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React Couch!! Big is is crying over Rose on 90 Day Fiancé but at least hes flexing that merch!
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CinnamonToastKen 5 oy oldin
Check out the previous episode where Rose Destroys Big Ed
Tami Bennett
Tami Bennett Oy oldin
He's so full of it, don't believe 1min. He's upset that Rose has gone
KD BEE Oy oldin
@Tacoman Nope. Ed pretty much sucks
Like a thief In the night
Like a thief In the night 3 oy oldin
And it is true the Americans on the show get paid, the people in the foreign countries do not, for legal reasons tlc claims
Like a thief In the night
Like a thief In the night 3 oy oldin
@GamingDisk1 exactly Ed is trash.
Danielle Arnold
Danielle Arnold 3 oy oldin
@Tacoman y
the sauce
the sauce 6 kun oldin
Hey you guys should highjack the burger king logo for buff n ken
Patarapon Stanyer
Patarapon Stanyer 18 kun oldin
Anyone else think big Ed look like Jabba the Hutt
Kamila Zasada
Kamila Zasada 23 kun oldin
She didnt even say goodbye... how rude.. 🤣🤣🤣 She run for her life!!!
ROSE 24 kun oldin
Is it really true that Rose wasn’t paid for being on the show...? TLC made so much money off of her tho
no thoughts head empty
no thoughts head empty 27 kun oldin
The way Ed was crying made me think he was trying to grow a neck
WhatJustHappened Oy oldin
Lol I have been on a binge of rewatching Ken and Buff, however I recently had new surround sound installed in my house and the sounds of the kids running around upstairs in Ken's house in this video was coming from behind me through surround sound and I kept pausing the video because it was tripping me out hearing this random thumpy running sound from behind/above me until I put together that the noise was in the video lmaooo 🤣🤣🤣
kristina kim
kristina kim Oy oldin
Ken reminds me of chris watts
Immortal FAE13
Immortal FAE13 Oy oldin
Love the vids. You two are hysterical! Great sense of humor. Keep it up!!
Snowapplyby Oy oldin
Can I just say-that big ed merch sticker looks like Drew Carey? Like I'd sue if it were me.
Melina Hernandez
Melina Hernandez Oy oldin
Kevin Pope
Kevin Pope Oy oldin
Can we just take a minute to praise the crew who were there to witness all this and still managed not to punch him in his Mr. potatohead face?
Samantha Miller
Samantha Miller Oy oldin
It WAS real! She wanted to have YOUR BABY ED!! She never lied to you!
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Oy oldin
They are balloons
Alexia Simões
Alexia Simões Oy oldin
4:20 Dane literally exploded into an ad
Cathy Harvey
Cathy Harvey Oy oldin
I don't know why he insulted her about her breath, maybe she should've told him he needs to find his neck
Sindy J
Sindy J 2 oy oldin
Ed is gross
Chris 2 oy oldin
I love these guys they make me laugh you earn an sub
Tenneill White
Tenneill White 2 oy oldin
He failed. At being human? Yep. You did Ed.
x.sammi joanne.x
x.sammi joanne.x 2 oy oldin
Is that a brother bear mug that Ken’s got?
Debbie Fox
Debbie Fox 2 oy oldin
She didn’t halik him goodbye. 😂
Jomama 2 oy oldin
I think he just realized what a piece of trash he is.
I love Taiwan
I love Taiwan 2 oy oldin
Big Ed is a troll.
Miss Mausoleum
Miss Mausoleum 2 oy oldin
I can see it now, a woman sees Big Ed on an online dating site... He messages the woman and she just replies "hard pass" 🤣
james cruz
james cruz 2 oy oldin
he got dumped by a woman from a third world nation
Tracy Appleby
Tracy Appleby 2 oy oldin
Ed to pennywise do they float?pennywise you'll float too Fatboy!!¡
Rose Wang
Rose Wang 2 oy oldin
Yeah definitely treats her like a freaking child, he’s has no freaking idea how to actually be a perfect husband nor bf
D00M 2 oy oldin
Too much talking not enough clips
LVNTX 2Q2Q 3 oy oldin
Where is his neck?
Royal Art
Royal Art 3 oy oldin
Ed: “20 years is a long time being single” Me, 21 who has never had a bf once: 😗✌️
Erik Lund
Erik Lund 3 oy oldin
funniest thumbnail ever
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones 3 oy oldin
I need to go through all of these videos again just to watch them slowly lose faith in Ed
Saradactal Mama
Saradactal Mama 3 oy oldin
You can tell she was really upset and did want to be with him cuz why would she leave a nice ass hotel if she was using him ya know?
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 3 oy oldin
Update: He didn’t stay big. He would be knee-deep in female attention if he showed some signs of having learned something.
Molly G
Molly G 3 oy oldin
Hi, been a subscriber for a bit, really liked your vids for a while but I want you to know that I didn't like the side I saw of you when you laughed at someone's else's pain - I just lost respect for you as a person when you laughed at Big Ed being upset. I feel you could have handled that so much better. You're a parent and I thought you had a decent heart. Anyone who enjoys benefiting from someone's pain isn't someone I want to be around. just want you to know why you lost a subscriber. You did make me laugh many times, grateful for that - thought you deserved to know. Thank you
Carrie Ann
Carrie Ann 3 oy oldin
Love u guys
Ja Baited
Ja Baited 3 oy oldin
He was big mad
Boho Glam Chic
Boho Glam Chic 3 oy oldin
I couldn't stop laughing at yall...especially mocking Big Ed crying...I died 😂😂😂😂😂😂
manoj roy
manoj roy 3 oy oldin
Crying over a woman is nothing more than a simping mentality. How terrible media is destroying masculine man like ed. Who have accepted the situation for himself. But still every bitch in this world want to ruin big ed for their benefit
Dee Lyteful
Dee Lyteful 3 oy oldin
Has Buffpro lost weight since the quarantine or is it that he’s sitting more upright without the couch?
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 3 oy oldin
He didnt do it for the fame.... He did it to get rid of all those stickers and shit... Duh
Jama Bulfer
Jama Bulfer 3 oy oldin
Ed was not being "positive". He just always expected her to be stupid enough to be there putting up with him. He's disgusting.
Valarie Grantz
Valarie Grantz 4 oy oldin
I have had more than enough of " big" Ed. Oxymoron!
Emmett Battle
Emmett Battle 4 oy oldin
when he said it wasnt real to her i was cracking up! dude, the fight is because you told her you didnt want to make her dream come true of having *YOUR* baby! she was more invested than big ed was lmao
Kathy Bailey
Kathy Bailey 4 oy oldin
He was not interested in Rose his intention was to put the attention on him
Unicorns are real
Unicorns are real 4 oy oldin
Big Ed doesn’t even clean up nice
Yolanda Gusman
Yolanda Gusman 4 oy oldin
Ed can't run lol
semonita lovero -brereton
semonita lovero -brereton 4 oy oldin
Loving the guy in the black hat sending love from Trinidad guys great job
betty rizzo
betty rizzo 4 oy oldin
black shirt guy is funny lol
c d
c d 4 oy oldin
I thank buffs dad for not shooting blanks
Gina 4 oy oldin
What if Ed is the human form of Pinocchio 🤥 everytime he lie it’s his neck that gets bigger😂😂😂
Dingo Dundee
Dingo Dundee 4 oy oldin
Ed looks as bad on the outside as he in on the inside. Inside out ED.
#1 msshiney
#1 msshiney 4 oy oldin
Big Ed is a d--k and you guys are crazy . Loving watchin' u guys.
Sarah Ann
Sarah Ann 4 oy oldin
lol love you guys
Ronnie Aro
Ronnie Aro 4 oy oldin
I was just broken up with and I was crying about it. I watched this and realized I DONT HAVE IT THAT BAD
Tery Melville
Tery Melville 4 oy oldin
I still think you could hate on That PIG a little more.....
Taijo Hatsumoto
Taijo Hatsumoto 4 oy oldin
Big Ed Is What You Get When Roz And Mr Penguin Have a Baby
Zebracorn 46
Zebracorn 46 4 oy oldin
How the hell does Ken see that merch? I completely miss it every time.
Jeffery Thibodeaux
Jeffery Thibodeaux 4 oy oldin
It’s like a movie actor they can’t cry on cue at all
Rick Waters
Rick Waters 4 oy oldin
How ironic he uses head & shoulders coz that's all he has! No neck! Lmao!
Auris Imvu
Auris Imvu 4 oy oldin
How you gonna promote a shaving device but you don't use it yourself lmao. Love your videos ^^
Tamster 4 oy oldin
I can't be the only one who see's that this entire "Big Ed" story was & has been the plan from the very first day that he joined whatever dating site connected him to Rose!! Which actually was a very well thought out & executed financial plan!! And since Ed is devoid of compassion, empathy, loyalty, morals, remorse & basic human decency, he was able to implement that plan. I mean come on, he didn't even get a dam thing out of that suitcase when he did his tearful & emotional Merch FLEX!!
Sapphire89 4 oy oldin
What if rose comes back and says she's pregnant
Alicia Gamez
Alicia Gamez 4 oy oldin
Could you guys please react to old MTV shows like room raiders and parental control and next?
Just Some Guy with a Ginger Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Ginger Mustache 4 oy oldin
How tf is Ed so famous now?
Link error 404
Link error 404 4 oy oldin
I don’t know why but every time I see buffpro i get happy
Ashley Dix
Ashley Dix 4 oy oldin
Wtf with the ears on the head set
lil death punk
lil death punk 4 oy oldin
Use a mic ur audio sucks rn
Meas ASMR 4 oy oldin
Man Rose had low standards and if she was a gold digger then she would've stayed with Rd and ignored his bs.
Didso Lv
Didso Lv 4 oy oldin
this disgusting disfigured man is lucky if a crackhead prostitute agrees to take his money to touch him. if you are this ugly at least work on the beauty inside so you can balance the ugly outside.
Austin Steinaway
Austin Steinaway 4 oy oldin
Setting his appearance to the side... He is absolutely disgusting.
No U
No U 4 oy oldin
I wonder what Ed would look like in a turtle neck sweater
Alex Alsip
Alex Alsip 4 oy oldin
Thanks for the promo code Ken, I will think of you whenever I shave my balls
Juzo Armor
Juzo Armor 4 oy oldin
I mean I get that Ed is a bad person for treating he that way but you can never know what he’s been through since his divorce and remember that big Ed is still a human being and the way people have been treating him has just made me sick
Kar Neiro
Kar Neiro 4 oy oldin
Why ken sounds like he is in a different room?
Venom Snake
Venom Snake 4 oy oldin
I need some ctk merch to go with my big ed merch
Tweaky Filip
Tweaky Filip 4 oy oldin
Rose left. Just like his neck. Like were tf is it?
Sara Sullivan
Sara Sullivan 4 oy oldin
Ed straight up deflated
Rebecca Woodard
Rebecca Woodard 4 oy oldin
Okay but I need that coffee cup!😍
Chesei Valca
Chesei Valca 4 oy oldin
HE HAS A TIKTOK ACCOUNT!!! @thisisbiged
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 4 oy oldin
The fact that my mom supports ed from watching the show just shows she’s kind of a piece of shit because she doesn’t even see rose’s point of view but I’m definitely supportive of her.
Doctorthesis 4 oy oldin
You two are so cruel but funny though. Ed might have won her back with another tube of Colgate!
kljanakaraj 4 oy oldin
You guys needs mics. The sound is sometimes echoy and then reaaaaallly quiet...then LOUD. Not great when you're watching while trying not to wake the baby. Otherwise awesome content! keep it up!!
Kazimierz Wojcik
Kazimierz Wojcik 4 oy oldin
He did all of this to get noticed. Now he's gonna try to use that to get rich. Well done everyone for giving him all this attention
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij
Marp Beebop Chickenpox Kaij 4 oy oldin
I need someone hahaaaaa
RemeC mole
RemeC mole 4 oy oldin
Big Ed is just a terrible person
Th6h6llfir6 4 oy oldin
Sebastian John
Sebastian John 4 oy oldin
he lookd like those china dalls. felt like you could take the top of and there would be a smaller dude inside
Whooty whoo
Whooty whoo 4 oy oldin
6:56 that close up messed up with me, cuts like that always set off my world order senses.
Manna Logan
Manna Logan 4 oy oldin
Something to remember about reality tv: IT'S NOT REAL. Reality tv is highly scripted and just because the people on the show act a certain way does not mean that they act that way in their day-to-day lives. Big Ed could be a big teddy bear and not a self centered dick for all that we know.
Erin Milne
Erin Milne 4 oy oldin
😂 3:48
Jasmine Henriquez
Jasmine Henriquez 4 oy oldin
Me: Mining Creeper: 3:26
Dragon 2950
Dragon 2950 4 oy oldin
Cookie 4811
Cookie 4811 4 oy oldin
The merch isn't big Ed's, rose started a big ed sticker company and before she left she put cartoon pics of his face all over his stuff. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lacy 4 oy oldin
Man she took everything, even his neck.
Chezzy_chipz 4 oy oldin
When they say "React Couch" yet they aren't on a couch
Cryptic Corgi
Cryptic Corgi 4 oy oldin
Ed, if you want something real with someone. You gotta act real with them first.
Hugo Rydin
Hugo Rydin 4 oy oldin
This new setup looks so much more uncomfortable than the couch
Connor Maguire
Connor Maguire 4 oy oldin
Big Ed let Rose slide through his big and greasy mayonnaise hands
Lambda Gamer
Lambda Gamer 4 oy oldin
I feel Big ed is bad but is he as bad as Muhammad?
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