7 Year Old Leaves Home After They Take Away His Bacon

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7 year old 'King Curtis' claims 'Bacon is good for me' and leaves home after new mom from Wife Swap throws away his bacon and chicken nuggets.
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CinnamonToastKen Oy oldin
Go ahead, tell me all about my hair.
CherryBlossom 7 kun oldin
Looks like ya just put a fresh weve on in the beginning of the video
Rohan Murphy
Rohan Murphy 10 kun oldin
It’s shit
City Watch Guard
City Watch Guard 17 kun oldin
Jennifer Lee yes. I am
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee 17 kun oldin
You're weird.
City Watch Guard
City Watch Guard 17 kun oldin
It’s weird
Ashley Broughton
Ashley Broughton 20 soat oldin
No its the nerdy kid off major Payne
Jack Jackson
Jack Jackson Kun oldin
King Curtis: Do the roar
Larry Smithart
Larry Smithart 2 kun oldin
"Not that I'm gonna jog..." Enter Major Payne.
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 3 kun oldin
Is it just me or does ken have two Nike swoosh’s on his face??
Justice 9200
Justice 9200 3 kun oldin
I think we found young ricky bobby
your_homeboy 4 kun oldin
buffalo is cool, I like him
Qwertyman Jim
Qwertyman Jim 4 kun oldin
Are they saying Fly Swatter or Floss Water?
Emma Lervold
Emma Lervold 5 kun oldin
Ken out here lookin like a daddy dom 😂
Clardia Beatty
Clardia Beatty 7 kun oldin
"Chicken Nuggets is like family...." Run, family, Run !!
AngelKayla 2021
AngelKayla 2021 8 kun oldin
Bro she going to throw all that food way??? Bro I don't think I have ever seen anybody on wife swipe do that at all? I would never mess with there food only because they spent there money on getting all that and she really does not have the right to do that since she did not pay for it. To be honest I would be upset if anybody came into my home and started to throw all that away
Shubham Mittal
Shubham Mittal 8 kun oldin
Eric cartman is so proud
Butt Butt
Butt Butt 8 kun oldin
They said supremes and I knew exactly what they were talking bout, bojangles is like a delicacy in NC
Raven Peter
Raven Peter 9 kun oldin
I'm alone in my house and I heard a phone ringing in my closet
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones 9 kun oldin
Interesting, they have a veeerrryy slight accent but I can't quite place it...
Overall91 10 kun oldin
King Cuyrtis=Erik Cartman IRL.
Avardenth 13 kun oldin
Damn Ken we like the same chickumnuggies.
Fiona Gutierrez
Fiona Gutierrez 14 kun oldin
But Curtis is super adorable
Hailey Thomas
Hailey Thomas 14 kun oldin
Ken's shirt makes me happy
GemsStr7 16 kun oldin
How bout some chicken nuggets wrapped in bacon....Anyone? Complete King Curtis meal deal right there :)
Ombre Nightcores
Ombre Nightcores 16 kun oldin
Lauren reminds me of Raven from Vine. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAVEN!” “…I can’t swim,”
Ashlie McCutcheon
Ashlie McCutcheon 17 kun oldin
CinnamonToastKen sounds like Ask Swifty and it’s tripping me out
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 18 kun oldin
Curtis got her at the end lmao with that remark
Pedro Martell
Pedro Martell 18 kun oldin
That dude ain’t no army man lol
Najaya Reed
Najaya Reed 18 kun oldin
Layla is a lot more younger than I am.
Sarah Dolin
Sarah Dolin 19 kun oldin
I absolutely love you guys, you crack me up!
N MM 19 kun oldin
King Curtis has a high possibility of being a guest in Dr Phil!
lisa merc
lisa merc 20 kun oldin
Can you imagine justifying to a child that they can only eat raw vegetables?!!
Ama Park
Ama Park 21 kun oldin
Found you guys recently... and you guys make me genuinely laugh so much with clean, smart humor. Keep up the awesome work. Glad I found ya!
Kaylee Gardner
Kaylee Gardner 21 kun oldin
If my son were to talk to me or another adult like that I wouldn’t just be using a fly swatter. You get the crap smacked out of you if you were to say something like that where I’m from
SweatyKitty21 22 kun oldin
They need super nanny straighten that kid up really quick.
Jarrod Maness
Jarrod Maness 23 kun oldin
Vegan diet for kids is very unhealthy
Stronger By Nature
Stronger By Nature 23 kun oldin
are they trying to turn not being able to count into a brag? no wonder the human civilization is sucking hard.
Sedona Anderson
Sedona Anderson 23 kun oldin
Y'all should do more wife swap episodes
2006glg 25 kun oldin
Trust and believe, little King Curtis is going to grow up to be a d-boy... he's gotta pay for that ATV and dirt bike somehow.
Elyott Peltier
Elyott Peltier 25 kun oldin
Do you think kurtis is a simp?
Lance Harris
Lance Harris 25 kun oldin
Fossil Guy
Fossil Guy 25 kun oldin
This seems like a book to teach kids morals
MuShRoOm340 26 kun oldin
Love that Ken and Buff mock their accent but it literally just theirs
Silent 26 kun oldin
The fact that they say pop means theyre cultured
Riley Mill
Riley Mill 26 kun oldin
That kid kinda seemed too pure to know what to do with his anger 😂😂
Bob TheSquidMan
Bob TheSquidMan 27 kun oldin
Somehow this kids the most polite brat I’ve ever seen
Kita Jane Helton
Kita Jane Helton 27 kun oldin
Is that a liger on your shirt ken?! 🥰
Shay Bonsall
Shay Bonsall 27 kun oldin
"If you ain't first your last!"
A. M.
A. M. 27 kun oldin
If my son ever said that to my wife, he would get a back hand to the face.
Victor Perez
Victor Perez 27 kun oldin
Bro when he said you can leave his house I could swear I heard my moms chancla across the states
Debbie Moody
Debbie Moody 28 kun oldin
I want buff
MCC Graphics
MCC Graphics 28 kun oldin
As expensive as bacon is I wouldn't have let that lady throw it away either
ATL Oracle
ATL Oracle 28 kun oldin
I think she said she could read.
heyysimone 28 kun oldin
He is cruisin for a bruisin
heyysimone 28 kun oldin
That kid talks as if he put more effort into it, hed pass out. Like his arteries are so stuffed with chicken nuggets he cant put any real strength into talking
s t u p i d p e r s o n
s t u p i d p e r s o n 29 kun oldin
i whould leave to if somebody toke my bacon from me
teiyialachey 29 kun oldin
I'm from Texas, and down at the HEB they sell Texas nuggets. Chicken nuggets shaped like Texas 🤣
Cindy Gray
Cindy Gray 29 kun oldin
5:17 king Curtis has earned the title KING CURTIS
Simon Hansen
Simon Hansen 29 kun oldin
After even WALKING 30 miles or just getting hungry from time, veggies may give you energy to a certaihn extent but it's NOT gonna get rid of that gnawing at your insides. There's a reason vegans are dying.
Simon Hansen
Simon Hansen 29 kun oldin
I love the fact that Curtis spells his words EXACTLY as he says them.
Simon Hansen
Simon Hansen 29 kun oldin
My stepmom wouldn't likely enjoy family Fitness Bootcamp.
Simon Hansen
Simon Hansen 29 kun oldin
So what does he eat when they DON'T have 100% chicken nuggets? Fried salad?
Terax Sutne
Terax Sutne 29 kun oldin
It's always the dude WITH A BOWL CUT
Bob Hurst
Bob Hurst Oy oldin
Are these guys brothers or something?
SierraJade220 Oy oldin
King Curtis is actually really smart for his age. I wouldn’t have said anything like that at his age, damn! 🤣❤️
joe robles
joe robles Oy oldin
Mama boot camp all dressed up like she's going out for cocktails chopping up veggies for supper cause there's a time to be dressed up and there's a time not to be and cooking dinner is definitely a time to be all decked out in your finest attire 🙃
Jason Burnell
Jason Burnell Oy oldin
The Mom: "He's a picky eater" 10sec later The Mom: "What do you want for breakfast?" Curtis: "Chicken nuggets!" The Mom: "ok" 🤦🏼‍♂️
Natisha Evans
Natisha Evans Oy oldin
please react to date my mom
Pandora Oy oldin
Omg King curtis, i used to love this kid years back. Best entertainment out there
Lillith Oxford
Lillith Oxford Oy oldin
We never had the belt or the chancla or the fly swatted. When me and my brother were wee lass and lad, our family had the back scratcher.
Dark Star
Dark Star Oy oldin
Bobby from king of the kill really got them whipped.
Python Idae
Python Idae Oy oldin
@CinnamonToastKen it's a wild Labuff
Heidi Williamson
Heidi Williamson Oy oldin
my 8yr old daughter mostly requests cheeseburger or turkey sammiches for breakfast lol
Greg Muir
Greg Muir Oy oldin
I wonder what vegetable was chasing him
Lapis Oy oldin
My momma woulda beat the shit outta that kid to knock some sense into him
Natalie Leonard
Natalie Leonard Oy oldin
Bacon is great
SCdreamdrawer Oy oldin
That boy would really fit in with the Little Rascals.
YEET Oy oldin
Petition for these two to shave their beards!!!!
YEET Oy oldin
The kids got the same shirt as Buff there! Lol!!!
Roy Martin
Roy Martin Oy oldin
"Mama said alligators are so angry because they got all them teeth, but no toothbrush" that's what that kid reminds me of.
LossDouble Oy oldin
I don’t think it’s ok for her to come into another persons house and throw away all their food. It’s wasting money that isn’t hers. I get that she is trying to make it healthier and stuff but that is NOT ok. Just don’t let them eat it instead of throwing away their money and their food. They are already living paycheck to paycheck 🤦🏼‍♂️
Donna Liska
Donna Liska Oy oldin
this boy may like trisha then lmao
LongLostSouls Oy oldin
The kid needs a few talks and a few spankings to straighten him up. And she needs a big mac
dj krazy
dj krazy Oy oldin
Young ricky bobby right there
Lucky doge 54
Lucky doge 54 Oy oldin
Buff saying chicken nuggets please made me laugh till I cried
Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz
Brianna Nichole Wojciechowicz Oy oldin
Lady it is wrong to waste food even more wrong if you did not pay for it.
dawnmccarthy1 Oy oldin
*no job, earns nothing, pays for nothing, and contributes nothing* "I am the king of the house baby"
Shyamli Tiwari
Shyamli Tiwari Oy oldin
Both of those families are bad in their own way.
Billy Billow
Billy Billow Oy oldin
That black guy with the glasses looks ru pal
Sofia Ramirez
Sofia Ramirez Oy oldin
You need ta watch the remix of this... its old but someone made this into a song and just watching this videos brought back all the memories XD
MartMeme E
MartMeme E Oy oldin
One two two many well why didnt I try that in high school could of got a whole diploma
The Koda Wolf Gaming
The Koda Wolf Gaming Oy oldin
When your friend claims you screencheated. "You can be nice or you can get out of my house."
Deliciousn't Oy oldin
King Kurtis looks like he's 'bout to tell Shrek to do the roar.
William Meyer
William Meyer Oy oldin
Let that twerp come live with my family for a while, guarantee we beat that sh!t out of him
William Meyer
William Meyer Oy oldin
I threatened to run away as a kid, once. But in my family they dont play that sh!t. My mom offered to pack my bags for me.
Nobody ImJustHere
Nobody ImJustHere Oy oldin
I would just like to make one thing clear about north Carolina and its people...yes we are like this 😂
sarah williamson
sarah williamson Oy oldin
When you notice for the first time that ken has a pointy nose
Aaron Murphy
Aaron Murphy Oy oldin
Reminding me of when I got beat as a kid
doopy flooper
doopy flooper Oy oldin
That kid is the real life Eric Cartman
DrasticQuil Oy oldin
Ken almost got deep with the living to 120
march51990 Oy oldin
This is what happens when you don't spank your kids.
Alex Gaither
Alex Gaither Oy oldin
Curtis reminds me of Lil Gideon
Sally Ann Broomfield
Sally Ann Broomfield Oy oldin
I luv you guys, but may I say you are too near the micro phone, you're always much louder than the vid clips you show. 💋💋
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
You had me at the thumbnail
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