Big Ed Gets ROASTED By EVERYONE | 90 Day Fiance Tell All - React Couch

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We're watching 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Tell All on TLC where Big Ed gets roasted by everyone on the cast! Big Ed and Rose are DONE! Big Ed gets ROSE-T-ED
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MaskYT 23 soat oldin
I cannot lie, Buffpro looks and acts way more manly than no neck ed.
Tami Bennett
Tami Bennett 2 kun oldin
I think big Ed is definitely wrong, Rosemary is the the prize after this tell all, Big Ed needs to watch the show from the beginning to the end. Here on long island we are Rose fans
Zapkin (⌐►_◄)
Zapkin (⌐►_◄) 3 kun oldin
I'm sitting here trying to figure out how would undertaker be able to grab his neck and choke slam him?
shuska 3 kun oldin
You guys are fycking stupid
King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire
King Of Evil Ganondorf Dragmire 5 kun oldin
both ed and his daughter are comeplete karens
Michelle Dunn
Michelle Dunn 5 kun oldin
Ed is a pos he was trying to shame her about being bi. I’d turn to women too if I dated him.
Blinxy713 6 kun oldin
When you watch the dad gaslight the daughter then she gaslights rose and rose just wants to get her side out. it really sucks to know people like big ed exist.
Damien Hunter
Damien Hunter 6 kun oldin
Haven't been following this much, so I'm surprised to learn Ed's daughter has a neck.
Amanda Starr Morgan
Amanda Starr Morgan 7 kun oldin
Get this CinnKen, old Big Ed was flexing his merchandise during the show it was in the episode where Rose dipped out. He was crying in the hotel room and in the background you could see it!!!
Olivia Huddleston
Olivia Huddleston 7 kun oldin
What was the name of the song at the end. It bops
Theresa Reynolds
Theresa Reynolds 7 kun oldin
I don't usually use this word, but Ed is the creepiest little freak I've ever seen, Rose and his daughter are much better without him. Before he starts in on Rose and her legs he needs to look at himself and do something with that nasty beard or whatever he has growing on his face. He was never really interested in Prince or he would have said let's you Prince and I go on a little vacation so I can get to know him while I'm here. Instead he just took her and left Prince with his grandparents.
Kimmy yeong
Kimmy yeong 7 kun oldin
Buff in this video looks like he is introducing a new carpenter reality show and i am interrested.
Bobthenob 8 kun oldin
The feet rebuttal caught me by surprise I started hyper ventilating in laughter
Lulu’s Makeup
Lulu’s Makeup 9 kun oldin
Ed’s daughter is just as rude and he is oh lord😑
Indica Blue
Indica Blue 9 kun oldin
You guys are so funny and entertaining to watch.
Elias Husain
Elias Husain 10 kun oldin
this is the definition of twitch I mean salt
Maddysin Leigh
Maddysin Leigh 11 kun oldin
You know Ed’s a shitty person when he’s being called out by Lisa.
OvrD Edge
OvrD Edge 12 kun oldin
Man as a Filipino, I didnt understand all of what Rose said, but I know for a FACT that she said WAY MORE than that. And the fact that they didn't air what she really said says alot about them. And its so sad
kim mcguire
kim mcguire 12 kun oldin
How did he make her she has a neck
triskiss210 music
triskiss210 music 13 kun oldin
*Entire comment section* "Dont get that tone with me" "I hit a nerve"
Pyromaniacal Magpie
Pyromaniacal Magpie 14 kun oldin
Women in California shave too I'm so confused It takes months to get your hair lasered off entirely, even women who have had it done still get lots of hair it's just softer/thinner/lighter depending on genetics.. and then shave it lol SO, BASICALLY WHAT I'M SAYIN IS GIRL GET YOURSELF AN HONEST MAN..
Kyle Patrick Camasosa
Kyle Patrick Camasosa 14 kun oldin
Big Ed Is A Meme
Parker Gonzales
Parker Gonzales 15 kun oldin
Fun fact... uh there was a person who went by big ed and he was a serial killer. The reason they called him was because he was over 7 feet and weighted 300 pounds.
James Alan
James Alan 16 kun oldin
I kinda hate how big of a deal they made about rose being bi Obviously during their relationship she just never felt ready to tell Ed and that shouldn’t be something she’s shamed for but they made it out like she was keeping this big secret
HoneyLemonadearts 16 kun oldin
Did edd just kick her out the closet?
AR Gamit
AR Gamit 16 kun oldin
Who would have thought 90 day fiance reaction could be this funny LOL I'm weak hahaha
Tim Cote
Tim Cote 17 kun oldin
The true definition to having a head on your shoulders like LITERALLY..
I.a. Rodriguez
I.a. Rodriguez 23 kun oldin
Bitchy or not tiffanys hot
Pink Panther
Pink Panther 24 kun oldin
Blue Bird
Blue Bird 25 kun oldin
It's obvious why he has been single for so long. It's not because of his looks, it's when he opens his mouth.
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 26 kun oldin
The script is horrible lol they need a new writer
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 26 kun oldin
The fact of the matter is 100% rose wanted that green card but big Ed is horrible lmao just a green card alone is not enough
Tami Bennett
Tami Bennett 26 kun oldin
He has serious problem if he has to lie about everything, thinking she would want to be with him again. He is the one that hasn't been in a relationship over 20 years. He has no real tears, can't fool anyone
Hold my beer 614
Hold my beer 614 27 kun oldin
After the first minute of meeting big Ed’s daughter Wow I wonder why he was willing to lose his daughter again 😂
Clear Hero
Clear Hero 27 kun oldin
Rose hated him do much she became lesbian yikess
Austin Kittrell
Austin Kittrell 28 kun oldin
Big eds daughter is not attractive at all
Audin 1027
Audin 1027 28 kun oldin
Ed is a cross between Jaba the hut, a munchkin from OZ and Steven Segal!!! Bleh
Audin 1027
Audin 1027 29 kun oldin
I lost it when they said she quit smoking long enough to do this interview!!! Omg!!! Lmao lmao
Tammy McNabb
Tammy McNabb Oy oldin
I cant stand Ed. He is so fake. He looks and acts like a troll! I didnt think I could possibly dislike him more than I did but yep I hate him more now lol
Julia Zajac
Julia Zajac Oy oldin
“He cares about his daughter when she is there” 😂😂😂😂😂
Silver Rabbit
Silver Rabbit Oy oldin
Have not seen this show...or big Ed. I will definitely check it out now.
Ombre Nightcores
Ombre Nightcores Oy oldin
Ken is what Big Ed wishes he could be
5HINeeKa5VTDD Oy oldin
Big Ed just “Wanted to get his noodle wet” XD LOL!!!
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed Oy oldin
I love their reaction to Babygirl Lisa 😂🤣
Sabreena Raue
Sabreena Raue Oy oldin
I wanted to show sympathy towards Ed's daughter, but her antagonizing Rose was uncalled for.
Lord Simpanore
Lord Simpanore Oy oldin
"come on Ed you haven't seen your feet in years". Me: wow, you stay up all night thinking of that one?
Kamila Zasada
Kamila Zasada Oy oldin
His daughter is also pathetic
Kamila Zasada
Kamila Zasada Oy oldin
He is the only one who is buying this stickers
Donna Liska
Donna Liska Oy oldin
well now that the Kardashians are done now we will get keeping up with big ed
Donna Liska
Donna Liska Oy oldin
he wishes rose wanted him back lmao
Ash Carson
Ash Carson Oy oldin
8:46 *your white privilege is showing*
Katherine Rae
Katherine Rae Oy oldin
i hope ed’s daughter sees alllll of these comments and gets self esteem problems. it’s what she gets for trying to tear down someone her father seriously hurt
Lightdreamer1985 Oy oldin
Is Bid Ed the Anti-Astley?
Attic Cat
Attic Cat Oy oldin
When I say I GASPED at that foot comment 💀💀💀😭
Tencho Oy oldin
"Are you lost BaByGuRl"
Freyja the Witch
Freyja the Witch Oy oldin
Deans laugh only get funnier the more you hear it lmao
Ballistic Badger
Ballistic Badger Oy oldin
How the hell does HE have a daughter!!??....
Noneya business
Noneya business Oy oldin
What in the "neck" am I watching!?
Cody Hedges
Cody Hedges Oy oldin
Yeah you guys are eight foot tall. The same as Felix's four meters.
Damien Heaft
Damien Heaft Oy oldin
Matt foley down by the river
Tom Waters
Tom Waters Oy oldin
British humor at the end was priceless
Madison Rae
Madison Rae Oy oldin
As a woman from California, born and raised, in LA county.... i sugar wax. Never lasered a day in my Californian life.....
Caroline Navarro
Caroline Navarro Oy oldin
Daughter: Did you love my dad? Rose: I really, really, really love your dad... Daughter : DON'T YOU TAKE THAT TONE WITH ME!! Everyone: 😳🤷‍♂️
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff Oy oldin
Does he have a legit disorder? What’s wrong with his neck?
Tasha Vladimiroff
Tasha Vladimiroff Oy oldin
How does big Ed have kids?
Pandora Meadows
Pandora Meadows Oy oldin
I get the std test, but they both should get one together. I would want to know if my partner had stds, but I would be down to take one together.
Poppy Rose
Poppy Rose Oy oldin
You know what Ed needs? THE RANCH
Acktronias Parthenoes
Acktronias Parthenoes Oy oldin
Big Ed and his daughter need Dr. Phil.
JoJi Miller
JoJi Miller Oy oldin
I mean in Tiffany's case how would you guys feel if your fathers constant behavior was to throw you to the side for ANY woman, the problem in situations like these with kids instead of calling their parent a piece of shit and walking away so the parent with the shitty behavior can either better themselves and grow or stay the same, (which at that point cut off the relationship) the thing is she wants to cling to her dad instead and while doing so picks up some of his behaviors as well so the way I see his daughter is that she wants to deny her dad could be a shitty guy and instead will cling to that relationship they have.... which is also unhealthy because Ed as a father has already shown his daughter he doesn't care
gisela brav
gisela brav Oy oldin
It is so disappointing to me. Why does everybody knock ED> Just because he is not our dream man. He was nothing bu nice to this girl. Took her out to a nice hotel, fed her, bought her things. People are so very nasty. Too bad
Gracie Duncan
Gracie Duncan Oy oldin
“What did you see in my dad?!” Well she definitely didn’t see his neck.
Spike 92.3FM
Spike 92.3FM Oy oldin
Why does Big Ed look like he should be yelling about he lives in a van by the River?
Luke Oy oldin
Can we also take note of how Ed outed Rose as bisexual? That's a huge no-no in terms of respect and safety. You don't know someone's situation and why they aren't out, so it's no one's right to out another person. In some cases outing someone causes harm, whether it be psychological, physical, or both. That's such an asshole thing of him to do.
LandOfSand Oy oldin
I knew it i knew it!!!!!! He was gonna roasted!! I even said it!!! I said please ed dont go to the tell off cuz u gonna get roasted!!! I mean u get what u give sorry ed...NOT!!!
Isabel Ortiz
Isabel Ortiz Oy oldin
i’m guessing about six one ken and maybe five eleven for buff
Stella Jones
Stella Jones Oy oldin
How could he cut his own throat with American women, when he doesn't have one????
Serenidy X
Serenidy X Oy oldin
Pictures don't prove that she wanted Ed back. Where are the receipts? Where are the text messages and call logs? Big Ed is full of shit.
OCFam Oy oldin
You guys are hilarious 😂🤣 New subscriber 👍🏼
Apex Rex
Apex Rex Oy oldin
Honestly I don't what ed did that's so bad?! He met her online, went over to enjoy his time. So what if he asked for an std test? Any sane minded person would be concerned given that she's from the 3rd world and still a stranger. So what's the big deal? Can't a man be a man?! Seems like the only real reason why everybody is against ed is because it's funny. The whole thing is way to single sided. If you know anything about body language you'll have your doubts about who reached out to whom based on her forced reaction upon ed's claim that she did first. It's quite possible.
Melissa Dykstra
Melissa Dykstra Oy oldin
So why is the daughter defending him when he’s had nothing to do with her most of her life??
Rob K
Rob K Oy oldin
It was funnier without the annoying wannabe comedian commentary
Laura Oy oldin
11:43 “You gotta get some mayonnaise on that.” 🤣
That Flame
That Flame Oy oldin
He knows from observing American females and how little shame and dignity they have. That no matter how disgusting of a person he is physically and characteristically. As long as he has the money and he has the power. And he knows he can get away with anything because of that fact. And though it’s a shame it’s so true that that’s the inevitable end. For all these chicks that chase money and to be funded. That dude will never respect the female and will test to. See how much that woman will tolerate to get next to that stack of money. But these chicks will probably never learn though.
Dizzy Booth
Dizzy Booth Oy oldin
Ed stammering just to call that woman baby girl made me gag
Enter Name
Enter Name Oy oldin
I would love a mate like these 😂😂
Joan Kuan
Joan Kuan Oy oldin
Lol 😂 Ed is not trustworthy
Stephen Malone
Stephen Malone Oy oldin
Let's be honest, the relationship was doomed from the start😂
KD BEE 2 oy oldin
I wonder how Ed and Debbie would get along....
Ferneatress Mitchell
Ferneatress Mitchell 2 oy oldin
You know you HEATED! when you start speaking in yo own language 😂😭😩💯
Jayna Tinlin
Jayna Tinlin 2 oy oldin
here i was about to have a panic attack and now i've come here. hearing people laugh is really therapeutic.
Aubrey Sharp
Aubrey Sharp 2 oy oldin
how does this no neck dude have such a beautiful kids???
Noelle Martin
Noelle Martin 2 oy oldin
"Dont point your finger at me"-Big Ed. "Dont take a tone with me"-Big Ed's daughter.....
Droids945 2 oy oldin
Me: Oh man, Big edds daughter is really upset by wha- Big Edds daughter: dOnT YOu GeT a ToNE wITh mE
Andrea Alejandro
Andrea Alejandro 2 oy oldin
These are freaking hilarious 😂
BenttuGamer 2 oy oldin
He literally just said that he is willing to give her up for Rose 1 min ago!🤣
SkyDawg 2 oy oldin
Stop pausing it every 5 seconds please
Cathy Harvey
Cathy Harvey 2 oy oldin
I would rather get sprayed by a dozen skunks then to go on a date with Ed
Jennifer Cooke
Jennifer Cooke 2 oy oldin
You guys have to do a review on the show “ smothered “ .
Joy Smith
Joy Smith 2 oy oldin
You are so much like your father you should be ashamed Rose was with one other man
Anna Palmer
Anna Palmer 2 oy oldin
Like father like daughter...jfc
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