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React Couch is watching TLC Gypsy Bride Arrested After Argument About Arranged Marriage To Cousin | Gypsy Brides US where a 16 year old is forced to marry her older cousing.
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Gypsy mother Crystal is finding her daughter Chelsey difficult to control, so in an effort to tame her, she arranges a marriage with Chelsey's third cousin.
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Susan Siedler
Susan Siedler Oy oldin
Friday Fox tyvm! I am better for learning something new about my fellow humans, wish everyone would be open to asking, when they run across the situation where they have offended someone’s heritage out of lack of knowledge. The world would be so much better for it. I appreciate you.💝😁
Friday Fox
Friday Fox Oy oldin
Susan Siedler Hello, I’m happy to help! The correct term is Romani. Romani or Roma are a nomadic ethnic group that populates parts of nearly the entire world. I wouldn’t go so far as to say gadje is a racial slur. It’s just a term term to refer to non-Roma individuals, although it can be, and often, is used in an insulting way. I recommend checking out @ slaviccaeser on TikTok
Susan Siedler
Susan Siedler Oy oldin
Friday Fox 👋🏽 hello! Please help educate me and others, in all seriousness. What IS the correct term, the definition, and what is the word ‘gaffe’ I saw in this thread...it is clearly a racial slur as well, but what does it mean? I genuinely want to learn. Ty in advance 💐☮️
Friday Fox
Friday Fox Oy oldin
G*psy is a slur.
Malaya Loney
Malaya Loney 2 oy oldin
carla stanford
carla stanford 4 kun oldin
My daughter is 30 years old and her feet still don’t touch the floor sitting in a chair so I guess she’s not old enough 😂😂😂
_not_your_average_weirdo 4 kun oldin
That moment when u realize what ur life has come to. 9:24
Nichole Davis
Nichole Davis 4 kun oldin
I was always taught gypsy/gypt was a slur. So i dont understand why they would be using that term on themselves if it was a slur. I really feel like these are just some weird form of trailer trash trying to replicate the romaine culture
kalob hunt
kalob hunt 4 kun oldin
Momma looks like she been road hard and put up wet.
Umbrebac Games
Umbrebac Games 5 kun oldin
If it's a barstool, then some people will never get married
Palitato 7 kun oldin
What a lot of these crazy controlling parents don't understand is that the harder they hold onto their kids, and the more they try to control them, the wilder they're going to go the instant they're able to get out of sight. I've seen Gypsy families who keep the girls at home with love and responsibilities, and raise them to think positively on starting families- but they don't get married until they're at least 18, and the GIRL picks the boy. In some cases Mom even grants the blessing for the girl to marry a boy who ISN'T a gypsy. If they keep marrying into their third cousins, eventually the lines are going to overlap to the point that everyone has a closer relationship to their cousins and they'll start having all kinds of birth defects and issues with their kids. You guys should check out the history of the Habsburgs family and all the stuff that happened with them.... yikes!
Pearl Kravetz
Pearl Kravetz 7 kun oldin
THAT LAW should SO b changed.
NikFics 7 kun oldin
Watch her cheat on him and her mum be the next surprised pikachu
Minecraft_Pumpkin_Head 7 kun oldin
I can tell she's sad and doesnt want to do this, one thing of advice: RUN THE F AWAY FROM THERE! so she can find someone she might actually love.
Raheim Al-Kaabah
Raheim Al-Kaabah 8 kun oldin
Nah ma would have to throw hands
Arctic Prowl
Arctic Prowl 8 kun oldin
She should've waited till she got the dress then ran
Faith Killen
Faith Killen 9 kun oldin
I love Buff
BcOriginal 9 kun oldin
Ahh now I know why I'm not married I'm to short... Welp rip 🤣🤷
Jonathan 10 kun oldin
When I was 10 my feet touched the ground in our chairs
milomilo55 12 kun oldin
Am I the only one wanting to spew? My teen's acting out so I'll give her to an adult relative to use as a brood mare .... The difference btween this and white slavery and/or pedophilia and/or a fast track to genetic defects ?
Bianca Hankle
Bianca Hankle 12 kun oldin
If I were Romany I’d never get married because I’m 27 and my feet still don’t reach the ground in a chair 😂 you guys are hilarious!
Kirstyn Ackley
Kirstyn Ackley 12 kun oldin
I havent seen it, I guess its not the most interesting point. But the Butts Here sign is for cigarette butts 😂
Samantha Wise
Samantha Wise 15 kun oldin
“If her feet touch the ground, she’s ready for marriage.” 5 ft tall Me:(Looks down at feet not touching the ground while sitting in a chair) Also Me: (Looks at wedding ring on finger) ....................................................Impossible!!
Nathan Schlagbaum
Nathan Schlagbaum 16 kun oldin
Not gonna lie I did that once at a buddy's house when I was 16. Best beer pong table I ever used to this day. Hahahahaha 🤣 (Well it was 15+ years ago tho lol well before you could order name brand beer pong tables. Haha)
Josh Yahboo4q
Josh Yahboo4q 17 kun oldin
How do I become a gypsy?? Looks fun 😁
Andy Rauscher
Andy Rauscher 17 kun oldin
I got my first tattoo at 16. Look at how many she has!! WTF!?
Rachel Ixmatlahua
Rachel Ixmatlahua 17 kun oldin
By the first couple of seconds I learned something about gypsys and that is that if your a gypsy you want to be short
Lauren 18 kun oldin
They all 100% have hepatitis from their backyard tattoos
Glizzy 18 kun oldin
420 dislikes.... those people must be really high to dislike a video like this
AH77 19 kun oldin
I'm 43 and my feet still don't touch the floor most of the time I sit down 😂😂😂
N MM 20 kun oldin
There is no other way? How about a part time job and a education? Maybe college?
Denise Debono
Denise Debono 20 kun oldin
If the chair thing is real....even 4 year olds would get married🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bryson Cochran
Bryson Cochran 21 kun oldin
O it’s Maryland they definitely in Baltimore lol
Alexa Boyd
Alexa Boyd 21 kun oldin
"If her feet touch the floor she's ready to be married" Meanwhile my short little self avoids marriage completely
Tencho 22 kun oldin
She is sixteen and if forced into marriage And my mom doesnt want me to look at boys or have boy bestfriends
Frostbyte savage
Frostbyte savage 22 kun oldin
They need the ranch
Frostbyte savage
Frostbyte savage 22 kun oldin
An example of mom doesn’t always know best
Lorianna La Muse
Lorianna La Muse 23 kun oldin
I am so glad my culture is a joke to you. Assholes
Dawn Nightinger
Dawn Nightinger 23 kun oldin
Straight up child abuse and manipulation. Also totally encouraging pedophilia.
R S 24 kun oldin
Just disgusting..
James Postle
James Postle 24 kun oldin
This makes me wanna take a shower.
Kami Nelson
Kami Nelson 25 kun oldin
Did somebody say, Alabama?
Justin Robbins
Justin Robbins 26 kun oldin
The mother as no right telling her Child that she have to be forced to marry her cousin and the mother have no right telling only the boys can go out but the girls have to stay home that is messed up like it doesn’t matter what the culture is the mother had no right telling that to her Child
Sarah Conklin
Sarah Conklin 27 kun oldin
When you sit them down and their feet touch the floor.... Reminds me of the 'Does your dick touch your asshole?' joke LOL
Kidnoob 27 kun oldin
Why they all dress like jobless 2007 people?
Kidnoob 27 kun oldin
This man is hella weird as a 20 year old i can’t imagine myself being with a 16 yr old and hes 23
Sandra Belanger
Sandra Belanger 28 kun oldin
You two guys are great, i laugh so much at your comments, i hope You keep making these videos...thanks for sharing..
Billie Lloyd
Billie Lloyd 29 kun oldin
The mom said the girls are only allowed to date within the family. And the "butts here" sign was above a small pail used for cigarette butts
Fanrogh 29 kun oldin
For only 999,99 you can be a proud owner of this totally radical DoorPong set xD Also I love the no trespassing sign, who the F be trespassing into that house?
BlackRoseAssassin 29 kun oldin
Bro Im 23 and I can't even imagine dating at 20 year old much less 18 year old and much much much less a fricking minor. WTF
visitjessiechan 29 kun oldin
so the one getting arrested is the minor child that is being pimped out, not the pimp mother or the creep 23 yo slobbering all over a child.... great
Andrew J Carrubba
Andrew J Carrubba Oy oldin
Where are these creatures from?
Lord The_animal_lover
Lord The_animal_lover Oy oldin
You cant marry your spouses grandparent in Maryland but your 1st cousin is perfectly fine???
Jamar Smashberry
Jamar Smashberry Oy oldin
"Maybe they're playing with Coke" Me: probably but which kind of coke is still up for debate
Jared Boyle
Jared Boyle Oy oldin
Can you guys do a little less pausing on the videos 😂 its hard bc im intrested in the story and I like the commentary but it being stopped every 5 seconds is rough lol
Taty Maz
Taty Maz Oy oldin
"she asked me to marry her child". umm that's right she is a CHILD. these people are crazy.
Ray Balderas
Ray Balderas Oy oldin
Cigarette BUTTS guys come on lol 😄
Margatatials Oy oldin
how did the film crew not call the cops on this family, forced marriage is illegal
bullet journal desire 88
bullet journal desire 88 Oy oldin
We used to take the door off for beer pong lol
Hello darkness My old friend
Hello darkness My old friend Oy oldin
"If her feet touch the ground, then she's ready for marriage" Me when I was 10 and could already touch the ground while in a chair: 👁💧👄💧👁
Christian Kindler
Christian Kindler Oy oldin
9:23 that’s how their child will look like
brendan wilson
brendan wilson Oy oldin
I like some cousin content
Ragini Wahengbam
Ragini Wahengbam Oy oldin
That's india for you
Exotic spivey
Exotic spivey Oy oldin
all she need to do is make love with him then say they made love then the mans goes to jail and she don't get married
Exotic spivey
Exotic spivey Oy oldin
from now on my feet are never touching the floor
Esther-pearl M
Esther-pearl M Oy oldin
Soooooo if say the girl is short and her feet never touch the ground then what?
Kevin San
Kevin San Oy oldin
Manly Bieber! (x
alex toll
alex toll Oy oldin
Why tf is Tony so damn shiny in his first appearance
Arcade Kaos
Arcade Kaos Oy oldin
Where u guys been?? Great Episode 👍 I love the cool stuff in the background but I Miss the couch maybe you can combine the two and put a couch in front of your shelves of collectables
Spencer Dean
Spencer Dean Oy oldin
how she have a whole goatee going on tho
The Crooked Path
The Crooked Path Oy oldin
Is this even real? It’s straight up child abuse
Bouble F
Bouble F Oy oldin
One word RUN
Alibye Baby
Alibye Baby Oy oldin
I’m 20 and my feet still can’t touch the floor...guess I’m doomed to be alone forever 😂😂
The Mites
The Mites Oy oldin
He even called her a child. Like he knows she’s a kid wtf
Alex Vechivtch
Alex Vechivtch Oy oldin
Isn't that shit illegal tho
Legeinia Stewart
Legeinia Stewart Oy oldin
Well damn lol I'm 26 yrs, my feet still don't reach the ground cus I'm only 4'7", so I guess I'm never getting married 🤣
Lucas Wozniak
Lucas Wozniak Oy oldin
Does anyone else smell that? smells like Alabama in here...
KATHERINEMARIA 225493 Oy oldin
You guys are priceless.. Why doesn't TLC hire you guys to comment on their shows
Steph Oy oldin
Miss thing better consider herself lucky! Probably the best looking man she can catch! 😆
Nadine Nirnberger
Nadine Nirnberger Oy oldin
thekgkorn Oy oldin
I showed up to my friends place the one night and they were using the closet door to play pong...
J W Oy oldin
better hope youre not a tall 8 year old...
Dess The Messs
Dess The Messs Oy oldin
queen jeski
queen jeski Oy oldin
well i guess it’s easier to force a teenager into submission than a 25 year old woman who’s has time to develop her own life and opinions. i find these ”traditions” disgusting
Madeline McDonald
Madeline McDonald Oy oldin
She’s probably acting out because her mom is so damn strict compared to her brothers
Joseph Williams
Joseph Williams Oy oldin
7:53 the fact he says "child" means he knows exactly what's goin on. They all do obviously, terminology just makes it worse...
wreckless _
wreckless _ Oy oldin
what is it with yall censoring peoples comments.. so what is this.. only allowing comments you like.,, instead of truth?
Diamond Cinda
Diamond Cinda Oy oldin
At least I'd never be able to get married. 5' at 26 years old. Be swinging my feet at the dinner table. Lol
Jimmy's game play's and review's
Jimmy's game play's and review's Oy oldin
Momma done called the crackhead brigade
Sarah James
Sarah James Oy oldin
Guys this is not funny , she is being forced to marry somebody she doesn't like, she is probably very scared . He may be her cousin but to her he is a stranger ,older than herself ,she is a 16 year old child . Now look at her as if she was your daughter or sister is it still funny ? Research child Brides please
Jay Khan
Jay Khan Oy oldin
3:50 "Butts here" as in cigarette butts
_Unicornicorn Oy oldin
'If her feet touch the floor, they ready for marriage' Me a 27 year old woman who is 5' *swings feet forever
Ziyard Umair
Ziyard Umair Oy oldin
Just me or does her son look like the king pig from angry birds
Vava Saur
Vava Saur Oy oldin
I'd rather run away than be forced to marry my cousin.
DJ K Oy oldin
So this is where Dixie's Trailer Park finds their "talent"
Lydia Barlow
Lydia Barlow Oy oldin
Typical cult mary the women young have kids as soon as possible so they don't have any way to advance or leave
sophia foshee
sophia foshee Oy oldin
WHO DID THAT TATTOO?!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sucheta Beeharree
Sucheta Beeharree Oy oldin
Lol. If I was 'wild' like Chelsea or dared to go against my mom, I would end up getting married. Like DAMN. This ain't so funny for me anymore😂😂😂😂..... Help
Simon48 Oy oldin
"I'm the boss, it's either my way or no way" How lonely and sad do you have to be to say that?!
9 Year Old Me
9 Year Old Me Oy oldin
When your family tree starts looking like your head phones you know you have a problem
deadpoolnerd Oy oldin
By that logic like what if she's 13 but really tall? Her feet touches the floor, do you marry her off?
Trí Trần
Trí Trần Oy oldin
3,41, nice
Charlotte Leigh
Charlotte Leigh Oy oldin
me being 21 and can't touch the ground while sitting...well...
Marissa Bones
Marissa Bones Oy oldin
Okay I'm subscribing
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