Ads That Know Everything About You

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T Shirt Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and the Internet know everything about you. They know you better than you know yourself. r/TargetedShirts has all the goods on reddit.
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Fluffy Rat
Fluffy Rat Kun oldin
To note of what ads I've seen, was a mountain dew commercial which i dont like mountain dew. And the mandolorian(or whatever the whole universe seems to like it, so maybe ill watch it) which I've never seen because I watch stupid stuff on UZpost instead.
Katerpillar 3030
Katerpillar 3030 2 kun oldin
I wondered why the shirts always said my birth month ... I'm an idiot🤦‍♀️
Vincent Graziano
Vincent Graziano 6 kun oldin
"Even though I'm not ben, I can still get this right?" that. was. amazing.
Naomi Viola
Naomi Viola 10 kun oldin
The weirdest part is I want a few days ago to look at an Audi and the targeted ad was for an Audi just a different color from the one I looked at
The nothing cat
The nothing cat 13 kun oldin
At first i thought the thumbnail said AIDS
juggalo mike
juggalo mike 17 kun oldin
I have looked up things get on fb and bam its advertising on fb.
Maddysin Leigh
Maddysin Leigh 20 kun oldin
The ad was for greenies dog chews. I only have a guinea pig...
jay jay
jay jay 27 kun oldin
I got an ad that shows how to get a girlfriend LMAOOO
Sonicfan 110305
Sonicfan 110305 29 kun oldin
Wait buff is fr ohio? YES FINALLY
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger Oy oldin
Diane Harlow
Diane Harlow Oy oldin
This was great! 🤣😂🤣😂
Diane Harlow
Diane Harlow Oy oldin
WHO BUYS THESE! Ha ha you guys are hilarious!
XperimentorEES Oy oldin
Accidental racism is the best kind because everybody can laugh at the ensuing awkwardness!
Janeen Landry
Janeen Landry Oy oldin
As a Louisiana women I can honestly say I would never wear that dumb shirt and a lesser la women would back me up saying “ yeah, it has too many words to read” 😂😂😂😂💀
mumbolina Oy oldin
thanks to Scott and his subtle editing he made me get the Browns joke. smooth fade to "white"
Jlawgaming Oy oldin
I just keep getting stadia ads lol
Jenny Cacho
Jenny Cacho Oy oldin
I got a Diaper ad for babies...i got no kids
Mr. Original
Mr. Original Oy oldin
16:29 [PTSD You never know what we are fighting underneath that smile] That one is too real.
collymonster Oy oldin
Netdflix ad for me. I have netflix.
Jeanicia Sparkles
Jeanicia Sparkles Oy oldin
My ad was about Facebook Ad Marketing. I blame the both of you lol
Erica Mcfly
Erica Mcfly Oy oldin
Markiplier would flip a tit if he heard the thing about ohio lmfao Also half of these shirts can not be real haha
Baker McBrad
Baker McBrad Oy oldin
I'd want the chicken squad shirt thats badass lol.
Shaggy Oy oldin
Kaethe Thomas
Kaethe Thomas Oy oldin
Nathan INFlux
Nathan INFlux Oy oldin
@7:04 the guy has no underwear on 😲🤮
Cecily Erker
Cecily Erker Oy oldin
“Finally 21 after 84 years” He’s a Leap Day baby, he was born February 29th, which only happens every four years. 84/4=21.
Cecily Erker
Cecily Erker Oy oldin
I pay the UZpost Premium extortion money so I don’t have to watch ads ever again.
MannaElinor Oy oldin
I’m pretty sure UZpost told me to cut the snacks lmfao
S Oy oldin
5:20 Buff gets Ken's joke
But if i pay for premium and dont have adds do you guys not benefit in anyway from me paying youtube? Because that would make me sad.
Destiny Reeves
Destiny Reeves Oy oldin
I got a Hollister add with charli demilio or whatever her name is I c her everywhere n I hate it
burger Oy oldin
when you ready for the ad but there isnt any ad there
Vegaskiller01 Oy oldin
I dont have ad blocker I have youtube premium doe
Dylan Oy oldin
lol at 6:02 it worked for me
arandomsanti Oy oldin
Don't know if it's dif in merica but to avoid targeted adds atleast a little , don't just click accept cookies . Alot of pages give u the opportunity to manage cookies and all that. Then just reject them all .
Greenganon Oy oldin
The game Ken is talking about is The Incredible Machine, one of the coolest games to ever fit on an old floppy disk back in the day. The game Buff is talking about is MathBlaster. I played both.
Christo2000 Oy oldin
Your not a dish. I know this ad forward and back .
The Noobest Girl
The Noobest Girl Oy oldin
I got an ad for a swiffer. Is Google trying to tell me that I need to clean my house? And the answer to 12:43 is The Hound. The Hound would want this shirt.
The Lead Innovator
The Lead Innovator Oy oldin
Don't disgrace Louisiana like this guys. We don't deserve this.
Reedee Lee
Reedee Lee Oy oldin
All I get ads for is to join the military and the Connecticut lottery...I’m a 16 year old girl with medical stuff that’d disqualify me later in life and I live in Massachusetts lol
CJ Oy oldin
Florida Man and Australia Man! (Greystillplays reference)
Hilt Tilt
Hilt Tilt Oy oldin
UZpost Red not Ad block :(
Anti-Heroine Oy oldin
Roll tide!
Panda Jaye
Panda Jaye Oy oldin
you know what.... ever since i got in a car wreck.... ive been seein ads for car wreck insurance people...........wayment-
Elida Silva
Elida Silva Oy oldin
Texas law hawk has the best ads.
Squid Glitch
Squid Glitch Oy oldin
>I pay for UZpost so I can’t see targeted ads 😤🙃
Robin MV
Robin MV Oy oldin
i got a pepsi ad, never drank it...
Anthony Falk
Anthony Falk Oy oldin
What if I have youtube premium?
Book Nerd
Book Nerd Oy oldin
Screw you ken. I'm using premium! (Lmfao)
Mark0M Oy oldin
State Farm and Gillette where the first ads
myke dacook
myke dacook Oy oldin
Lol ROLL TIDE... BUFF killin it. Bama sucks
Signe Andersen
Signe Andersen Oy oldin
So my ADS want me to workout and have a Samsung isted of my Apple Phone ??
هادف أكاديمى
هادف أكاديمى Oy oldin
هادف اكاديمى اعلانات جوجل ادورد مهمه خاصة انها تبحث عن عميل مستهدف وبالاخص لو تم برمجة الاحالة الناجحة فى الاعلانات جوجل ادورد حملات اعلانية ممتازة فى حالة اختيار نوعية الاعلان اعلان اتصال او اعلان احالة ناجحة
Of Hearts King
Of Hearts King Oy oldin
So should I be ashamed for not being able to see the ad because of yt premium? 🤣🤣
Serynna Rose
Serynna Rose Oy oldin
6:04 me who has YT premium: 👁👄👁
Doctor Caslock
Doctor Caslock Oy oldin
The add for me was Maccas 😑 Thanks Ken, they know I’ve stopped having takeaway
Randy Lott
Randy Lott Oy oldin
The game was called "The Incredible Machine". The other one is "Math Blaster".
Washington Maria
Washington Maria Oy oldin
It’s kind weird the targeted at was a chromebook comershal and I’m looking for a laptop
Elizabeth Oy oldin
I know what game you’re talking about but I don’t remember the name and I tried to look for it a few years ago and couldn’t find it! I loved that game so much.
Kat Howard
Kat Howard Oy oldin
Getting yelled at for using adblock-- even though I have youtube premium *confused screaming*
Tierra Brown
Tierra Brown Oy oldin
Disney plus add for the win lol 😂
Grace Lizabeth
Grace Lizabeth Oy oldin
12:50 is literally me though....
Lexi Nicole
Lexi Nicole 2 oy oldin
When I can’t see the ad because UZpost premium 😒
TrashCan't 2 oy oldin
I have it on, but I turn them off when watching your videos, lol. Get that mons bro
CapEmKeith 2 oy oldin
Ken is talking about The Incredible Machine by the sound of it.
Bad Blueberry
Bad Blueberry 2 oy oldin
I just got an ad from the sea police... uhm what?
Tracy Dumolo
Tracy Dumolo 2 oy oldin
Happens to me constantly It's how I found you guys! Fact. 😆
Cakes 2 oy oldin
R u guys talking about Math Circus?? that was the shit lmao
LOZAbridged 2 oy oldin
That Corndog guy looks like Ross from Friends but super thicc!
Rena Ami Akai
Rena Ami Akai 2 oy oldin
My targeted ad was Old Spice. I'm a female. GG UZpost.
chelsey Kok
chelsey Kok 2 oy oldin
My grandpa did pigeon racing, you get really great pigeons, you set them free at somepoint with other pigeon racers and the first on thats home like the first ever pigeon wins, you set them free a larger and larger distence each time , everybody gets a device to scan the bracelet of the pigeon and the first one gets a silver with gold cup and money. (People bet on you so you get some money out of that not the company the company only gives you the cup)
Drew Pagie
Drew Pagie 2 oy oldin
I pay to not see ads lol
nickie banchou
nickie banchou 2 oy oldin
my fb profile states that i'm working at NASA as "diesel mechanic on the international space station " for lolz cuz you know, that would be a terrible idea so i found it funny ... now of course i'm flooded by "diesel mechanic" merch :P
mincraft movie studios
mincraft movie studios 2 oy oldin
This is going to be Buff pros first Controversy I’m so proud of him soon if you get enough you’ll be as famous as PewDiePie
Desiree Maturo
Desiree Maturo 2 oy oldin
Really need to buy my dad that tattoo shirt...mug...just to make him mad cause he hates my tattoos. I guess the "Daddy" tattoo didn't help like I'd hoped
Phoenix Bleu
Phoenix Bleu 2 oy oldin
Oh snap! Buff we're homies! Ohio freaking blows
CalCrazy 2 oy oldin
The most targeted thing I've seen on my FB is a shirt with baby yoda that says "get in loser we're getting CHICKEN NUGGIES" and I lowkey wanna buy it >.> lmao
Erica peck
Erica peck 2 oy oldin
Math blasters!
Shannon Williams
Shannon Williams 2 oy oldin
The teenage boy wearing the “mom against vaping” shirt made me laugh so hard I snorted Dr Pepper out of my nose and then hit my vape to calm back down... tears are still streaming down my cheeks though...
gurgy3 2 oy oldin
My ad was for software that generates targeted advertising. Not lying.
mnicolemortensen7 2 oy oldin
mnicolemortensen7 2 oy oldin
Damn midroll ad knew I like HBO.
Alissa Turnbull
Alissa Turnbull 2 oy oldin
My ad was Jolly rancher gummies
Jules Cantii
Jules Cantii 2 oy oldin
Buffs laughter is so contagious. Thank you for the fun videos.
ChrissyTheeScorpio 2 oy oldin
Dang I'm older than Ken 🤯
Payden 2 oy oldin
The facbook ad manager gives you a lot of options to choose and it gives you a meter on how targeted the ad is for an audience.
Doodle Dust
Doodle Dust 2 oy oldin
The fact that Google thinks that I, a 20 year old college student still living with her parents, thinks that I am a 40 year old married woman with 5 kids from 0-15, and gives me ads accordingly still has me rolling
Very Important Perry
Very Important Perry 2 oy oldin
Hehehehe, Ken calling my filthy Vanced butt out
vimtu 2 oy oldin
Ken! You're 34?! Dude! I thought u were 40! Holycrap i'm just 1 year younger o_o.
Rodolfo Oromuni
Rodolfo Oromuni 2 oy oldin
I got a homeless chilli add, does that mean I need some pepto?
BB 2 oy oldin
Wow I was loading the washing machine and got a laundry detergent ad, creeppppyyyyyyy.
ZombieGoddessxi 2 oy oldin
The boys shaming us for not seeing the ad and I’m just like, not ad block I got that Red.
Seth Kauffman
Seth Kauffman 2 oy oldin
Hah. At 6:02 my targeted ad was Ben & Jerry's Netflix and Chill'd flavor 😂😂🤣. I dont even eat ice cream or watch Netflix.
Miss Hefner
Miss Hefner 2 oy oldin
I dont have an add blocker, I have youtube premium 😂
Cheerful Satanist
Cheerful Satanist 2 oy oldin
Wait to UZpostrs get AdSense ftom ppl who have UZpost premium?
Jason VonIrsik
Jason VonIrsik 2 oy oldin
Guess who likes weird obscure Ts? China!!!!! Go figure. Look at their markets they have shirts with the dumbest sayings on them.
Jason VonIrsik
Jason VonIrsik 2 oy oldin
I got a bathroom older commercial
Dylan Tyson
Dylan Tyson 2 oy oldin
I didn't play "coolmath games", but I know all about "Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon"
OLIVIA CUDNEY 2 oy oldin
I got a cancer ad...
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