being u talked of a nuc in NC trees..said..lie!! Then later u read it again..about 50 of them missing across the World and 11 in America, one off cost of Georgia..and u believe it but forgot about the first one u totally pushed most these r the eating body parts for health benefits..and other things..
Kaitie Crady
Kaitie Crady 26 kun oldin
Y’all need to go longer.
Devils Deck Of Cards
Devils Deck Of Cards 28 kun oldin
cannibalism is known to have bad health affects tho so XD (eating the brain of another human being can cause kuru - a brain disease that's similar to mad cow disease. Kuru occurs because our brains contain prions that transmit the disease)
John Couture
John Couture 28 kun oldin
4:03 tonsils....
Robyn Wilson
Robyn Wilson Oy oldin
The vet tech thing is true. I used to play with all of the dogs as much as I could while they were in the doggie hospital.
M Oy oldin
from Mississippi, can confirm: it is a MS thing
Sing Talk Laugh Li
Sing Talk Laugh Li Oy oldin
I just have to comment onthe thumbnail 😂 Dr. Anthony (i think), who is a plastic surgeon, said that they remove ykur breast implants before you are cremated.. So yeah 😂 Now imma finish the video lol 😂
Pebbles BamBam
Pebbles BamBam Oy oldin
Look sponsored by Clorox
Sasha Smith
Sasha Smith Oy oldin
The dog and the squeaky toy is true. Circumcision reduces the bacteria that can live under the foreskin, also easier for new mom to keep baby clean. And no they really don't understand how putting someone to sleep works and my mom had open heart surgery and was under for almost 12 hrs and she can't remember mine or my brothers childhood very well. She swears that it messed up her memory.
Ashlee Geary
Ashlee Geary Oy oldin
Encephalitis Lethargica causes you to slowly 'survive' - but not 'live'. After bouts of deep sleep, where patients can be woken very easily but fall immediately back into the deep sleep, they're left with post-encephalitis symptoms. The main one being that their minds are fully aware and conscious, but they can't physically function - a bit like locked in syndrome, and they display extreme apathy. They even KNOW they're displaying apathy but can't express any emotions. So they're completely stuck - UNTIL someone throws a ball at them, which they then can immediately catch. OR until someone holds their hand and walks alongside them, then they can suddenly walk. Otherwise nothing. So so bizarre.. -followthemusic_ (for the full comment since i was curious and looked it up!)
SchnuckiLOVEbudgie 2 oy oldin
wait a sec....(meme "woman with breat implants is cremated").did nobody thought about that guy who wants to look like a Barbie's KEN Doll? He has plenty of implants, all over his body. If he gets cremated - he will leave a lot of goo to clean up.
Sofie M
Sofie M 2 oy oldin
I won’t circumsize a future son. If he wants it done, he can have a doctor do so when he’s older, and don’t you dare tell me it “hUrtS LEss” on a baby. Forgot about sedation?
T Roe
T Roe 2 oy oldin
There's actually an old episode of Taboo of people eating a ladies placenta at a party in England.
BriBriJen15 2 oy oldin
Dentures fact: Washington’s teeth weren’t wooden, they were slave teeth that he had bought off of his slaves for like $1 a tooth
K B 2 oy oldin
Omfg hidden valley is owned by Clorox.
Trogdor The Burninator
Trogdor The Burninator 2 oy oldin
I think implants and metal bits are removed before cremation. I could be wrong. I've been put to sleep twice, both times I have a major panic attack when the meds start kicking in. I always wake up crying. Like my brain continued the panic attack whilst sleeping and finished it at the end.
Gaudenz Raiber
Gaudenz Raiber 2 oy oldin
8 know the anesthetist thing so super ateheist but as narcises come up i widh for sll godly h3lin all possible religions
SHEZ4N 2 oy oldin
Is it just a lying competition without a prize 😂
Ella D
Ella D 2 oy oldin
💯 on the IT part. I was the IT help desk NCO in the Marines JUST BECAUSE I filed a harassment report on a fellow Marine who tried to frame me for some bullshit (won that case).. Anyways, they said I was in charge and had to fix any Secret Clearance IT problems even though I grew up with 1 computer shared by me and my 7 siblings/parents. Never had any training. Fixed most problems by googling or calling IT Support (MITSC). From that point on, I’d assume they knew wheat they were doing. But I also went to college for IT because of my stupidly misleading military “tRAiniNG” and dropped out. If you’re really IT, y’know. If you’re like me, ya DONT.
Hope dontmope
Hope dontmope 2 oy oldin
Placenta pills are the grossest thing I've ever had to look up, thanks meme couch.
Delyth Telford
Delyth Telford 2 oy oldin
BiG FaCtS 🤔🤔🤔
Forever Unicorn85
Forever Unicorn85 2 oy oldin
As someone who interacts with “IT” people on the reg. That’s serious BIG fact. I’m so happy when I talk with someone I don’t need explain what a cache file is.
Larry renz
Larry renz 2 oy oldin
8:48 thanks for answering my question
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode 2 oy oldin
*The way you said Galapagos made me so confused?! Have you never heard of the Galapagos Islands and the Giant Tortoises?!*
MaeBee 2 oy oldin
one time I was put under for an endoscopy (they put a camera down my throat) and while the camera was in my throat I had a seizure and suffered from severe damage to my throat and vocal chords
SkitAWulf242 2 oy oldin
"the ugliest people have the most kids" My grandma and her kids who all had about 5+ kids each: 😰
Kitten2Cat 3 oy oldin
Surprisingly, half of these facts are actually true. I've heard of people that think eating the placenta is beneficial to your health but it is not. There are many lost nuclear weapons out there and they usually remove breast implants before cremation
emma 3 oy oldin
I need a friendship like Ken and Dane
Chad Sexington
Chad Sexington 3 oy oldin
The Cornflakes and masturbation cure. Fantastic! 👍😁👍
Blaze Daniels
Blaze Daniels 3 oy oldin
Because most doctors just do it because its a health hazard
Carol Simpson
Carol Simpson 3 oy oldin
And if you're buried, you'll end up a bunch of bones and two plastic bumps lol Stop doing this to yourselves people!!
Some Dude
Some Dude 3 oy oldin
It's Meme Couch, it's Meme Couch Gather all your friends, it's Meme Couch
Chaotic Rabbit
Chaotic Rabbit 3 oy oldin
I have a cat that will lick my face until it's raw. He only does it when it's super oily, to try and clean it for me. I mean... It works. Can't be oily if you remove the flesh.
Alexandar X
Alexandar X 3 oy oldin
Is something wrong with the sound of this video? Maybe I'm just high
Tori H
Tori H 3 oy oldin
Me living in Savannah: 👁️👄👁️
Olavo Paceli
Olavo Paceli 3 oy oldin
What is that subreddit?
FrostyLichQueen 4 oy oldin
As far as the forced sterilization, I think they were talking about that on NPR not too long ago... supposedly, they were deeming people mentally unfit and were sterilizing people against their will. One woman had some controversial beliefs of some sort, so when she went to the doctor's office for one procedure, they put her under and she woke up with all of her sexual organs missing... and I think she didn't find out until years later when she was trying to conceive.
John Hill
John Hill 4 oy oldin
When Ken made that Fallout reference, at first, I was like: "What?" But then, I remembered because I have that game (I've also beaten it.) &, for some reason, there was an option to actually have it explode. I'm not gonna lie. I had it explode just to see what would happen. Fallout is awesome. I even have the add-ons like the one that would increase your Max Level to 30.
SEEMS LEGIT 4 oy oldin
Circumcision eliminates smegma. Who wants their kids having dick cheese?
Megan Gloss
Megan Gloss 4 oy oldin
when my mom got her first son circumcised my aunt threw a FIT saying it was “unholy” and “disgusting” which literally blows my mind
Kitsune Fyora
Kitsune Fyora 4 oy oldin
Dane in a previous episode: "Hell, I would lose weight to fight {forgot name}!" Dane on this episode: Looks like he's lost weight. ...he's preparing to have a fight off. Where's my popcorn
pix3l-g3m 4 oy oldin
I mean soldiers probably took better care of their teeth cuz they had to be all clean cut so their teeth were probably better for making dentures
Jessica Burchell
Jessica Burchell 4 oy oldin
Circumcisions were so you didn't get sand inside the foreskin. Desert facts.
pepeco1973 SNACKS
pepeco1973 SNACKS 4 oy oldin
Why u fools keep showing up in my feed? Im not subscribed. Biden is a fingerbanger
Tatiana Franco
Tatiana Franco 4 oy oldin
PrimarchEldarAutarch 4 oy oldin
boomer moment: there wasn't a federal tax or exemptions for kids back when they had all those kids - fed tax was started later (south did a thing for their war in 1860s) many had endless kids from being christian
Narf 4 oy oldin
Memes of ken and buff sitting anywhere but on a couch 👏🏻meme👏🏻couch
Narf 4 oy oldin
I guess the meme is that there is no couch
will prather
will prather 4 oy oldin
Ken. Your “seizure” was a result of your muscles “waking up” after being given paralytic medicine. It can sometimes lead to weird spasms too(your back pain). I work in a trauma center and see it all the time.
Juju 4 oy oldin
Maybe the real meme couch was the friends we made along the way.
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark 4 oy oldin
I like the Romans more now
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark 4 oy oldin
The bite force one is obvious.
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark 4 oy oldin
Dentures were made of wood as well
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark 4 oy oldin
The dog one makes sense
Ashley 4 oy oldin
It would make sense about the soldiers because they were young but not too young - they would have better teeth than people dying of old age.
Nicolas Manriquez
Nicolas Manriquez 4 oy oldin
Meme Couch!
Emily Merrill
Emily Merrill 4 oy oldin
I have breast implants and i want to have a natural burial in a forest so when scientists find me in 1000 years i'll just be a skeleton with huge ass tiddys
Kelsey Bohay
Kelsey Bohay 4 oy oldin
Dane's hair is getting glorious. Keep growing it! Dragon Ball teaches us that more hair = more power.
A B 4 oy oldin
Sounds quite defensive, just like an uncircumcised lad would be 😂
Afa 4 oy oldin
Circumcision also had health benefits back in the day to keep clean for nothing to gather under the tissue but now a days we dont need that any more.
Victoria Bones
Victoria Bones 4 oy oldin
The implant Thing is bullshit the crematory operator actually removes things like breast implants and pace makers what douche canoe made that crap up
Sarah Ecklid
Sarah Ecklid 4 oy oldin
So joining for $4.99 what do I get for that?
Wolf Reads
Wolf Reads 4 oy oldin
Have you guys ever seen the film idiocracy?, I think you’d enjoy it
Chloe Leister
Chloe Leister 4 oy oldin
Thanks for another awesome video!!
Maria Rose Hood
Maria Rose Hood 4 oy oldin
I’m a vet tech, and the vet one is so true. I love on basically every animal that walks through the door
Mariah Lindgren
Mariah Lindgren 2 oy oldin
I've been externing at a veterinary hospital for the past month. I've also worked at a dog kennel the past 2 years. I'm way more hands on at the dog kennel, being able to take the dogs on walks, sit with them while they eat, run with them off leash on 3 acres of land, pet them while we stop on group walks to get water, etc. In the clinic I feel like I'm mostly just restraining them and not really petting them.. sometimes when we have time people love on the animals, but I haven't really done that myself yet since I'm learning and shadowing someone 9 hours a day.. 😕 Maybe when I get into the routine of things it'll be different. I'm much more of a cat person and I feel like most of the people at the extern cite don't like cats.. they talks crap about tortoise shells, calicos, and cat's in general.. as someone who's bestfriend's have been a tortoise shell cat and a calico cat I know they can be very loving as long as they're in the right environment for them. Cats are just so misunderstood. 😕
ZeRoyalVikings- Underling
ZeRoyalVikings- Underling 4 oy oldin
4:02 ... Umbilical cord?
Goddess Terra
Goddess Terra 4 oy oldin
Id get my son circumsized not for religious reasons. Id just do it because most girls like them better and I dont want my kid being insecure about it.
Random Bald Guy
Random Bald Guy 4 oy oldin
Gitte 4 oy oldin
Ain't gonna lie, forced sterilization may not have always been a bad thing.
Miranda Ryan
Miranda Ryan 4 oy oldin
Thing about memories is true we talked about it in my psychology class
Player2 4 oy oldin
Ironically Kellogg helped with the sterilization of those people lmao naturally he backed out once it became more widely known what was happening.
Official Vibe Check Queen
Official Vibe Check Queen 4 oy oldin
My dog doesn't know how to dog. She doesn't play fetch or with squeaky toys. She haves stuffed animals that she chews on and tosses around but she rarely plays. It's sad. It's because she was definitely abused and possibly a breeder dog. She's a sweet dog but is scared and hurt. She mostly just wants to cuddle
Why don't you get a green screen of the couch behind you?
Boss Lax316
Boss Lax316 4 oy oldin
That a Celtics hat...
Mak 4 oy oldin
Once when i woke up from surgury, i was blind for about 30 minutes. and no one knew why or how to help so that was fun Then my ma ate my sandwich lol
SynastarGamer 4 oy oldin
Can't they remove the breast implants? I MEAN they got the tools.
That Boy JUAN
That Boy JUAN 4 oy oldin
Anyone else have audio probkems
Melissa 4 oy oldin
I spent WAAAAY too long looking at the "broken arrows" (lost nukes) articles....
Orchid 4 oy oldin
Yo Buff looks kinda like Russel Brand
Connor xx
Connor xx 4 oy oldin
I already watched this and just got a notification saying it had been uploaded :/
Serene Addicoat-Bower
Serene Addicoat-Bower 4 oy oldin
"Where's the couch at? Where your weight at? You guys lost a fair amount.
Erin B
Erin B 4 oy oldin
Actually, in their old age many men need to be circumcised for health reasons. I suppose performing it on babies would prevent certain problems from developing in the first place without the worry of traumatizing the boy because he would be to young to remember it.
sgtkat69 4 oy oldin
Same reason soldiers keep hair super short. Lice. Circumcised boys to keep infections down.
kane walker
kane walker 4 oy oldin
You guys should add a miniature couch on your desk to go with the keeping of the title👍👍
Es Noah
Es Noah 4 oy oldin
That’s not how nukes work Bro you need the material from the ground to be sent into the air and then snow down when it’s radio active
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