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Big Ed cant stop Ruining every moment with Rose. Secrets and trust issues everywhere.
React Couch is watching TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Big ED and Rose.
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MaryMakingIt 5 oy oldin
You might think it's a sideways mullet but it's really a very lazy mohawk taking a nap. I did the best I could with the tools (a beard trimmer) and experience (zero) I had 😪✊
your friendly neighborhood slytherpuff
your friendly neighborhood slytherpuff 4 oy oldin
i like it
Ill Logic
Ill Logic 5 oy oldin
Looks just fine mary 👍
Sara Smith
Sara Smith 5 oy oldin
You did great! ❤️
lauren shelton
lauren shelton 5 oy oldin
MaryMakingIt I think you did great!
Life with Avery
Life with Avery 5 oy oldin
It's the Pansexual haircut I had in the 9th grade
alprazolam1mgs 14 kun oldin
Thank gawd that haircut is no more. BEGONE BAD HAIRCUT
Lili B
Lili B 29 kun oldin
the Handy Man
the Handy Man Oy oldin
that lesbian haircut lol
E K Oy oldin
Buff is so charismatic and cute
Dana Moore
Dana Moore 2 oy oldin
Ken you have great eyebrows! Does your wife wax them for you?
Sheena Folsom
Sheena Folsom 2 oy oldin
Ain't no amount of money would make me want him 🤢🤮💩
Liesa Manneh
Liesa Manneh 2 oy oldin
We had some one who looked exactly like him in a workplace many yrs ago ,and he answered to “ No Neck “
Fat Boi Chronicles
Fat Boi Chronicles 3 oy oldin
Buff pro T shirt Mirch
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 3 oy oldin
I bet all the episodes were scripted they made Ed look bad on purpose
Angel Doemer
Angel Doemer 3 oy oldin
I believe Rose loved him...she even wanted children with him. Ed is just a mess of a man...glad it all ended. Side note..A woman doesnt get that pissed off unless feelings are involved.
Sal Inappropriate
Sal Inappropriate 3 oy oldin
Back when there still was a couch on the couch
LemmyTheLump 3 oy oldin
9:10-9:20 best part
T. Dee
T. Dee 4 oy oldin
Buff pro getting the chancla but doesn't know Jorge is george... ¿que?
jacobtm_8 4 oy oldin
ken and buff: we aint ugly all of us: nah u guys r whole meals
Kat Fox
Kat Fox 4 oy oldin
You two kill me.... his laugh is so contagious!
Pinkaugust 4 oy oldin
Rose sure wasn't born yesterday.
c c
c c 4 oy oldin
Can't believe she actually slept with him. Ewwwww
Nonesense Speaker
Nonesense Speaker 4 oy oldin
I once called out my classmates name for attendance and straight up, knowing how his name is pronounced but speaking faster than my brain could keep up with, called him George when his name is Jorge... Humiliation. I'm so familiar with it.
Sophiemontesinos Sasha
Sophiemontesinos Sasha 4 oy oldin
I love these no neck ed roasts
_Kurisute_ 4 oy oldin
I love how he talks about Mary all the time, shows how much he loves her.
Carameja 4 oy oldin
"leave Edds neck alone!" Which neck? x'D
Koneko Shihyba
Koneko Shihyba 4 oy oldin
Ken : LEAVE ED'S NECK ALONE! XD Me : Well I cant leave it alone cuz he doesn't have one
Brooks Murphy
Brooks Murphy 4 oy oldin
Aye it’s Rd kneees and toes lol
James Peterson
James Peterson 4 oy oldin
10:01 nice edit lmao
Dalene Perkins
Dalene Perkins 5 oy oldin
Ed: I dont want no more kids but I don't know how to tell her Also ed: last night we made love and it was amazing. I think she enjoyed it... 😁
MuKuon Ch.
MuKuon Ch. 5 oy oldin
Ed is like the "Mom said it's my turn on the xbox" meme personified.
Teag Miller
Teag Miller 5 oy oldin
Am I the only one that wants to see Big Ed in a turtleneck?
Anna Cooper
Anna Cooper 5 oy oldin
Rose is so pretty with her long hair ❤️ but her face at Ed b sending me 🤣
slimshead8100 5 oy oldin
I want to start a go fund me to buy big Ed an actual neck. Who’s willing to pitch in? Lol.
Jessie Siono
Jessie Siono 5 oy oldin
What is this arranged marriage shit?!
Rose Rogers
Rose Rogers 5 oy oldin
This really makes me hate name. My name is Rose 🤦🏼‍♀️
Nes 5 oy oldin
You say leave his neck alone. What neck? There is no neck
GothLoliOVA 5 oy oldin
Crunch looks like karen
DaisyMcCrazy 5 oy oldin
This is pretty random, but... I just like to put the video on 0.5 or 0.75 speed and everyone sounds high af
Zach Wright
Zach Wright 5 oy oldin
Well he already got a VasNectomy so it shouldn't be that big of a deal.
brandi13203 5 oy oldin
Please react to Mark from season 3 of 90 day fiancé. I think he’s worse than Ed! His fiancé was younger than his daughter, he constantly spoke for her, he kept trying to make her like his ex wife, he made her sign a prenup where she gets nothing and is just a creep overall.
TJ Jones
TJ Jones 5 oy oldin
The hair.... 😳
Brantley Cox
Brantley Cox 5 oy oldin
Ed playing hard to get when he's already hard to want
Malin Johansson
Malin Johansson 5 oy oldin
There are a lot more ed and rose videos, it doesnt matter that they are older 👍 to let Ken see the comment
dissing fools
dissing fools 5 oy oldin
He looks like the guy from impractical jokers
Jd C
Jd C 5 oy oldin
10:21 Damn Ken, you cant just butcher my name like that
Skippi Skip Production
Skippi Skip Production 5 oy oldin
Because Dr. Phil said so, I'll go like and subscribe...I was already subscribed.
Toyoda car
Toyoda car 5 oy oldin
First I was team Ed, but now I am team Rose. Sure Rose was suspicious because of her family, country and status, but he shouldn't push so hard for it. If she a gold digger he will one day find out so be it. It is not really immoral to ask your ''rich husband'' (normal American) to help their family a bit.
pika23 5 oy oldin
I know someone whose hmong girlfriend's fam, bugs him about money.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 5 oy oldin
ed looks constipated all the time
Ebony Shadow
Ebony Shadow 5 oy oldin
Ken and I have similar hair cuts...😳
Victoria Bones
Victoria Bones 5 oy oldin
Buff pro is this big sexy teddy bear where as no neck Ed fell off the wall and had a great fall
Victoria Bones
Victoria Bones 5 oy oldin
To be honest I wouldn't want to have no neck egghead children
Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea
Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea 5 oy oldin
Sadly enough...alot of ppl assumed rose was the scammer but turns out Ed was. There's been rose coming out that Ed lied about a lot of stuff. Supposedly she's even now with a woman. Texts he sent about getting so famous by being on the 90 day deal
baiku ლ
baiku ლ 5 oy oldin
Just creampie the bitch got damn it Ed
J Arcuri
J Arcuri 5 oy oldin
You guys are funny and yes George is Jorge in Spanish
John Power
John Power 5 oy oldin
Big Ed went to the P.I. to buy a wife less than half his age because of his great per$onality. The lady is trying to better herself and family and willing to compromise. Marry her, bring her stateside and then she will unload Big Ed when she finds true love with a much more compatible partner.
Petty Bee
Petty Bee 5 oy oldin
Ed's just a greasy ass toe. I can't anymore.
Petty Bee
Petty Bee 5 oy oldin
Dr. Phil in the background got me motivated lmao
Curious_ Lobster
Curious_ Lobster 5 oy oldin
If they were meant to be together there wouldn't be a show about it. The end.
Danyatta 5 oy oldin
Edmund Kemper (The Co-ed killer) had the nickname Big Ed as well. Thought that was pretty funny
Hypnotic Skull
Hypnotic Skull 5 oy oldin
That hair is amazing
ThatDudeWithBoobs 5 oy oldin
Ed looks like if Phil Swift flex taped his colon shut.
Kaptain Kush
Kaptain Kush 5 oy oldin
Video starts, ken “big Ed!” My 4 yr old “big Ed!”
Vizi Q
Vizi Q 5 oy oldin
You guys are hilarious. Best commentary. “Lets eat in silence first...”
askquestionsplz 5 oy oldin
You speaketh as if you don't know who JORGE IS? Please watch 90 day Fiance FROM THE BEGINNING. also - visit the 90day REDDIT!
Cheyenne Barnes
Cheyenne Barnes 5 oy oldin
Why tf did the comments move?!?!
Lucy A
Lucy A 5 oy oldin
So do any of you remember sontarans from Dr who...
Youngie 5 oy oldin
Big Ed', always has an expression like a sea creature trying to retreat back into it's shell. Or trying for the Guinnes record for number of chins.
Immortālem Vēritātis Textor
Immortālem Vēritātis Textor 5 oy oldin
Never trust a neckless turtle. Turtles should _always have necks._
Shane Stahl
Shane Stahl 5 oy oldin
I'd say leave Ed's neck out of this but honestly he left it out so.....
Supreme ruler Of apple juice
Supreme ruler Of apple juice 5 oy oldin
1. Ed has been known to harass women And 2. He was Rose's gay awakening I'm pretty sure she has a girlfriend now
PoundKey 5 oy oldin
Ed is so dishonest about everything he does. I feel bad for Rose. She hasn’t done anything wrong.
BlueBunnyGamer 5 oy oldin
I hope you both are well... Crazy over here, deaths, illness, but still got my positive mental attitude 🙏🏻
BROKELYN 5 oy oldin
The H in „no neck Ed“ stands for husband material...oh wait where’s the H?
EMA. C. 5 oy oldin
2:29 "moms spaghetti"
Danny Wohab
Danny Wohab 5 oy oldin
Reckless neckles ed Dickessly sed That he's prolly gonna be ded Before rose passes college
yoohoo my tutu
yoohoo my tutu 5 oy oldin
Your face when you realized how Jorge is pronounced 😂
yoohoo my tutu
yoohoo my tutu 5 oy oldin
The knife clip was so funny lol
Joe T
Joe T 5 oy oldin
"EXPLAIN ME!"😋 I cant figure out what's more agitating.... Edd using words like "relationship" and "Love" already or the tone of how 🌹's voice sounds😞.... just saying! Wasnt trying to be mean! sorry rose!
C Thomo
C Thomo 5 oy oldin
Rose: I feel happy. I feel love. I feel like we are bonding. Also Rose: *constantly looks like shes on the verge of throwing up or being held at gunpoint*
Jack Attack
Jack Attack 5 oy oldin
When I first saw the memes I needed to watch this for myself and 100% Ed is the problem. Rose is trying to get to the USA but I don’t think she ever was hiding that. Ed is divorced with a daughter older than Rose and HE was the one who cheated on his wife. He has been asking Rose to do so much including shave, take an STD test and now stand up to her sister? No booboo no.
Emily M
Emily M 5 oy oldin
they should’ve named this episode “neckless and reckless”
Shagnus Carlson
Shagnus Carlson 5 oy oldin
When did Maynard James Keenan replace Ken?
Irish Blood English Heart
Irish Blood English Heart 5 oy oldin
Pretty sure Big Ed penis is the size of a Trek Thumb drive.
JennyTilia 5 oy oldin
Ed is like a character creation gone wrong on every PS4 game.
Ashley-MaRie Deeble
Ashley-MaRie Deeble 5 oy oldin
He has an illness that causes his chest to protrude out and affects appearance of a neck. Let's just pick on other dumb shit he does and says ..theres plenty lol
Kelsey Hatton
Kelsey Hatton 5 oy oldin
I knew I couldn't trust him as soon as he put that mayo in his hair....
Peggy Rider
Peggy Rider 5 oy oldin
I'm disappointed guys. Dr Phil is so far away and halfway behind a curtain
nathan mtnz
nathan mtnz 5 oy oldin
Cinnamon toast Karen
FE 5 oy oldin
There is nothing more funny then this guys laugh
Damon h
Damon h 5 oy oldin
dont worry you exactly as dumb as ever
Chill Dude
Chill Dude 5 oy oldin
She’s actually beautiful and he’s a big shit stain
Thimble Fox
Thimble Fox 5 oy oldin
It's so digusting that Ed lied to Rose about not wanting any more children. Her *only* reason for being on that website was to find a husband that would have a big family and settle down with her! He's such a scumbag! He could have told her from the first day they met that he didn't want more children but he waits months and months and leads her on and lies to her. That shit really pissed me off.
AlwaysIate 2TheParty
AlwaysIate 2TheParty 4 oy oldin
Rose was never ON a dating website. According to Ed, Rose’s Facebook profile popped up under People You May Know. It took almost 3 months for her to accept the friend request. Here’s MY question, how many women Rose’s age, in Rose’s geographic location was Ed sending friend requests TO for her to pop up under people you may know ?
Aly Mutch
Aly Mutch 5 oy oldin
Big Ed is a "put the lotion in the basket" kind of guy.
Anna Eich
Anna Eich 5 oy oldin
Hot hair tho 😁😝
Z Pac
Z Pac 5 oy oldin
You two are falling into eds fame trap stop showing these two nuts
Z Pac
Z Pac 5 oy oldin
Hes disgusting
canou fred
canou fred 5 oy oldin
Ed doesn’t have a neck to leave alone. I think of thumbs every time I look at Ed.
Angela LaJoy
Angela LaJoy 5 oy oldin
I hate this guy... Wtf!!!
Angela LaJoy
Angela LaJoy 5 oy oldin
Eff That, deuce he only cares about his her sister ripping him off for money but she wants kids and he doesn't but he don't tell her what the f*** man???
Angela LaJoy
Angela LaJoy 5 oy oldin
It's her fault as well... You stupid little girl!! Wtf
klette 95
klette 95 5 oy oldin
I like yo haircut
JOE OR GUS 5 oy oldin
She wants to be around that man less than his neck wanted to be around. You should just find another apomorphic Turtle person to settle down with and raised or whatever that would be. And then maybe he can abandon his children in the sewer to be raised by a rat
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