Krustiest One
Krustiest One 2 soat oldin
CinnamonToastKen videos without Buffpro is the
MyNevaeh 2 soat oldin
It's sad that I can understand almost everything that guy is saying.
Bean Nailo
Bean Nailo 2 soat oldin
I think it is funny how he understands strong country accent, but not European English accent.
Becca Eaton
Becca Eaton 2 soat oldin
Do Amy's Baking Company react!!
LadyKyuubi 2 soat oldin
I remember playing pong on my dads original console (if you can call it that, had two dials on it) and on the commodor 64, that used to crash all the time. I vaguely remember some marble game from when I was 4 or 5. I'm 35 now 🥶
-Kiibo- 2 soat oldin
Bro I got so uncomfortable watching the- *the happening of Miu-*
Laura Barrientos
Laura Barrientos 2 soat oldin
I love her
Melissa Garcia
Melissa Garcia 2 soat oldin
I swear Buff just keeps on losing weight every time I watch their videos, keep up the grind 💪🏼 😁
MyNevaeh 2 soat oldin
I have no problem with furries, I just don't want to do it with one while in the fur suit
Jasmine Noske
Jasmine Noske 3 soat oldin
January 2020: "2020 is freaking rough" Me in October 2020: "strap yourself in"
-Kiibo- 3 soat oldin
*k a d e.*
Like90 3 soat oldin
Honestly life goals. I want to be like her when I’m 80 or 90.
Minecraft_Pumpkin_Head 3 soat oldin
Mom wants pink, daughter wants peach, why not compromise and say why not have somethings colored pink and some things colored peach so everyone's happy. But it is the daughter's (and boyfriends) wedding day so they should have authority. If the mom only cares about someone wearing pink then its either a sign of obsession or she thinks the wedding isn't benefitting her daughter. Its just a color, grow the F*** up woman.
Julia Rickett
Julia Rickett 3 soat oldin
Thought you were going to snap your fingers and your hair would turn green
Tredecim Numerus
Tredecim Numerus 3 soat oldin
9gag!!! I heard right!!! Buff said 9gag! Nice!
Tredecim Numerus
Tredecim Numerus 3 soat oldin
Color Me Wonderful
Color Me Wonderful 3 soat oldin
I did not get that that's why she didn't eat joke until now hahaha that was so funny I'm glad I rewatched this
James Howen
James Howen 3 soat oldin
Does anyone here speak Algonquin? I'm curious if she was actually saying real words😂
-Kiibo- 4 soat oldin
*“Hhhhhey guys you get kid-napped too..?”* I don’t know why but I wheezed-
sleepii 4 soat oldin
he finally noticed it makotos brother alkjgfsdj they have the same last name alsfkdjggkhh
Alpha10prior 4 soat oldin
Couldn't they have just... applied cold so everything shrinks/goes 'in'... that would easily have solved it
Eden Lobb
Eden Lobb 4 soat oldin
Okkkkk but she must have learned this somewhere
Gacha Shark
Gacha Shark 4 soat oldin
Why do I have a feeling that Tenko is the ultimate drinker XD
Megan Crosier
Megan Crosier 4 soat oldin
I hope this is your future
Shacy's Pagelings
Shacy's Pagelings 4 soat oldin
If i am this old and my grand kids have ps25 i will join them and then make bet like "if you win i give you my vredit card no but if you lose, you have to massage my fret and cook for the next two month"
Queen Muki
Queen Muki 4 soat oldin
Oh the way I need shuichi and kokichi to love each other is unhealthy
Phia 4 soat oldin
Grandpa is my fave
BurtleTurtle 001
BurtleTurtle 001 4 soat oldin
I once had an elderly lady ask a dungeon group in WoW to wait a second while she got her tea, the kettle was whistling. I had so much respect, lol, just awesome.
Kewl_ Wizard
Kewl_ Wizard 4 soat oldin
“I will steal from my friends and family” Me: wait he has friends!?
zackfair1class 4 soat oldin
This is sooo gta rp but in real life XD
Adherents of the Repeated Meme
Adherents of the Repeated Meme 4 soat oldin
Honey boo boo is that you?
Glitterypeach44 4 soat oldin
You guys are funny
Mason L
Mason L 5 soat oldin
Even tho she did sign up to be on a show, her wishes should have been respected since it is similar to counciling ((atleast that was initially was supposed to come from Dr Phil)) I like the show but this episode was very aggressive
Georgia Acreman
Georgia Acreman 5 soat oldin
Ken: Is that french? *While speaking in a Russian accent*
That Stupid Bitch
That Stupid Bitch 5 soat oldin
9:44 fremdie mercuy
Ostriclipse Apocalipse
Ostriclipse Apocalipse 5 soat oldin
The saddest people smile the most. I'm smiling rn. I smile when I cry.
alex toll
alex toll 5 soat oldin
*Aha dang man that is a pillow on Buff's stomach, it looked like he got stupid Thicc* 😍
TinyBOss 5 soat oldin
Era so much whit until the dark of the moon.
TinyBOss 5 soat oldin
PSAS. (Piss-ass)
TinyBOss 5 soat oldin
I’d just keep a cold water. And throw it down my pants.
Aliens Alike 👽
Aliens Alike 👽 5 soat oldin
Come on y'all she is 16 be nice lol
Broham Burger
Broham Burger 5 soat oldin
billy soundin like Crazy Dave from P vs Z
DarkRei96 5 soat oldin
Oh my, I just realized Karens are like the DDS in the PH 😱 😆
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones 5 soat oldin
His brain smol
Carrie Dawson
Carrie Dawson 5 soat oldin
You wanna check out an awesome older streamer check out TeachCourage on twitch, shes hilarious, sweet and always interacts with her followers
jade d
jade d 5 soat oldin
i love u ken
Malin Dahlström
Malin Dahlström 5 soat oldin
looks like my school lunch
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones 5 soat oldin
I feel so sorry for the camera man at the end there
jade d
jade d 5 soat oldin
women aren’t gamers
Whersda Spaghet ༒
Whersda Spaghet ༒ 5 soat oldin
I'm a pro gamer, says the guy who struggled to make a cobblestone generator and I'm not sure he could make it on first try even today
Erin Shipinski
Erin Shipinski 6 soat oldin
lol not commending her actions but "You haven't hurt me but you might" is a legit survival tactic women learn about strange guys
Star H
Star H 6 soat oldin
and this, children, is why Kokichi's my favorite.
Cat Is Alive
Cat Is Alive 6 soat oldin
Oh no its almost november
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones 6 soat oldin
Markipliers in AFK arena
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones 6 soat oldin
Imagine ur on your way to school and u see that waving at you
Natalie T
Natalie T 6 soat oldin
Frolf- the frat boys choice of athletics since the great 90’s 😂
Its Just Anth
Its Just Anth 6 soat oldin
My grandma also plays gta5 on ps4, she was also 2nd best in the world on some facebook game
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones 6 soat oldin
That was a pile of sh!t Not ur video theres
Andy Irwin
Andy Irwin 6 soat oldin
Shes kinda right about the halflife of medication. The expiration on epipens are like a year but they still work for like 3 years after that. Just not quite as well as they would have in the first year. So ya dont throw away your epipens
jiaxuan lee
jiaxuan lee 6 soat oldin
Ryoma: Its just confidence in my skills Celeste: *Hold this torch*
Polaris 016
Polaris 016 6 soat oldin
I started playing video games when i was five but i kept it a secret from my friends cuz back then was like: " girls play only with dolls " but playing video games felt so right and wrong at the same time so i was too embarrassed to tell anybody
Jamie Angel
Jamie Angel 6 soat oldin
Kill me
Jeff Erickson
Jeff Erickson 6 soat oldin
How to be popular: First start off being a hot girl. Then pretty much anything else if fine.
Phoenix Parnell
Phoenix Parnell 6 soat oldin
Let's be real buffs laugh carrys this show
LuckyyLe0 7 soat oldin
Lmao I feel like the show just looked into the 15% of creepy furries who like the weird sexual stuff, and just slapped that label on for them all - not all furries do stuff in their suits, not even a furry myself but I know some and they’re mostly just normal people. Also, being a furry isn’t just about owning a suit, most don’t even own one from what I’ve heard~
Alex Amabile
Alex Amabile 7 soat oldin
Ken put all those years to a test and play some dark souls for us 😂 show us them skills
Angelina Ramponi
Angelina Ramponi 7 soat oldin
What did she say? Narnia! I love you buff, you make the show.
iit’2 2ollux bruh
iit’2 2ollux bruh 7 soat oldin
i have a spot that’s waayyy too soft for gonta. like i’ve never had this kind of love for a fictional character before. like he’S SO PRECIOUS OMG
Kira Yuki
Kira Yuki 7 soat oldin
Trephination Nation
Trephination Nation 7 soat oldin
Not only did she give her tapeworms, she gave her a stripper name first🙁 that CAN'T be real.
DantyDigger 7 soat oldin
I would assume he wears diapers
Litvintroll 7 soat oldin
I work a 9-5 come home and drink beer and game
blackclouds909 7 soat oldin
Love buffs long hair!
Ryan the Iron Spider official
Ryan the Iron Spider official 8 soat oldin
Come on man somebody needs to play Final Fantasy 15 with grandma like come on
Jo HexxKitten
Jo HexxKitten 8 soat oldin
Was his language even a human language from this planet? I understood: chainsaw, panty collection and old lady.
Skippy Gecko
Skippy Gecko 8 soat oldin
Whether she's crap at the games or not, I want a grandma like that
Kokichi Bæ
Kokichi Bæ 8 soat oldin
Cassandra Rumbaugh
Cassandra Rumbaugh 8 soat oldin
Don’t wanna be that guy, but just cause your body “shuts down” doesn’t mean games have to go away... they have keyboards, and controllers for disabled people in mind 😂 Gaming for everyone lol
Mayumikayuri B. Nakajima
Mayumikayuri B. Nakajima 8 soat oldin
It's hina brother from danganrompa 1
mcsmokey phatrip
mcsmokey phatrip 9 soat oldin
This dude is on cocaine or some shit