3 Year Old Reacts To r/Childfree

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Me and my 3 year old daughter Layla read r/childfree where people are kid free and proud of it. Are these people really rich just because they don't have kids? Layla likes memes. I'm so proud.
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CinnamonToastKen 2 oy oldin
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Renzo Panganiban
Renzo Panganiban Kun oldin
Give her one of those temporary tattoos for the unicorn
felicity 19 kun oldin
How could you resist so much cuteness. I would have been hugging her every 2 seconds. She is precious. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Rachael McKenzie
Rachael McKenzie 24 kun oldin
More Laylaaaaaa!! This video made me so happy lol.
Abigail Katz
Abigail Katz Oy oldin
Ken, 2 things: 1. Layla is extremely cute and precious! 2. I really like your content a lot, but honestly this just feels like you are attacking people who have decided that having children isn't the best option for them. I personally have decided not to have kids, and there is nothing wrong with that.
Avital Oberstein
Avital Oberstein Oy oldin
She’s precious
Alexis McCray
Alexis McCray 2 soat oldin
Gosh when buff shaves he turns into an entire new person
Renzo Panganiban
Renzo Panganiban Kun oldin
Give her one of those temporary tattoos
Britney Fischer
Britney Fischer 2 kun oldin
Having my son and being pregnant with my second son is the best blessing in my life! Not everyone needs to have a kid if they don’t want to, I’m just glad I decided to be a mommy 🥰
Britney Fischer
Britney Fischer 2 kun oldin
I’ve learned that you have to become a translator when you have kids 🤣 I have to for my son haha ❤️
Britney Fischer
Britney Fischer 2 kun oldin
Abigail B
Abigail B 2 kun oldin
You are such an amazing father Ken, and this brought a big smile to my face 🥰🥰🥰
Elisa Grace
Elisa Grace 3 kun oldin
"That made me laugh as well" better grammar than most grown adults.
Devil jin 77 X
Devil jin 77 X 3 kun oldin
9:07 Something kids share universally
Devil jin 77 X
Devil jin 77 X 3 kun oldin
3:00 Wholesome Father & Daughter coming right up
photography Crazed
photography Crazed 4 kun oldin
Late to the party but omg that is the cutest thing! Your relationship is so cute!
fakeituntilyouareit 4 kun oldin
So many butthurted people in the comment, stop calling children pets and maybe we won't think you're weirdos.
RayGunnGames 6 kun oldin
Layla is super sweet! i have a 3 year old son and hes as happy and funny as little layla! I love my kids. I personally dont want more but at this age they are so sweet! Also my son has the exact same cup xD
BFF club
BFF club 6 kun oldin
Layla is just too cute 😍 love to see more videos with her!! Sorry Dane lol
Estrella Hermosillo
Estrella Hermosillo 7 kun oldin
Childless people: thinking they'll have more money because no kids Me: 22 yrs old, living with parents, don't have a mental stability to go to college due to stress, barely working since March, job that pays 16.50, no car, shares a room with sis, living with my parents, no kids My sister: 28 yrs old, engaged, dad pushing my sis into marriage and starting a family, is an LVN nurse, juggling between school and work, bills to pay as well including groceries and her car, shares a room with me, living with our parents, also no kids My brother: 30 yrs old, doesn't have a steady job, works at maintenance at skid row, looking for a better one, his income is at $3,000 still due to bills and stuff, sleeps in the living room his entire life, also living with our parents, no kids We all have a grandmother to take care of because nobody in our family has the room or money to do so But sure, brag about it why don't you?
karanterus 7 kun oldin
them: *talking about having children = no money me: wait then what is child Benefit for?? Child Benefit is a monthly payment that can help you with the costs of your children. If you're eligible you'll get £21.05 a week for your first child and £13.95 a week for any children after that.
ember13dp 8 kun oldin
Using my money to buy my kids something and seeing how happy it makes them, makes me happier than buying something for myself. But, both of my kids were planned. We were ready for them. If you’re not ready, by all means don’t have any.
Courtney Garrison
Courtney Garrison 8 kun oldin
Layla told you to go vacuum. LMAO she is precious! Love the relationship y'all have!
BcOriginal 8 kun oldin
What a cute pair you make! 😁 you should do a video reviewing kid content with her 😅
Queen Visenya
Queen Visenya 8 kun oldin
I dont want biological children, I want to adopt in the future
PaininDash1 8 kun oldin
What a little doll!! She is just precious!!
Pizza Man
Pizza Man 8 kun oldin
Bruh buff be looking different lately
Elise Nieuwe
Elise Nieuwe 9 kun oldin
I find the selfish/ selfless argument cringy AF. You've got a child because you want it. How is that different from someone who says: I don't got them because I don't want them? Both are doing what they want. You didn't get a child just for your child out of care for the world or anything like that.
Joe Knoedler
Joe Knoedler 10 kun oldin
Plot twist. Buff is the mother
Yvette Treat
Yvette Treat 10 kun oldin
Sh is so cute
adrianna n
adrianna n 11 kun oldin
i wasnt ready for 'uncle dane'
Aeschere Knight
Aeschere Knight 12 kun oldin
Maria M
Maria M 13 kun oldin
Lovely Layla.
Kayley S.
Kayley S. 14 kun oldin
Layla is literally a mini version of Mary; she's so cute
pjüdipai 14 kun oldin
click bait we know its you ken
CHloE748 15 kun oldin
Damn this comment section is soooo filled with butthurt people complaining that no one wants to hear them complain about others not caring that they don’t want to have kids. You don’t want kids? Cool. But going around telling everyone and complaining about parents talking about their kids is just annoying. NO ONE CARES
Kayel 15 kun oldin
This was adorable and cute. Reddit posts...Ken being a cute dad and Layla being adorable
Montana story time
Montana story time 15 kun oldin
Just get the cutie a temporary unicorn tattoo she will be ok
Genesis Criollo
Genesis Criollo 16 kun oldin
Why are people so pressed? Ken's not even making fun of all people who don't want kids. He's making fun of people who think they're above people who have kids or who think having a kid means no money and no time for yourself. He's not even idealizing what having a kid is like.
Catcerta Chick
Catcerta Chick 16 kun oldin
So, I needed a pick me up today and this was perfect 🥰
Sam N
Sam N 17 kun oldin
Shes s o cute!!!
Rebeca Donovan
Rebeca Donovan 17 kun oldin
oh..my..word. She's the cutest thing I've ever seen.
DJ DON1 17 kun oldin
Layla is definitely a small Mary with Ken's personality. Lol
crazichickify 17 kun oldin
Its ok tho, we dont know them so we dont care. And cue evil laughter. Love it
H*ck 18 kun oldin
I think it’s okay if people don’t want kids but seeing Kens clear bias for having and loving kids is hilarious lul
Laura Frdg
Laura Frdg 18 kun oldin
I can't realize that I was here when Layla was still in Mary's tummy, that's incredible it's already more than 3 years! Time flies 😭😭
PuneetamTwenty 19 kun oldin
Layla is a mini Mary with the personality of Ken
kaylamoonshoes 19 kun oldin
Do whatever you want in regard to having children. I just know my daughter saved my life. I feel complete after having her. Some people are just made for it and some people never need to have children. Also Layla is hella cute. You can tell she learned to speak by hearing two different accents and it's so cute.
Bella Alessi
Bella Alessi 19 kun oldin
Omg she looks just like Mary 🥺
Jade 19 kun oldin
I love Layla. She’s the sweetest little girl ever. Ken and Mary, you’re amazingly sweet parents! Loved and supported you guys for a long long time.
FishCake Snail
FishCake Snail 20 kun oldin
She is so dam adorable
Chanel No.5
Chanel No.5 22 kun oldin
I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with anyone who doesn’t want kids?? The ones I find strange are the ones who HATE kids......Kids are adorable, f£&king hard work but adorable 🥰
saiki k fan
saiki k fan 22 kun oldin
This is so wholesome
Brooke Dial
Brooke Dial 22 kun oldin
I got around the diaper cost by buying a bunch of cloth diapers plus better for the environment
Jamira Ratliff
Jamira Ratliff 22 kun oldin
This video is so wholesome. My heart is so full. This is adorable 😭❤
bunny 24 kun oldin
As a childfree person too it disgusts me how they act. The amount of time ive heard child free people call parents "breeders" is vile. Layla is lovely!!
Rachael McKenzie
Rachael McKenzie 24 kun oldin
I hope you do another one of these because this made me laugh so much! Your girl is so cuteeeee
Rachael McKenzie
Rachael McKenzie 24 kun oldin
Comment percentages 95% PeOpLE wHo dOnT wANt kiDS aRE fINE LEAve tHEM aLONE, tHEY aReNT SElFiSHHHH 5% Layla is cute Y'all so triggered calm down, you don't understand his wording obviously...
Rachael McKenzie
Rachael McKenzie 24 kun oldin
This made me want a baby and now I regret watching 😂
Conceicao4 25 kun oldin
OMG, I'm going to die from cuteness!
LuluMuffin 25 kun oldin
I can't wait to have kids they are just so precious!! I always wanted to be a mom since I was young. I'm waiting to be financially ready and I'm terrified of childbirth but it will be worth it. to me having a child can be one of the most selfless acts you can do because as a woman our body goes through so much change and you take care of them and raise them spending your money on them and losing sleep etc. Having a child is not for everyone and I don't think it makes you selfish to not have kids either. its a life choice and a big commitment and there's nothing wrong with not wanting kids. (plus I know they can be little brats at times lol) What I don't get is when people rush into having a family in their early 20s. I feel like all my friends or people I knew from high school all have babies. I mean everyone can do what they want but I want that time to travel and figure out what I want to do with my life first then have kids
Warman225cow 26 kun oldin
While watching this I end up saying "she's so cute!" Over a dozen times
wanderingbutnotlost 26 kun oldin
My cat is my baby😻
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 27 kun oldin
shes so precious we must protecc
alison prewett
alison prewett 27 kun oldin
Omg she is adorable
yug0w0lf 28 kun oldin
Well Ken, the reason I've chosen not to have kids is because I barely make enough money to support myself, so why do I want to try to support both myself and another incomplete human being that needs not only financial support, but physical, and emotional too?
Hurricane Hollie
Hurricane Hollie 28 kun oldin
I know everyone is talking about the having kids vs being child free but I think the most important thing to talk about is: Did you see how concerned Layla was that that Cat was that lady's "child" (according to her Dad)? Then literally 5 seconds later she's like WAIT...yep its in pjs, definitely a baby! Goodnight cat baby. Totally adorable
K. B.
K. B. 28 kun oldin
I feel some of these memes touched some base with you haha. You act a little too defensive :p
Kathryn Carissimi
Kathryn Carissimi 28 kun oldin
I'm child-free but LOVE kids, and adore being an Auntie! Your little Layla makes me want to change my mind. OMG is she cute! We need more of her in this terrible dark time. Seeing the next generation always gives me hope!
Erin Goodwin
Erin Goodwin 28 kun oldin
fizz 29 kun oldin
Layla reminds me of boo from monsters inc
GuildWarsGirl Oy oldin
Layla is too cute for words!
Jennifer McKinley
Jennifer McKinley Oy oldin
Layla is so adorable
Jimin's pinky
Jimin's pinky Oy oldin
Is it just me or did Buff get a little shorter? 🤔
Boglárka Boda
Boglárka Boda Oy oldin
I just don't understand, why people without babies are trying to convince ppl with kids, that their life is sooooo much better in all ways, and the other way around. As long as it is not your partner, who thinks differently, it doesn't really matter. :) Ps: You should get a 3rd chair for Layla, she's adorable.
1001ajg Oy oldin
I don't have money because I don't have kids. I don't have kids because I don't have money.
RedXSanity Oy oldin
My 3 year old was absolutely fixated with Layla and found her comments to be very riveting. 😂
Sing Talk Laugh Li
Sing Talk Laugh Li Oy oldin
I mean, I get that some people just don't want kids, but you can't ever tell me terrible things about kids. My nephew is currently seven months old and he is simply the most precious thing ever. Sure, he can be difficult sometimes, but he's just being a normal baby. He brings so much joy to my entirely family, and we all love that little baby boy with all our hearts ❤️❤️
RadioLaPrincess Oy oldin
Honestly, why are people so offended people chose not to have kids? I'm childfree and my life has no connection to anyone else, yet people constantly attack me for my choice. I have been threatened because of it, especially by single dads offended I'll never date them. However, kids do affect my life because parents often pay less in taxes yet generally use more services not to mention the entitlement many have, such as demanding seats on the buses and thinking we don't deserve to exist. Yes all of this was said to me. I don't hate kids as a rule, except brats, but those kids I blame the parents. Instead of judging maybe go out and talk to childfree people.
Albania Lantigua
Albania Lantigua Oy oldin
When in doubt you can all just go check the Facebook page called “I Regret Having Children”.
Albania Lantigua
Albania Lantigua Oy oldin
I don’t know what’s more annoying, the fake laughs or the stupid comments. It’s okay if you want to be a parent and it is ALSO OKAY if you do not want to. It’s just a choice and no matter what reasons you have it’s all valid.
J- Paul
J- Paul Oy oldin
Layla is very smol
Abigail Barringer
Abigail Barringer Oy oldin
My heart aaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
I have to take care of 5 dogs. One is diabetic, one is arthritic, one is overweight, and one is neurotic, and only one is normal. I love them all, ailments and all, and they are expensive to take care of. Medical expenses, immunizations, and the rare moment one of them gets sick. But I would rather have them than a human child. A human child I know take even more to take care of. And I wouldn't trade my fur babies for anything else in the world. I didn't choose them, they all just kind if popped up in my life. Heck, one of them ran away from their previous owner next door because she wanted to live with us instead. And one of them is so attached to me she gets separation anxiety every time I leave for work. But I love every one of them, and I am perfectly content to not have human kids, and I don't plan on having any anytime soon.
She's gonna watch this, embarrassed to see herself and wonder "What was I doing? So cringe." No one like to see themselves.
Geneva Fletcher
Geneva Fletcher Oy oldin
AwE so CuUuUTE
Diabeto Junior
Diabeto Junior Oy oldin
this is so wholesome and i love it
HieiTheFox Oy oldin
The people who subscribe to these thoughts ignore the fact they are often depressed depressed don’t sleep properly anyway waste their money on stupid shit and are board as shit and didn’t do extra schooling anyway seriously yes be sensible and not everyone wants or needs kids
HieiTheFox Oy oldin
She is so darn cute
Stacey Dailey
Stacey Dailey Oy oldin
Layla is precious! My baby is going off to collage... Right now I'm upset I didn't have more!
Austin Arroyo
Austin Arroyo Oy oldin
OMG 😆 Layla is literally the CUTEST! Her laugh is so contagious 😆
Feathermaniac Oy oldin
Hey @Ken you guys are freaking adorable! I have loved seeing your family grow from just Betty to what it is now! It is so heartwarming and adorable. If you guys ever feel safe getting out of the house, come on over to Natchez and I will host a pottery class for you guys. You rock and keep making us laugh!
Lahsram Lee
Lahsram Lee Oy oldin
Me thinking of getting a baby after seeing how cute layla is
Lahsram Lee
Lahsram Lee Oy oldin
5:39 What did you teach your daughter
Lahsram Lee
Lahsram Lee Oy oldin
TheDaglers Oy oldin
I disagree that not having kid is "selfish" it would be way more selfish to put my bad genes onto a kid and for them to have bad life.
Omeloi The marshmallow
Omeloi The marshmallow Oy oldin
Aww Layla is adorable!
Karynn Briles
Karynn Briles Oy oldin
This entire video is so wholesome and I love it!!!!!!! Thank you for blessing us with this!!!! Especially during quarantine! I adore children! I have a son that i had to adopt out. He is also there!!! I get videos and it’s such a fun age. I cant wait to have more kids
Ana Ta
Ana Ta Oy oldin
i LOOOVE children and want to have one, yet it doesnt mean i will have one cuz i am not sure about how everything is and if i want my kids to suffer like i did. i think both sides are obnoxious. if you dont wanna have kids that is fine. dont hate on kids or people that have kids. if you want kids dont tell people it is bad to not have em and that you suck for not wanting em. just.. why are people like that?
Puddinfreeky Oy oldin
*laylah laughing* I laugh, and I look my bf bf next to me: no not yet
Ana Ta
Ana Ta Oy oldin
Zyra Shalette
Zyra Shalette Oy oldin
Watching more of your videos so Layla can get more big presents!! 🤩🤗
Zyra Shalette
Zyra Shalette Oy oldin
You're an awesome dad Ken 😊
Jess White
Jess White Oy oldin
As a mother, I would never shame someone for not wanting kids. Just as long as theyre the people who don't give me parenting advice.
Tsubasa Oy oldin
@Jess White Oh? I guess I don't know what you mean. I've only seen moments where a parents will smack their kid, or tell them something horrible, and then someone tries to speak up for the kid and the parents screams at them "don't tell me how to parent MY child!"
Jess White
Jess White Oy oldin
@Tsubasa lol maybe it wasn't implied but I was not talking about abusive behavior.
Tsubasa Oy oldin
@Jess White Well people are going to do that with anything really, but some things are more obvious than others. A lot of parents think they have a right to treat their child any way they want. We can still recognize abusive behavior.
Jess White
Jess White Oy oldin
@Tsubasa id understand getting it from professionals. But I'm just talking about the people who deliberatly tell parents how their parenting is wrong when they don't even understand.
Tsubasa Oy oldin
People without kids can give parenting advice. There are many who study child development or nanny for a living.
Dumb Bit
Dumb Bit Oy oldin
Layla is hair goals. So shiny and bouncy.
Vgh gh
Vgh gh Oy oldin
Just loads of people in the comments citing mental issues as to why they don't want to have babies. Says a lot about the American society honestly.
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