Big Ed Lost Rose and His Banana | 90 Day Fiancé - React Couch

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Big Ed has lost it all, his banana, and he cant find his fiance Rose. Will he ever recover or stop complaining? TLC 90 Day Fiancé on React Couch
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hadi _chan07
hadi _chan07 5 kun oldin
You know how sometimes you say cats are the opposite of dogs? Well Big Ed's the opposite of a giraffe
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 11 kun oldin
Big Rd totally looks like Barney Rubble from the Flinstones
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 18 kun oldin
She needs a baby for the constant payments lol, he’s an asshole and she’s out for papers
SilentHinder Rain
SilentHinder Rain 20 kun oldin
Ken and Buff are wearing the same shirts as the last episode.
E K Oy oldin
Ed sitting alone at the table for breakfast after rose left - literally looks an action figure a kid plopped on their parents patio furniture.
Muggles Rosebud
Muggles Rosebud 2 oy oldin
The ad i got for this video was heads and shoulders 😂
lesterBonz 2 oy oldin
I need a ringtone with Buff laughing.
noogie94777 2 oy oldin
I love when Buff dozes off lol
Tabby Gray
Tabby Gray 2 oy oldin
Well I mean besides living in poverty Rose is a very beautiful women & seems very kind/honest. While ed is always playing as the victim when he was the 1st person to lie. Yea Rose left some details out but she didn't lie about it she just didn't mention it till later on. Which is fair because they weren't details that were very important like not wanting kids, cheating on your ex wife, betraying your only daughter, saying you are taller than you are, and not trusting your gf's family. I mean ed really took the cake while Rose is really trying to forget & forgive.
Tandi Holcomb
Tandi Holcomb 2 oy oldin
Becca Medina
Becca Medina 2 oy oldin
You know the producers put that banana in Ed’s backpack on purpose 😂 or maybe Rose did 😂😂😂😂
Dawn J
Dawn J 2 oy oldin
Love your reacts more then his just saying he's so blah and monotone.
natasha murray
natasha murray 2 oy oldin
Ed is very selfish
Bardiya Abady
Bardiya Abady 2 oy oldin
Love you guys, do jerry springer show sometimes... the classics😛
* Sugasito7 *
* Sugasito7 * 2 oy oldin
Ed got his banana stolen by a monkey and now has PTSD as if it tried to rip his ass off lmao
KT J 3 oy oldin
What does he do for work? Is he actually rich? Or just makes decent money? I see them keep talking about his money, what does big ed do?
Rose Wang
Rose Wang 3 oy oldin
I couldn’t see no banana lmao
Mystikka1Gaming 3 oy oldin
Ed needs to just take his banana and go home...... oh wait he can't
Julio Ortiz
Julio Ortiz 3 oy oldin
“It’s a snip snip” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Prinempal 3 oy oldin
rip banana.
surviving the internet Sarah G
surviving the internet Sarah G 3 oy oldin
Dude. What’s up with your hair?? Looking like mum copped it up without her glasses on 🤣
Warren Cooke
Warren Cooke 3 oy oldin
I’d love to have a beer with Buffpro. What a dude.
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 3 oy oldin
Brotha, you live in San Diego! Vegas is a hell of a lot closer than the Philippines! Just be a charismatic john and don’t have any kids.
sherpderper 11
sherpderper 11 3 oy oldin
I love monke
Space is my man
Space is my man 3 oy oldin
Bro I have kens shirt that's awesome
Tyler Diaz
Tyler Diaz 4 oy oldin
That scream sounds like peggy hill
Kevin Turner
Kevin Turner 4 oy oldin
Does Ed know you can get a vasectomy reversed
Unicorns are real
Unicorns are real 4 oy oldin
Omg Ed is a puss
Ashley T
Ashley T 4 oy oldin
I was rewatching this and I definitely think you guys should revisit Larrisa and Colt.
FluffyRipley McD
FluffyRipley McD 4 oy oldin
Ed looks like the tasmanian devil from loony tunes
Bryan Becker
Bryan Becker 4 oy oldin
He looks like a Sontarran with a shaved head and no moxie.
Amanda Melissa
Amanda Melissa 4 oy oldin
it was way easier to focus on y'all when Dr. Phil wasn't creeping behind the curtain about to stab you guys with that knife hand lmao
Elisa with s
Elisa with s 4 oy oldin
TheNiwotmom 4 oy oldin
This man is just so unattractive.
Yolanda Gusman
Yolanda Gusman 4 oy oldin
Why is dr. Phil creeping behind a curtain back there. 😃
Spookie Ghostie
Spookie Ghostie 4 oy oldin
i just had a thought. ed says that he only has enough love and money for him and rose, but she also has a young child. did he expect rose to leave her son or.....?
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 4 oy oldin
Snip snip? Which part?
Dalene Perkins
Dalene Perkins 5 oy oldin
I wonder.. If ed was to ever be sent to Dr. Phil.. Would the doc find ed's neck to chop?
Rosie Christo
Rosie Christo 5 oy oldin
Rose is my spirit animal. She don't need no man. Exp Big Ed.
Kay 5 oy oldin
He needs to do the vasectomy thing; why would anyone want recreate that!!!??🤢 I understand, from her perspective (many years of child support), but what if they produced a girl... that is the spittin' image of him? 😱😬🥴😵😨🤮
Jorge Gordillo
Jorge Gordillo 5 oy oldin
Movie Hermit
Movie Hermit 5 oy oldin
He's always explaining things to Rose as if she has no idea what they are while simplifying it to the point of using sound effects. It's like he thinks she can't comprehend this information on its own so she _needs_ him to dumb it down
Parrot Bill
Parrot Bill 5 oy oldin
Can you imagine Red's kids? Jobathehut get out of the gene pool!
Josie Scites
Josie Scites 5 oy oldin
I love being reminded of yours and Felix's friendship. Seeing online friendships stay so close makes me happy.
Naked Statue
Naked Statue 3 oy oldin
Peggy Rider
Peggy Rider 5 oy oldin
Big Ed is the kind of guy that goes across the country on vacation and just wants to see how different Family Guy is in New York compared to California xD
derpycookie 5 oy oldin
The ending to this video killed me XD
David Yodo
David Yodo 5 oy oldin
You guys know this is scripted right?
Mohammed ali Safaa
Mohammed ali Safaa 5 oy oldin
What am I watching is that an alien where is his nick? 😳🤯
lonewolf 5 oy oldin
She probably wants kids to get American citizenship
marcy davis
marcy davis 5 oy oldin
Big Ed is a Lil Bitch.
Rebecca Miguel
Rebecca Miguel 5 oy oldin
Off topic but Ken’s Shitposting is on point lol 😆
Bibiii C
Bibiii C 5 oy oldin
*Any minor inconvenience* Ed: hotel
Ayakashi Guy
Ayakashi Guy 5 oy oldin
*"Hotel"* - Big Ed 2020
Bill McGinnis
Bill McGinnis 5 oy oldin
🌹 Rose 🌹 Rose there she goes, into the bushes to take off her clothes..
Lisa Sánchez gallardo
Lisa Sánchez gallardo 5 oy oldin
The edit on the end tho 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Kera Houser
Kera Houser 5 oy oldin
He should really include buff pros UZpost in the description, that guy is too funny!
_anoja31_ 5 oy oldin
Oml lol
Bella Blue
Bella Blue 5 oy oldin
Ken....the hair my lol. It’s a 13 year olds rebellious phase hair trial 😂 noooo.
Susan Wilson
Susan Wilson 5 oy oldin
I'd be willing to bet money he's already had that vasectomy and what does he mean he made two appointments and what canceled them?????
Skippi Skip Production
Skippi Skip Production 5 oy oldin
Big Ed sounds like a dusche.
Mr Raptor
Mr Raptor 5 oy oldin
She and her family are filthy gold diggers and he is a filthy selfish person. They fit one another jut perfectly.
Platypuss 5 oy oldin
The edit at the end is to die for.
Samantha D.
Samantha D. 5 oy oldin
Ed is so friggin selfish
Pennyless 5 oy oldin
I think this funny
Savannah Lee
Savannah Lee 5 oy oldin
That dude REALLY think that he’s the one holding all the cards, with a girl like her... WOW
Amanda Witkowski
Amanda Witkowski 5 oy oldin
I just.... i’ve never seen a human with these proportions. I’m in awe
Anamamma1 5 oy oldin
Why? Oh why does she want a man who behaves this weird. Run girl
Thunder Dumplin Media
Thunder Dumplin Media 5 oy oldin
Bruh. Big Ed in his briefs looks like Danny DeVito's Penguin in Batman Begins
A.B. Cooper
A.B. Cooper 5 oy oldin
Did Ed injure his neck or have some kind of neck/spine surgery?? Cuz it's not just that he has no neck cuz of his weight, but he moves like he's wearing the Batman cowl---turning his whole torso just to turn his head.
Baron 5 oy oldin
Ken's so funny
Saphire Jess
Saphire Jess 5 oy oldin
Where is his neck?
Mars 5 oy oldin
Ed and rose series is scripted btw
A2 Deborah Berardi
A2 Deborah Berardi 5 oy oldin
"i only have enough love and money for you", but she already has a kid, is he expecting her to abandon her own child for him?
Andrea Cunningham
Andrea Cunningham 5 oy oldin
Hell he should b happy someone would sleep with that ugh 😂😅!!!!
Kylee Cramer
Kylee Cramer 5 oy oldin
when will Dr.Phil be out of timeout?
Freaksmile13 5 oy oldin
Ed is the pansiest privileged dick wtf lol
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 5 oy oldin
bepatient 5 oy oldin
Can you do usman and lisa too they are pretty gross :D
Alexander Kim
Alexander Kim 5 oy oldin
Big Ed looks is basically Danny DeVito with all the charisma sucked out
Konduk Crew
Konduk Crew 5 oy oldin
Pausing every 10 seconds
Look into the light CarolAnne!
Look into the light CarolAnne! 5 oy oldin
237 people downvoted this vid? Those are Big Ed’s buds.
965542 5 oy oldin
buffpro is about to passout everytime they watch this shit..
Oddivia 5 oy oldin
Finally the bois see what a bad person Ed is!
Poppy Man
Poppy Man 5 oy oldin
Ed is the perfect example of what happens after years and years of isolation and self indulgence completely convincing yourself that your way of life is the best and only way. Then instantly getting thrown back into society.
Emo Forever
Emo Forever 5 oy oldin
"Its a snip snip" she isnt 5, i know she speaks Tagalog but he doesnt need to try to talk to her like she doesnt know the word "vasectomy " he could easily explain it to her in a way that doesnt make her seem incompetent
AL3XinDANG3R 5 oy oldin
Wow skrillex really let himself go... JKJK XD
Hailey Steele
Hailey Steele 5 oy oldin
He should be more scared than them taking just the banana. They bout to snatch his girl up too
Enigma b
Enigma b 5 oy oldin
What are you 15 year old emo with that haircut?
Obi Wan Jabroni
Obi Wan Jabroni 5 oy oldin
When did Ken get the nea karlsson special??
Tess Garcia
Tess Garcia 5 oy oldin
Lol it is karma. He cheated on his ex-wife.
Carlos Fonseca
Carlos Fonseca 5 oy oldin
Buffpro looks high af😂
Ria S
Ria S 5 oy oldin
*cough* Markiplier hear *cough*
The Breakfast Menu
The Breakfast Menu 5 oy oldin
Ed looks like a character from Wall E
Anonymous Annie
Anonymous Annie 5 oy oldin
Ed is just so every way. What an utter pussy
Currychan1 5 oy oldin
Rose did told him she wanted kids at the beginning of them dating! All he cared about is getting in her pants and lead her on with the idea that he also wanted kids! He also admitted that he lied about his height just so “he had a chance” with rose, he just cared about getting something and not for her feelings and I wouldn’t be shock if he says he never really cared for her son too.
Currychan1 5 oy oldin
I know the video is for fun I love these videos, but I can’t really stand for any sympathy for a cockroach like Ed.
DeeGeeG 5 oy oldin
Have any of them reacted to Amy's Baking Company from Kitchen Nightmares?
Ya Boi
Ya Boi 5 oy oldin
13:23 Buff pro is literally taking a nap while Ken is talking 😂😂😂😂😂
firehawk2324 5 oy oldin
Buffpro falling asleep at the end is why I'm here! :D
Victoria 5 oy oldin
I'm literally watching these in reverse order 😂
tcowart24 5 oy oldin
I'm definitely laughing way too much at buffpro passing out 😂
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