AMONG US - With Friends - 200 IQ Impostor Plays

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We have a lot of fun on Toasty Games playing with Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, and more!
If you have a big brain 200 IQ and are not an impostor. Check it out!
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
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Samantha D.
Samantha D. 28 kun oldin
Thanks so much, its helping me get thru my quarantine with covid
Karen Marshall
Karen Marshall Oy oldin
Can’t watch the videos without buff
Cookie Splitter
Cookie Splitter Oy oldin
Lol I literally just walked in and found my teenager playing this.
Raios Ephi
Raios Ephi Oy oldin
Those double kills with Jeannie are just damn cold
Jaiso The Positive Pessimist
Jaiso The Positive Pessimist Oy oldin
@Vixen Fox Sly Mark played it with ChilledChaos, if you didn't see it
Judi All
Judi All 6 kun oldin
Luna Finch1
Luna Finch1 7 kun oldin
Bruh that little girl has a high pitch voice lol
betty rizzo
betty rizzo 12 kun oldin
saturnbabez syd
saturnbabez syd 14 kun oldin
Bro your voice is my literal childhood
Lady Loki
Lady Loki 17 kun oldin
I wanna see ken, pewds, cry, and minx play this game! It’s gonna be terrorist town all over again!
Emma Freitag
Emma Freitag 22 kun oldin
Your video "Amazing & Unnecessary inventions you didnt know you needed" at 7:32 was where the design for the among us characters came from👀🤣🤣
Tallon Qsack
Tallon Qsack 22 kun oldin
Why weren't you talking to them on mic? (Or chat?)
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez 24 kun oldin
Wolfie honestly has a cute voice
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez 24 kun oldin
8:35 It’s more like the new version of town of Salem
Nick Lopez
Nick Lopez 24 kun oldin
4:05 How did you guys win if you got two kills there when there was three people left usually imposters can only win when there’s two people left when there’s 2 imposters as well
Zackery Arter
Zackery Arter 24 kun oldin
Hmm ken and lord nuxanor are friends, interesting
alex D'amelio
alex D'amelio 28 kun oldin
wolfy do be sounds like marzia but tinyyyy
Charsy 29 kun oldin
At first I thought they were playing with a 6-yo. XD With that voice that person has a huge potential doing voice acting for kids' cartoons/shows. I want them to play with Corpse now! XD
Shalev Tiram
Shalev Tiram 29 kun oldin
Funny thing is I watch more than half of these people's videos Btw, you have an incredible beard Ken
Jahmey Rodriguez
Jahmey Rodriguez Oy oldin
it's like your dad is playing with all your friends instead of you
I love this team.
Charlie Apples
Charlie Apples Oy oldin
If you got Dunkey and Leah in this game it would redefine streaming.
Angela the Terrible
Angela the Terrible Oy oldin
That high pitched baby voice needs to go. I can't listen to that again.
Shannon Buck
Shannon Buck Oy oldin
Wolfys voice. I can NOT.
Kayla Bowman
Kayla Bowman Oy oldin
Would love to play mobile with yall
Dr Sloop
Dr Sloop Oy oldin
I miss when Markiplier made collab with all of these people
Lyssa Sheep
Lyssa Sheep Oy oldin
Is tha ash on lol
Lyssa Sheep
Lyssa Sheep Oy oldin
Sniperwolf annoyes the hell outta me...
Jessie Li
Jessie Li Oy oldin
Imagine him playing with disguised toast and ppl say toast
Mahdi Sodiol
Mahdi Sodiol Oy oldin
Play this game more, with pewds and jack
Yuuko Kagami
Yuuko Kagami Oy oldin
I was so shooketh to see you playing with Noble. I've stopped watching him since like 2017/18, but it's nice seeing him again, even if it's via you. :)
Knight of the Blood
Knight of the Blood Oy oldin
Happy Birthday, Ken!!!
Knight of the Blood
Knight of the Blood Oy oldin
Among Us: * gets popular * UZpostrs: *Collab time*
glennsf84 Oy oldin
It is confirmed, even if u are the imposter, u can still vote on ur imposter partner.
Tei babiigLOCx
Tei babiigLOCx Oy oldin
someone pls add me i have no one to play with babiiglocx
GoddammitHoward Oy oldin
Wolfy's. Voice. Is. The. Most. Obnoxious. Thing. I've. Ever. Heard.
Ah Yung
Ah Yung 27 kun oldin
@Super Noodles she could be faking it, but also who really cares if she is? It's not the big of a deal if she is, and if she isn't, then all the comments about her voice being annoying are just unnecessary
Super Noodles
Super Noodles Oy oldin
I actually met her and her voice is legit like that
Dunkleosteus Oy oldin
Wait, I thought that was Marzia lol, who's Wolfy
Reddusk Ironsky
Reddusk Ironsky Oy oldin
Damn Ken and Yankee with those multiple double kills
Rafael Esmerio
Rafael Esmerio Oy oldin
Imagine if he plays with the OTHER toast?
Felix Leshey
Felix Leshey Oy oldin
Happy Birthday Ken🎂🧁🍰
Dio Joestar
Dio Joestar Oy oldin
Wolfy voice makes me wanna die
Kane Oy oldin
Happy birthday CinnanonToastKen(21september)
strikeunion Oy oldin
If you came here for a 50 yo wearing bunny ears talking to kids who sound like they were in cuties, boom.
Galaxy Oy oldin
You my boy Nux!!
Mehmed the Conqueror.
Mehmed the Conqueror. Oy oldin
I actually assumed it was Greaseball and Wolfy because the killers are always are at the back and behold Greaseball kills Ken.
Ashley Harding
Ashley Harding Oy oldin
Wolfy’s voice gives me a migraine
welted 1
welted 1 Oy oldin
Did anybody else see the spider
k p
k p Oy oldin
Charlie is so bad at this game and he’s so opinionated lmao
k p
k p Oy oldin
Omg why does Wolfy talk like that
Ah Yung
Ah Yung 27 kun oldin
Could be her natural voice:/ a lot of girls talk like that and it's genuine
Erbert Adonis
Erbert Adonis Oy oldin
Hey its Ojiisan!
Erica Richter
Erica Richter Oy oldin
Thanks ken, my boyfriend and i spent 2 hrs playing on our phones last night together and were obsessed 😂
Kiana K.
Kiana K. Oy oldin
I wish Dane was there too😄 and it's funny that Gibi is here
Marina Oy oldin
Are they playing with moaning myrtle? 😄
RedAPPLEtessa Oy oldin
This is fun. xD
Alexis Ahmed
Alexis Ahmed Oy oldin
“I don’t know how to play this game!” 😂
Thicky McToenails
Thicky McToenails Oy oldin
when ken wins he just looks at the camera and smiles
BILBO2626 Oy oldin
so I might have found the very first meme on video... rocky II 52 minutes in and 30+ second the guy actually says meme and hands rocky a picture with a cartoon and text over it. he says "you heard meme".
Roxterat Oy oldin
I like the game, can't get enough of it but you look sus lol
rsanjur Oy oldin
I love when Pewds and Ken play together
FlyDice Productions
FlyDice Productions Oy oldin
Please do more let’s plays! We miss them!
Jake fuz
Jake fuz Oy oldin
Henrik Jakobsson
Henrik Jakobsson Oy oldin
Pewdiepie said he played this game with 600 IQ. 200 Is kind of small pp. Cringe
Kai Unknown
Kai Unknown Oy oldin
Why is ken called toastboy? Is it because of disguisedtoast?
라이쿠 / Riyku
라이쿠 / Riyku Oy oldin
omg I cannot listen to her voice but I really wanna watch this video SJKNDJK
6174_Harsimran Singh
6174_Harsimran Singh Oy oldin
Pls make Dane play this with you please ken
Venomfox 98
Venomfox 98 Oy oldin
Kyrstin Simmons
Kyrstin Simmons Oy oldin
I hate wolfys voice
Alex Kiefer
Alex Kiefer Oy oldin
One of those people Ken is playing with sounds like Potastic
Yvee R
Yvee R Oy oldin
I can't believe you played with Nux Taxu!!!!!!! 😭
GamingDisk1 Oy oldin
Missing Dane in this video. But always love ur content!
Average Savage
Average Savage Oy oldin
My worlds are colliding Charlie jankee and gibi 😄
Aecus Regen
Aecus Regen Oy oldin
you can barely hear nux, and that weeb is loud asf so he needs to turn his mic up
Lus Verma
Lus Verma Oy oldin
Those double double kills are cool.
SpaceOctopus Oy oldin
I would love to play with you guys!
NightlockGaming Oy oldin
Why are you playing with a toddler? That girls voice makes me cringe so bad
NightlockGaming Oy oldin
coolfinel lol win
coolfinel Oy oldin
NightlockGaming Whatever
NightlockGaming Oy oldin
coolfinel it’s creepy and she sounds like a little girl. I’m just saying I don’t really enjoy watching videos with her voice in them. It’s weird and there’s no way that’s a normal voice. She is totally doing it on purpose. Not gonna argue about it tho.
coolfinel Oy oldin
NightlockGaming 1. Wolfychu isn’t a toddler. 2. That’s her normal voice.
DarkRei96 Oy oldin
The other day Pewds and Jack was playing Among Us with a "Toast" character, I though it was Ken but it was a fake. *Disappointed Hercules*
DarkRei96 Oy oldin
@Earllon Granada when pewds and ken played among us with him, there was a part where he just followed pewds without any reason, on the previous discussion pewds wasn't even sus'd or anything
Earllon Granada
Earllon Granada Oy oldin
Yeah that other toast guy is full on annoying. He talks too much and plays the game like it’s 4d chess when it’s not that complicated.
Knight of the Blood
Knight of the Blood Oy oldin
@Murder Cloak FAKE TOAST
DarkRei96 Oy oldin
@Murder Cloak I know it's someone named "DiSgUiSeD ToAsT", you should watch ken and pewds play surgeon simulator 2. Ken is the OG Toast
Murder Cloak
Murder Cloak Oy oldin
Ummmm that’s Toast not a fake. You’re dumb.
GPedia Oy oldin
ken your a class dude.
Call In
Call In Oy oldin
Who's the cartoon voice girl? 😂
Bubblegum Witch
Bubblegum Witch Oy oldin
That Wolfy chick's voice is annoying AF.
ZombieApples Oy oldin
Now play with Dane and Mary 🤣
I don't know why im always compelled to click on your videos 😂😂😂
Mel Bounsall
Mel Bounsall Oy oldin
14:54 of Ken stroking his beard 😂
Xblisit Josh
Xblisit Josh Oy oldin
Don't you have a heater ken?
Lou Unger
Lou Unger Oy oldin
Game: Among Us People with Trust Issue: *Welcome*
kinley .-.
kinley .-. Oy oldin
Maybe I’m kinda early but sad af to only see 257 comments on this video. I remember when you and pewds gamed for most videos. ( Not complaining about your current content, i love react couch n such c: )
hellobubble Oy oldin
I swear I heard a McElroy but I couldn't tell.
hellobubble Oy oldin
Update: I feel like whoever it is sounds like one of them but is not.
Martin Mathew
Martin Mathew Oy oldin
Lord Nuxanor
InvadersDie Oy oldin
I don't think this is fair. Give me 9 of your friends to play with or you're propping up the 1%
Viniminen Oy oldin
You should play "Project Winter", that is really fun. :)
Muhammad Rafay Thaheem
Muhammad Rafay Thaheem Oy oldin
I wanna see ken and buff duking it out xD
Tara Jones
Tara Jones Oy oldin
Gibi!!! 😃
Kyo Saito
Kyo Saito Oy oldin
Why do people shout let's go when they won as the imposter, you just finished the game lol
Paul Hodges
Paul Hodges Oy oldin
Just stroking his evil beard ... nothing to see here.
ASMR with Magda
ASMR with Magda Oy oldin
Came for Ken, stayed for GIBI 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍
Random Fandom
Random Fandom Oy oldin
Lol ken in with a bunch of Anitubers lol
Kristi Lee
Kristi Lee Oy oldin
I love how much Ken is genuinely fan-boying over Charlie but is trying his best to hide it XD
nada Od
nada Od Oy oldin
wow I don't know you can kill a group with one hit if they were together.
Mattwiistand Oy oldin
Soo glad I discovered you. You make me laugh soo hard. Such a cool ass toast.
Luvlexiluv Oy oldin
He’s definitely the toastiest. One of my all time favesss
Go Away
Go Away Oy oldin
Thank you Ken, but you should play against the Aussie guys with your Mates and think you'd all be a classic mix. Obviously Mary has to join you and take care of yourself, Mate
Nauseous Crayon
Nauseous Crayon Oy oldin
We love you ken
Haley Rose
Haley Rose Oy oldin
Why would you guys allow Wolfy to even play? Like why do that to us? 🥴
Mikaela Mendoza
Mikaela Mendoza Oy oldin
Thank u for staying as one of the unproblematic youtubers
zack McMaster
zack McMaster Oy oldin
seeing noble, nux and ken playing together makes me super happy. edit: just realized captainsparklez is here also.
Captain S
Captain S Oy oldin
I want buffpro play games with ken
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